The Chase: The Diaries

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Cassy lost everything she held dear when her older sister suddenly disappeared leaving behind critic clues and a warning. 7 years later she's back and ready to look for her sister and finally find out what happened to her father and sister and confront the enemies who tore her family apart

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1: Cassy and Ruby

Boom! The sound of gun shots resounded through the room causing her to jump in her skin. Tears fell from her eyes as she stood there shocked and dumbfounded. 'How did this happen? Where did it all go wrong?'

Rewind 4 months ago...
Cassy Miller was seated opposite the sheriff principle of the sheriff court of Glasgow Scotland. His eyes were flared and his breathing was heavy, he glared at her as if screaming shameless bitch just without the words. "Judge, you can glare and curse at me all you want but my offer is still the same"
"Offer?" he bellowed, his voice laced with anger "this isn't an offer, this is a threat. You're threatening a judge"
"Now now judge, isn't calling this a threat too much of an exaggeration?" Cassy said, her eyes piercing "you let my client go and proof of all your dirty dirty little secrets will vanish like they never existed
Cassy spoke with a calm exterior. she was hard to read and was intimidating enough to let people know she wasn't one to be messed with. "You're a demon just like the rumors say"
she smiled, her hands reaching across the table to play with the judges tie "Then you should as know that i don't make empty promises like the rumors say"
"I don't mind going to court but its a hassle and since my client technically didn't break any major laws here theres no reason for him to be indicted" She said, releasing her hold on the judges attire and settled back into the leather chair
"but will you be alright judge? If word gets out that you engage in child pornography and illegal sexual what would people say? what would your family say and even more do you think you'll continue to have this job?" she said her eyes twinkling in mischief
The judges face went pale, like the life within him suddenly vanished. He must've known at that moment in time that if he didn't do what she said he would be done for. Regainign his composure, he reached for his telephone and called for his secretary. A few minutes later, a woman with a slender figure came into the room holding a pile of documents.
the judge took it and signed hurriedly, jamming the papers into the desk when he was done "There, your client is free to go"
"you should've done this from the start. why make me come all the way here and make things complicated?" She spoke, her eyes scanning through the papers.
"now my lips are sealed and you'll never hear from me" she smiled, gathering her things to walk out his office but not before saying "next time judge live an honest life so that people like me won't take advantage of you"
After leaving she could hear the sounds of shattering glasses and the screech of a woman. she walked out go the sheriff office meeting the gaze of her trusty p.a Lina
"I just got a call that Alec is about to be released" Lina said, her voice neutral as always "Are you really letting the judge get away with what he did?"
Cassy turned and smiled "Of course not. scumbags need to be taught a lesson on human decency. And who else to do it than me"
Cassy sat down into her vehicle and waited for the engine to start before speaking "Get me a reporter, a tight lip one if possible"
"Yes ma" Lina said, her eyes meeting Cassy's through the cars rearview mirror "Are we going to the Callis house now?"
"Of course, he needs to pay up his own side of the bargain unless he wants his son arrested and indicted in 5 states on criminal charges"
After a while, the vehicle came to a stop in front of a pair of gates guarded with men heavily armed. After a few exchanges with Lina, the gates flung open granting access to the house.
Cassy stepped out instructing Lina to wait behind. she followed the staff to a study where her recent employer sat, his face stuffed with food. upon seeing this the only words that rang through her head was disgusting pig.
"Well if its Ruby Manchester, the infamous lawyer, a fabulous job done once again Ruby"
She flinched at the mention of the name. Granted that that was the fake name she used when dealing with crooks and illegal works. She was a lawyer who could make the biggest crimes disappear for a certain price.
"You weren't joking when you say said you'd have it done. Guess the rumors about you aren't just made up" Bobby Callis spoke his southern english accent
Bobby was one of the biggest names in the world of the european mafias who did a lot of shady things. His son Alec who she had been employed to make his assault charge go away was easily following in his fathers foot steps. "How about you join my team of lawyers"
"No" she said her voice unwavering "I'm honored by your kind words but i don't work with the same person more than once and frankly i prefer we never meet again" She said her voice calm and straight forward "I came for what you owe me"
"A virtue i unfortunately lack and have no need for" she spoke cutting him off "The deal was i get Alec out you give me the intel i asked for. I got him out and now i want your side of the deal"
As if she had spoken in latin, Bobby laughed, his chubby face dancing. For some reason this made her angry. It was always like this, men would laugh and jest at her whenever she tried to be serious
"And what will happen if i say i won't give you the intel you seek" Bobby said, his voice switching to an intimidating one. The same voice he probably used in dealing with his business but that didn't scare Cassy in fact it made her break out in a fit of hysteria
"Why do you sound so scary? Do you think its gonna manipulate me?" She asked in between laughs "Look here Bobby, if you do not give me what i asked for, you, your son and this entire organization of yours will crumble to the ground" She said her voice more demanding than before
"Is that a threat Ruby?"
"A threat?" she asked her face the poster child of innocence.
"Of course not, who dares threaten the great Bobby Callis?"
"If you know that the.."
"This is a promise. And as you must've heard i always keep my promises"
"I could kill you" He said signaling for a few of his men to come in, their guns held aiming at her "If i kill you here, you can do nothing"
"Kill me and you'll have a thousand interpol men here and everything you've built will be gone" She said, her voice unwavering "If i don't walk out of here, i have instructed someone on what to do with all the information i have on you and your business and trust me its a lot"
Thankfully she was well used to dealing with criminals like Bobby. She wasn't stupid enough to come into the home of a dangerous man like him without being prepared. She was well prepared and worst case scenario she would have to kill a few of his men to get away. "So instead of you wasting both our times you give me what i came for"
"Abhainn, go get me the briefcase i prepared for dear miss Ruby" He spoke signaling to one of his men. Less than a minute later he was back with what she supposed was the intel she asked him to gather. She took the briefcase and inspected its contents
"I trust you didn't arise suspicions when gathering this right?" She said eyeing the briefcase. The last thing she needed was the person she was gathering intel on to get suspicious.
"No worries i made sure no one suspected a thing and everyone who did the gathering kept their mouths shut permanently"
"Okay then. As promised this is everything the sheriff as well as the other cops had on your son" She said, placing her own briefcase on the table.
"Any copies?"
"No. i don't keep clients details as i want nor need no ties to them" She replied "Now that we both have what we need its rime for me to leave"She said gathering her things. She was escorted out and into her car and out the gates
Finally it was over. All her years and many many months of planning was over and she finally prepared to go back to confront her past.
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