Things to do in Freehold

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Chapter Twenty-six:

Jacob Mackenzie (Late morning of September 10, 1994)

Pat and his little friend scurried away like a couple of frightened mice the moment I stood up. Brian and I shared a laugh as we both watched them hurry into the forest located across the street from our houses. That was the great thing about Patrick: you don’t have to actually hurt the little weasel, you just have to make him believe you will for him to leave you alone.

“Wish I had a little brother to mess with like that,” Brian commented, shortly before resuming his game of Donkey Kong.

“Trust me, you don’t,” I told him, sitting back down on the stoop below him. I watched as he played on that little device of his. He’d beat some levels, attempted others, and then passed the Game Boy over to me when he felt like giving up.

About fifteen minutes later, Pops had come out, looking for me. He said he had a pizza delivery on the way and asked Brian and I if we wanted to come over for lunch. Brian, being the good lil’ son he is, explained he had to ask his mom, in the case she already had lunch plans made. I was, of course, free, however.

“Hey Jake, your brother still out here?” Pops questioned, switching topics.

“I saw him go into that forest not too long ago,” I replied, pointing to the diverse patch of trees and bushes. “Want me to go get him?”

Pops sighed. I watched his eyes follow a red truck that was pulling out its parking space and driving out to the main road. “If he isn’t back in five minutes, could ’ya?”

I nodded as he began to walk back next door. I then looked over at Brian with a villainous grin on my face. “You wanna scare my little brother some more?”

Brian smiled up at me and that was it, we were in an unspoken agreement. I waited for him to go inside and put away his gadget and come back out so that we could be on our way. After crossing the street, we noticed small footprints in the dampened dirt and decided to follow them. Although, they had soon started to become less and less visible as the amount of fallen leaves on the ground grew.

Nevertheless, Brian nudged me on the shoulder and pointed over to a nearby shack that looked as if it had been abandoned for years. Either that or the owners are too lazy to upkeep the dump. By the looks of the boarded up windows and the good number of “no trespassing” signs we saw, it could honestly go either way. Regardless, it was there we had spotted two young boys, lurking around and up to no good. As quiet as we possibly could, we tip-toed over to the back of the shack and could instantly smell something tremendously potient.

“What is that? Skunk?” Brian, oh so innocent Brian, asked discreetly.

“Nah, that my friend is some powerful marijuana you are sniffing,” I answered playfully. However, the more I thought about it, the more concerned I was for my little brother. What exactly are you up to, Pat?

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