Things to do in Freehold

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Chapter Forty-seven:

Sue Mackenzie (Afternoon of September 11, 1994)

I waited, patiently, for Amelie to stop laughing. Hopefully, she’s reaching near the end, I have shit to do.

“I’m sorry,” she said, still chuckling in between words. “I’m sorry, I am, but Sue, you can’t be serious. I know I said Adeline was the spawn of Satan, himself, and all, but a serial killer and a drug lord? At fourteen, even? Hun, I think you have the wrong gal.”

“I know it sounds crazy,” I responded, getting up from the table, only to pace around it. “Even I find it questionable, but I don’t know who else this A.G. person could be, if not her. She’s the only name that makes the least bit of sense.”

Amelie exhaled. “Alright, look, how about I take these things to Ace and have him look them over? Maybe, he’s dealt with A.G. before and knows who she is.”

“Yeah, okay, that sounds like a good idea.”

She then stood up from the table, herself, and walked over to me, resting her hand on my shoulder. “Now why don’t you head upstairs and take a quick power nap? Sleep on it for a bit. I’m only telling you this because I’m your friend, but you look like an insane person right at this moment.”

I know she meant for that to be helpful and I appreciated the sentiment. However, I couldn’t possibly rest, knowing that the real killer was still on the loose. Up until now, there was always a slight chance that it could’ve been Joey after all and that I was just going out of my mind for nothing. For the first time, though, I had the evidence to prove otherwise and that made me more awake than ever before.

Still, I took Amelie’s advice and headed upstairs as soon as she left with Zack. Wrapping myself in my comforter, I attempted multiple times, in multiple different positions, to get some shut-eye, but it was hopeless. Staring up at the ceiling, I thought more about what Jake had said earlier. What if he was right? What if I had painted this ugly picture of Adeline in my mind, all simply because I did not like the girl? Like that, I was back at square one.

“Hey Ma, are you awake?” Pat whispered as he quietly entered the room.

I flipped over to my side to show him that I, in fact, was. “Hey Sweetheart,” I said to him as he crawled into bed, beside me. “What is it?”

“There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you,” he began, before going silent for a brief moment. “But you have to promise you won’t get mad or tell Zack’s mom.”

“Pat, what is it?” I asked again, a little more worried of what he’ll say next.

“Promise me, first,” he raised his voice.

“Okay, fine, I promise” I told him, making a crossing motion with my index finger over my heart.

“Okay, so Zack and I found this old shack, in the woods, yesterday. Well, actually, I found it the day we moved here, then showed it to Zack, later on.”

“Get to the point, hun.”

“Anyway, we sort of broke into it.”

“You broke into it?” I sighed, rubbing my temples. “Pat, why would you do something like that? You know better.”

“We just wanted to see if they were actually butchering children in there, like in Adeline’s story.”

“Adeline’s story, huh?” It all made sense now. “So what did you really find in this shack, anyhow?”

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