In Between

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A young man wakes up in a dark foggy forest...

River Shannon
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In Between

Quinn opens his eyes slowly, looking around he sees he’s in a foggy forest. He stands up, shakily. The fog is thick, there’s no sun in sight. Quinn walks forward, the forest seems to go on endlessly. A shiver travels down his spine, and a hand lays on his shoulder. Quinn turns around to only see no one. He starts walking faster, a fearsome feeling rose in Quinno.

After wandering aimlessly in the forest, hoping to find the end of the tree line, any sign of hope would do. Walking forward trips, looking down he sees he tripped over a rope... tied into a noose. His mind began to race, and a feeling of anxiety filled him. Cool winds began to blow through the brush, and he heard a voice.

“Don’t... run...”

The voice gave Quinn a strange sense of security, he went towards the sound.

“Over here...”

Quinn pushed through the fog, he saw the outline of a figure. It held out a hand, Quinn felt safe. Stepping closer he saw a long, torn, dark cloak. And a skeletal figure was standing in it.

“Who are you?” Quinn asked.

The figure kneeled down, it was at least eight feet tall.

“I’m the embodiment of death, and your Quinn.” The voice was oddly calming, “come with me.”

Death stood, lifted a hand, and the fog moved. Hundreds of thousands of ropes hung from trees. Quinn gasped, and asked.

“Where am I?”

“Your in the land of lost” Death answered, “the broken, damned, and lost. They come here.”

“But why, why am I here?”

Death spoke softly, “you took your own life Quinn.”

A sudden rush of memories filled his head, years ran down his cheeks. Quinn dropped to his knees, Death looked at Quinn.

“Come Quinn,” Death held up his hand, “it’s time to go.”

Quinn wiped the tears from his face, and took Death’s hand. Death walked Quinn through the fog, Quinn asked.

“Where are you taking me?”

“To rest.”

Quinn looked at Death,

“Don’t you kill people, aren’t you supposed to be evil?”

“Quinn there is no good or evil, there simply is. I’ve taken millions of souls to rest, from killers to presidents.” Death paused, “everyone ends up six feet under Quinn, no matter what you do. There’s no point, there’s no golden gates waiting for anyone. There simply is.”

“So if there’s no point, why bother waking up?” Quinn spoke softly, but clearly. “Why do anything?”

“Quinn, I cannot give you a purpose, no one can,” Death continued. “You must find your own, it’s everyone’s responsibility to.”

Quinn felt an odd sensation of relief, a door broke through the fog.

“This is your stop,” Death spoke, “it’s up to you what lies ahead.”

Death stepped back, and Quinn pushed open the door. Looking back, death had left, and Quinn steps into the door.

Pure white lies ahead, as he puts his foot forward, a patch of dirt appears ahead of him. Entering Quinn see’s a beautiful landscape ahead of him, and a small cottage lying in the tall grass. The door shuts behind Quinn, his soul is finally at peace.

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