City of Dragons

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A young boy reminisces of the creatures that roamed the land.

Mystery / Fantasy
River Shannon
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City of Dragons

In a small town called Thimberville, was once a land of wonder. Many creatures lived in the mysterious land, all was well. Until people from another land invaded, a long battle was fought. Until the land was taken away from the first people’s, the incredible creatures that once roamed the land, were hunted or chased away. Hundreds of years later, the legends of the land are passed down to generation to generation.


Grym Waterfront, a young author travels to the small town called Thimberville. Hoping to find some proof of the creatures, he talks to the people of the town.

Grym enters a bar, and sits at the counter.

“What can I get for ya?” Asks the bartender.

“I’m not here to drink, but I would love to ask you some questions.” Grym responds.

The bartender simply nods, and rests his arms on the counter.

“Ask away.”

“Well I’ve heard legends surrounding this town,” Grym looks at the bartender. “Things about creatures living here.”

The bartender sighs and looks back at Grym, “anything that was mystical or mysterious has been, long gone.” He pauses, “your best bet would be the mountain outside of town.” He points in the general direction.

Grym smiles, “thank you for your help, I’ll be on my way.”


Grym exists the bar, and walks to his car. The drive to the mountain wasn’t far, he parks at the bottom and gets out. Looking up, he sees a grassy covered mountain, it was steep, and the trail had been reclaimed by nature. Following the long winding trail, Grym eventually finds himself at the top. The peak is covered in grass, with colourful flowers sprinkled across. He takes a few steps forward, suddenly the ground beneath Grym’s feet, he’s in free fall.

Grym awakes in a dark tunnel, he sees a light at the end of it. Walking towards it, he sees something sparkle. He continues down the tunnel until he reaches a opening filled with gold, jewels, and other riches. Grym picks up one of the gold coins, then hears a loud sigh, followed by a yawn. Then a shadow stretches, the creatures has wings, that are the length of football fields! The head of the creature, slowly makes its way down to see Grym. The head travels back up, the dark creature blows fire from its mouth, and lights the small area. A giant dragon sits in the cave, looking down at Grym. The dragon was mostly green with a red stripe going from its head to tail.

“Well, well, another human stumbles in here. How long has it been?” The dragon speaks, his voice is loud yet calm.

“You can talk?!” Grym asks surprised.

“Of course I can, have you humans learned nothing?” The dragon sighs loudly, “now what business do you have here?”

“I’m Grym Waterfront, my great grandfather was from this town. I’ve come in hopes of, inspiration, but it’s not like what the history books says.”

“My name is Surefire, I’m the eldest dragon. I’m the only remaining dragon in the land.”

“What happened to this place? It used to be magical.”

“War was brought to our peaceful land, people hunted the creatures, burned books of magic, and attacked the dragons.” Surefire pauses, “I’m the only remaining dragon in the land, I held off the humans while the others escaped.” Surefire, takes a drag from a tube sitting beside him, and breaths out a cloud of smoke.

“Why did people bring war to such a beautiful land, why destroy what was hear?” Grym asks.

“Humans fear what they don’t understand. They assumed the worse, and led an attack before attempting peace.” Surefire takes another drag, “they brought fear, and hate to our land. We were not violent towards the humans.” He lets out another cloud of smoke.

“How long did the war last?” Grym asks again.

“Years, they continually attacked our land. No dragon has returned to this land since.”

“Why not? Wouldn’t the dragons want to be home?”

“Of course we would, but sometimes you give up something for the greater good. We suffered many loses in the war, so to prevent any casualties, for people or dragons. We left, and have never returned.”

“I don’t understand, how did the dragons not win?”

“It’s simple. We didn’t fight. Believe what you want, but the dragons are a peaceful race.”

“I understand Surefire, I hope that the dragons will someday return.”

“Thank you, maybe humans can change. And we can live in peace again.”

The two continued to talk, until the sunset. Grym leaves the dragons home, and returns to the place he’s staying. Later in the night, Grym looks out his window and at the moon, and he sees the shadow of a dragon fly through the night sky.

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