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"you're a liar, i know you have feelings for me and i can't believe you stood so low to the point to frame my boyfriend rather then to tell me the truth. You're mother was right to live you alone you don't deserve anyone, juat stay out of my way you freak and leave me alone." My friends stood beside me and were going to intervene until i spoke. " you're right about everything you said and on my behalf, i promise you won't see me again and to never bother you in any way. "i said smiling but dying inside with every word spoken. That was the day when my friendship with my crush and best friend for 5 years ended and the day i left without another word to anyone.

Mystery / Adventure
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My name is amy kepler, i am 18 years old, i have blond hair blue eyes. I live alone after my mom left us when i was born she didn't want me and since it's been just me and my dad until he died 2 years ago leaving me a some of money just enough to get on. I work as a waitress to pay the rent and save money for college. I am basketball player and an A student and have a secret only my best friends know of it.

That's how my story begins. It's the middle of the year and me and my best friends are preparing to graduate and to live all of us together as promised. Until today the day that changed everything.

We are preparing ourselves to go to a party all 4 of us. Ellie is the quiet one and the reason voice in our group. She always look serious and ready to defend anyone who crosses one of us.

Lili is the joyful one, she's always smiling and make us laugh not once i remember seeing her sad always finding the bright side of any problem or challenge she go through.

Last but not least kate my crush since the first day we met and became best friends. We always laugh have fun and support each other in any way possible.

Those are my best friends anyone wish to have. I on the other hand wish to still have.

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