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This is a story of a girl named Kathy Malone. The year is 1947 it is Thursday afternoon and she has a big day ahead of her, but she does not know what is or why she is in Danbury, Arkansas., or even how she got there. She has no home, no identification, and no money, but yet she is having the time of her life, until a tragedy happens that will change her life forever.

Mystery / Scifi
Mary Springer
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Chapter 1

My name is Kathy Malone or my friends call me Kate for short. This is my story of how I spent my day in Danbury, Arkansas.

The year was 1947 the was has just ended and the people in Danbury seemed to know who I was, but I had no clue who anybody was. As far as I knew I had no home, no money, no job, no car and no identification.

As I was standing on the sidewalk trying to figure out my next move, I noticed men were out mowing their lawns, the children were playing stickball in the street, and how the beautiful oak trees lined both sides of the street.

Still it felt strange to because for the life of me I could not recognize one face, or house, or car. Yet the people seemed to know who I was. "Hi, Miss Malone" today is the big day, I will see you there." Big day, see where I thought. Strange. "Hi Kate", one of the neighbor ladies yelled from an upstairs window.

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