life without living

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call her anna,just anna,she's alive but not living her life.she felt like nobody cares for her whic is true,she doesn't trust anyone but herself.until a little boy come to her life and change her whole life upside down,how can she survive in this wicked world? read and find's a drama and a mystery,a truth will come out and blood will shatered

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

life?life is a fuck up word for me,i'm not a normal girl with a normal life,for me life means nothing,it's a waste of a time,but I do love to have a normal life,falling in love and be loved. drunk with all of my friends,a chit chat with my fams.but that's not life i'm living,my kind of life is a whole of emptiness,like dark of the night.the loneliness when the rain is pouring without the warm of a cup of coffee,I don't have a friend,it's just me againts the world.i'm nobody,nobody will fall in love with me let say I'm the most unattractive of human being,I'm short way to short,nobody cares for me.nobody will notice either i'm dead or breathing.but hey let me tell you something,something about a life without living. I'm anna just anna.and this is me
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