Alexa Weinstein and The Blood Unravel

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"Tears and blood will be shed for the generations to come." Where betrayals are caught and true nature of hidden kinds are unfolded before her….. Failing in her first ever relationship and getting broken by losing her closest ones, Alexa Weinstein leaves her haunted past to start from scratch. Trying to be independent but failing desperately, never did she knew all the events connected because of her dark nature, which she never knew of… With the event that robbed the only light in her pit-filled life, coming across people who are different in nature as much as her, unknowingly she leads them to something darker and vicious than night itself. Lots of questions are brought up with less answers. Shocking events are placed upon each and every corner…. Will she be able to avenge her mother, seek the answers that had haunted her, find out who she really was and at the same time save her loved ones from harm? Find out in The Blood Unravel…….

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It was a sunny day with a warm breeze bringing the sweet fragrance of orchids from a nearby greenhouse, sounds of chirping birds and rustling of leaves. A gorgeous day where nothing could possibly go wrong. A morning where she, while rushing towards high school first had a glance on him; a tall muscular man with dark brown straight hair, wearing a tight fitted black shirt along with black jeans, a black leather jacket. He had a dark black mysterious gaze and a dangerous aura which she instantly got attracted to. Without her knowing, the stepping stone in her life which led to a pin prick of happiness followed into a dark deep unfamiliar chasm of unhappiness, agony, misfortunes and heartbreaks, then began. Never did she think that the love of her life held a dark secret beneath those captivating black eyes that affects human lives and left a deep bruise in her soul. Tears and blood will be shed for the generations to come where betrayals are caught and the true nature of his kind were unfolded. Yet never did she expect him to provide her with two beautiful gifts only to be robbed by him, where she had to runaway for safety......

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