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Ariel was a travel-loving girl. While on such travel she came across a mysterious event that confused her, being curious in nature she was determined to uncover the truth behind the everything in the world Determine to find answers she comes across many hurdles. With her group of friends and determination, she is going on a hell a lot of adventure to uncover the hidden truth of the world of a secret.

Mystery / Adventure
Jannat liza
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Chapter 1

I still remember it was during our summer vacation last year. As my family was passionate about travelling. So, going for a long drive was one of my favorite things and still, it is. If anyone would have said to me that this passion would take me to the strangest yet one of the most beautiful journeys of my life.

Oh! let me introduce my self I am Liya-Aria Alv, a teenager with black hair nothing is special about me accept a mole below eyes which is also my birthmark. My father’s name is Jav Alv and mother Jun Alv. I also have two younger siblings Mit and Mil who are twins. We are immigrants from Bangladesh. We came to Oman as my dad wanted to start a business here. So that’s pretty much sums up my family and background.

As it was our holiday we decided to go to Salalah. Which was approximately 12 hrs drive. According to the google map. I visited once there but when I was around 2 years so don’t have many memories of that place in my mind. I was excited as it was a long drive and I will get to make new memories. As I have never visited there before I requested my dad to drive instead of flying as according to the saying ” fun of the journey is in the road”. We plan to drive there and stay there for a week and return back.

I always packed light I couldn’t understand how people could pack to four to five bags and travel. So my packing included the essential items and 4-5 pairs of dresses.

We started our journey in the evening as mom said we could avoid the burning sun. It was much pleasant journey. We were travelling by direction shown by our G.P.S.

We almost covered 6 hrs of drive when suddenly the G.P.S stopped working. The road was empty. We tried to start google maps but it was no use as there was no network in that area.

My dad said not to panic and said we may fund someone in front and ask them for direction. We traveled for nearly half an hour. And came by a petrol station. It was not a well-maintained station. It was unusual for Oman to have such a shabby petrol station.

I had a bad feeling about this place. My mom said ‘better something than nothing’. She got down from the car and asked for directions and a few batteries and a water bottle. The man had his face covered in the hood so we could not see his face. But mom got the direction and her supply. Dad then refueled his car.

We started traveling with our given direction. As further we travel the roads were getting creepy. The street light was not working and had few bumps and large rocks on the road. And the temperature was getting colder. It was unusual to have seen such roads. Temperate we can understand as it is a desert climate.

We traveled for more than 30 mints or so and arrived at an opening. It gave the vibes of horror movies. Everything was darker in shade. The only lights were from the moon. The headlights of the car suddenly started to flicker.

Three of us were frightened, to say the least. Still, we got down of the car to check if anyone was around. I know it was a foolish move to get down. But what choices did we have...

The surrounding place was dark and was lifeless. It was as if dead silence. The moonlight showed a narrow path wat towards the leafless forest of trees. And moonlight illuminates huge castles like a house. At first, I thought of light coming out of one of the windows. But when I tried to focus clearly I saw if the light was reflecting off the moon.

I had a chill ran down my spine. I was shivering with fear. I tried to see the surroundings but only could see lifeless trees wherever I see.

Suddenly I felt like being watched I called my parents. And started walking toward the narrow pathway. Mom said not to go but I was curious.

We heard a sound and saw a shadow moving.....

We all ran back to our car. We ran and felt like it was forever. Finally, we reached the car. My dad started the car and drove like a crazy crossing limit above 200. For nearly an hour. Then suddenly we saw a tree in front of us...

Our car crashed before crashing I saw a huge animal near our window. Then suddenly black dots started to appear and darkness consumed me...

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