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Chapter 10

Lailah P.O.V
I was shocked, to say the least.
My barriers which were impossible to cross for anyone were cross by 5 people. They didn’t even know they are crossing the barriers. First, the barrier of morals which crossed without much effort. Next the deathly barrier of fear. It was impossible for anyone to cross was also crossed by them. I thought they will loose in their emotion and give away their humanity or die. But they passed every time.
First I made an illusion to make it seem like they are in deep sleep. Instead, their soal was taken out of there body and was taken in a different universe. Where they have to face there fear. If they couldn’t face them and give up there souls will be cursed for eternity and lost. But all of them overcame their fear and freed themselves.
“Knock” “knock”.
“who is it disturbing me when I am in the important task,” I asked
“Mam you have a guest from water kingdom” came the voice of my servant
“Ok let them in”
Who came at this hour to disturb me I wondered.
" Hello Lila”
“It’s not Lila its Lailah.
“Ok, whatever I came here because I heard you lost from some small children of human. Really I think you are getting old you should leave your job.”
“Oh shut it. These people are really intelligent and good-hearted. That’s the reason why they could cross the Barriers. I am much younger than you.”
Oh, why did this whore Meg had to come from the water kingdom now? I was doing my work peacefully. My head started to pain hearing her screeching voice.
“Listen to you, your incapable of putting the enemy outside our Jinn world. That’s why you are just making excuses. Let me try I will definitely throw these kids away from where they came from.” Meg said
“Oh please. My duty is not to throw people away. It is to test them. And they passed. You know what even you 300 years old water witch can’t stand to compare to them. Go away or you have to answer to Crown Prince himself.”
I said.
" Ok ok, I am going. I am going. But you are really useless remember that. Then she puffed teleported herself back to hole she came from.”
I was getting a headache so I decided to listen to what these 5 people were saying. Their conversations are always funny. Sometimes I can’t control my self and laugh out loud listening to them.

Listening to there conversations I got an idea as to what will be the last test be. Barriers to trust are most deeply build the barrier. In the earth’s world, everything is easily available except trust and belief in one another. Betrayal is so easy.

So guys get ready. You are going to need a hell of trust to pass this barrier.

Aria P.O.V
As we continued to walk we felt as if something was passing by us. It was like the bone-shattering cold. We all shivered at the same time. I looked at other’s they said they also felt strange. Suddenly we all came across a strange place a few minutes ago there were no leaves in any of the trees. But now all the trees are filled with leaves. And fresh air and life were as if flowing through the place. I marveled at the beauty. As I turned around I saw only Maha with me. No one else was around. I asked Maha where are they she also started looking and couldn’t find them. Then we could see a bridge.

I thought not again. We lost each other again. It is so shit. Now again we have to search for them. What can we do now? Then both of us started walking towards the bridge. I stepped first then Maha. The bridge started to shake vigorously. So we decided to cross one by one. Maha was afraid of being left alone. “Please trust me. If anything happens I will come back. But going together we both will fall.”
" No what if you never come back? I will be left here alone. Or what if I can’t cross the bridge? Or you don’t wait for me? “Maha said.
“Are you crazy what will I do after crossing the bridge. If not wait for you to cross. And if you don’t cross within 1 minute, no 50 seconds after me then I will definitely cross back to find you. Please trust me.” I said.
" Ok fine,” Maha said
Then I started crossing the bridge I saw Muju Sam and Mafu fall down of the bridge I looked at it as a horrible experience. I tried to touch them, but couldn’t. I crossed the bridge crying hysterically. Everything was feeling like falling apart. And a miracle happened another side there was Sam, Muju and Mafu standing. I was relieved to see them there. They looked at me in shocked and asked. Am I real. I was confused about seeing there reaction. Then Maha also crossed the bridge.
They also looked at Maha in shock. We both were confused as to why they were behaving like this.

Sam P.O.V
One minute all of us were walking the next minute I was in some strange place. I was shocked to be an understatement. I was on top of the mountain. And as I turned back I could only see Mafu and Muju with me. Three of us were confused. Others were not with us.

Ok fine I get it I am some kind of created immunity towards fear of height but this is too much. At least on top of Burj Khalifa, my parents would have found my body. But here they would not even find my bones. Mafu said not to worry and focus on getting back down. I was too afraid to even move. I told her what if I fall. Then she said she will hold me and pull me up. And she said to trust her. Muju also said we are in this together n if anything happens to one other’s would definitely help.
Then as we started to climb down I suddenly saw Maha and Aria ump down the mountain. We three of us looked at them in horror. Why would they jump down the mountain? Then we shouted for them. I tried to climb down from the other side to see if we could save them. But nothing happened. We three started crying. This is sick. We all decided to climb down and find them anyhow.

As we climbed down I saw Aria standing there in the valley. I was shocked. And then Maha also joined her. I started to doubt myself. Am I getting crazy? I asked them are they real. And they both looked confused. They said the just crossed the long bridge. But I couldn’t see anything. Maybe this all is a nightmare. Maybe I am getting crazy. I started to doubt myself. Others also look the same. Or maybe this is also my imagination. What are these things happening to us?
Or only me. Maybe we didn’t come in any trip. Maybe my mind is playing a game with me. I started to doubt myself.
Maha: “Maybe non of this is real and I am dreaming. I am getting crazy.”
Mafu: “I am getting mad.”
All of them were in deep doubt about themselves.
Then suddenly Aria said” We are not getting crazy this is real. This place is maybe made as such so we should doubt each other and ourselves. First, we all should believe in ourselves. This is real and we are going to fight it together we are not alone.”

After hearing her all doubts vanished. And strange light appeared.

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