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Chapter 11

Laila P.O.V
Yes, they passed the test. I made them doubt each other. I made them doubt themselves. The biggest trust anyone should have is on themselves. If you trust yourself then nothing can stop you. Because no one in the world knows you more than yourself. Of you trust that you can do a certain thing then that means you can do it. If you fail once also due to trust in yourself you will try it out again. So every person should trust themselves.

As I saw the scene I went to Prince Reed to share the news with him. He was also happy but something was bugging him in his head.
Laila: “aren’t you happy that finally, some humans are coming in jinn land? ”
Reed: “I am but you know this is not the end. After the last time, what happened the people of Jinn land will not take lightly to humans. More than half of the population doesn’t want anything to do with humans. They want their race to destroy. You know I have been preventing any war from decades between humans and ours.”
Laila: “you gave me the task to prevent anyone from entering our land for so many years. You said only worthy one can get inside. You know I will never let any unworthy people enter our land and produce havoc.”
Reed: ” yes I know. You have been protective of this land. I trust your judgment. Some of the faeries in Waterland are spreading things about this arrangement. I am afraid I have to do something. If I can’t stop this there will be rebellion. Specifically, when Meg said to others you are bringing them to gain high power in Throne. ”
Laila:” my Prince you also know that I have no such intention. I am happy being a protector. And it is already a great position for me to protect our land.”
Reed: ” I trust you. Maybe because of your role as a protector is making others jealous.” Reed laughed.
Laila: “I can handle their jealousy. Don’t you think we should welcome our guests? We should get going.”
Reed:” of course. Let’s go.”
We both teleported ourselves to the entrance of jinn land and there five of them were standing with a confused expression.

“WELCOME TO OUR LAND. You passed the test and now you can enter our land. We humbly welcome you.”
They were all shocked listening to me.
I changed their dresses into our custom.

Aria P.O.V
We were all shocked. To see two other people. What was happening? Is it some kind of illusion or test again. All of our minds were wary of these people. The lady was so beautiful and elegant.
The guy was so handsome and cute. We all were looking at them in shocked confusion and awe.

The girl’s accent is similar to Arabian people. I was in love with there accent. When she said we had to dress up to their costoms we all looked at each other. What should we do? Then suddenly she looked at me. I felt like flying. Then I looked at myself and I saw myself complete change.

The material was so light it felt like the air was surrounding me. As I looked at my fingers they were back. I was so happy. All looked at me in mesmerizing, they were happy to see my fingers back.

Then I saw Maha and Mafu also changed into a beautiful dress. they looked so beautiful.

The boys were also looking great. Like groom in any marriage, we had a heart full laugh seeing them.

They said we are looking like we came from forest and was moking us. Literary after this much time which felt like years we all were genuinely smiling. We found hope. To find answers and find our way back.

Aria: ” can I ask you some questions?”
Laila: ” I know you guys have lot’s of lot’s questions. I promise you your answers will be given in due time. ”
Reed: ” first come and have Breakfast with us. In our palace. Then we shall answer your questions. Indeed you have completed a long journey.”
We all looked at each other. Boys were all looking at the lady. Who said her name was Laila and the man was named as Reed. I had still doubt is this things real or not. The others said they want to go and have and know the answers so we all agreed to accompany.

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