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Chapter 12

Sam P.O.V
We were following the hot lady and a stupid guy. Yeah maybe for girls he is handsome but I feel him stupid. I didn’t voice out my thoughts as they may hear us.

As we continue to walk some distance we came across a beautiful clearing. It was so beautiful it felt like taking my breath away. I looked at my surrounding. I am a nature-loving guy. This place felt like mother nature has specially blessed. So mesmerizing.

It was a natural waterfall with crystal water. The air was so fresh.

Suddenly the guy started speaking.
Reed: “This is the gate away to our land”
Do they live in a cave? I thought. I May have thought out loud as the guy again said.
Reed: “No we don’t live in a cave. We have a proper world like you but to protect it from enemies we make so many illusion. Every single person who comes here has to give a test. If they don’t pass they get stuck in there for eternity. Then we have this gateway only someone with high sensitivity can only cross this. ”

Suddenly the lady whistle and there was a large dog. Not dog animals that howl came from inside the cave. What ware the animals I don’t remember.
Muju: “what a huge wolf is this?”
Ha, wolf I remembered now. Then there was more wolf came out of the place. Each of them has beautiful colors. Red, Brown, Black, White, Lilac. Five wolves I was afraid they may have bought them to kill us all.

Laila: “please get on them. You cannot tolerate the teleportation. If you get on the wolf they will take you to the castle”.
Teleportation what teleportation I thought. I asked them but they said they will explain in due time.

We all were weary to get on them suddenly we heard bones breaking we all looked at one of the wolves. It turned into a man. It freaking turned into a man. I felt my head dizzy seeing the scene.
Suddenly the wolf no the man what we call them wolfman spoke” get on our back don’t worry you will all be safe.” Then again bone-breaking sound was there and he turned back into a wolf.

We slowly got on top of the wolves.

As we looked at Laila and the guy they disappeared into thin air.
We were all shocked and confused. I thought nothing can make us more confused as we got used to this mysterious place. But this place is full of surprises.
Things happened which are out of the human mind.

The wolf then started moving towards the waterfall and then gave a huge jump. I closed my eyes.

As I opened them I saw...

Aria P.O.V
We were taken through the waterfall to another world or whatever you can say with the help of the werewolf. I call them werewolf because I read many fictional stories on them. I wonder are those stories actually fictional or stories from other worlds.

The thought brings shivers down my spine as what awaits us next.

I saw an open field full of roses. The colors of the roses were each unique. They were all much bigger and beautiful in size. The smell was heavenly.
There was a pathway where the wolves drop us. Both sides of the path were covered with different kinds of flowers.

There was a huge gate and it shines like made of gold. The design of the gate was beautiful with different patterns.

As we continued to walk we came to saw a huge castle in front of us. We all looked in awe at it.

There stood the Reed and Laila in all there glory.
Laila: “welcome to the palace. Please come inside. ”

We went inside as I looked at this place was made of actual golds diamond silver and whatnot.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. No wonder why they put so much security for this place. A greedy human would get crazy seeing this. There would be a war just to steal some of the wealth.

Then we were all taken to a huge dining room. The smell of fresh pancakes and eggs were in the air. We were all seated. Reed sat at the front of the table. Laila was nowhere in sight.

“Laila has returned to her place” announced Reed, “Please start your breakfast.” Then another man came and bowed in front of Reed ” Good morning your highness” greeted the man. ” Good morning Lord Arch” replied Reed.
Then looked at us and introduced “ladies and gentlemen this is high lord Arch”. Then introduced us back to the man.

We all had our breakfast. All of us ate hungrily. Then we were taken to one of the offices. It was a huge office and very classy. Reed sat behind the desk and motion us to sit.

After we all settled down he began. ” I know you all have so many questions. I will answer most of the doubt you want to know. Anything hidden from you will be for very important reasons. I hope you understand.” We all nodded. Then he continued
“This land is of Magic and supernatural creatures. Similar to earth thus this place has continents oceans everything. This place is now ruled by my brother King Ron Roman and his beloved Queen Liah Roman.
I am next in line to the Thorne. By now you may have understood we go by monarch system.

Each one of us has magical power. Every person differ.

Before the beginning of the world earth only contained supernatural creatures. It was a very peaceful place to live in but due to some power-hungry people there was war and God ordered to wipe away all of them and let live some selected few to continue. Our family was one of those. We were given a different world. My forefathers became the ruler. Made this place peacefully.

Humans' race started at the earth with Adam and Eve later on. Humans and us supernatural had no connection at that time too. Later on, the connection was brought, and traveling between the world was common.

Then also some corrupt people tried to destroy the peaceful environment. So we decided that no traveling between the two regions will be there. Thus there come’s the 12 witches and wizards who are created to protect this land alongside us. Laila is one of the strongest among them. She is given the duty to produce illusion to prevent the entering of the land and to test the right person to enter. You all have passed in the test. But there is a catch in it....”

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