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Chapter 13

Muju P.O.V

As the bitch said that there is a catch I understood that time is again going to be shit. Something worst is coming back.
We all looked at him to elaborate his catch. Then he began again.

Reed: ” It is just that if you want to return back, you can go back in a snap of my fingers and you will forget everything that happened here. You will be at the time you all just began your journey.”

Aria: ” Then what about our thoughts? We did so much just to know the truth. If we forget that then everything will be wasted and we will be again in square one. ”

Muju: ” Obviously we all did so much together and we can’t lose it. We want to go back but we want to remember our experience there should be away.”

Reed: ” Alright there is away. It is a way you can get access to here whenever you want. You can remember anything you want. But you have to prove yourself.”

Sam: Haven’t we already proved so much already? You yourself said we have given the test and passed so what more proof you need?”

Reed: ” Yeah you have proved yourself. So you got to see our world. You have to prove yourself so you can stay in our world. This is not a child game. This is our secret we have to keep it for the safety of both the worlds. To proof us you have to give a test.”

Maha: ” Whatever.”
Mafu slapped maha in hand and said ” don’t be rude.”

Aria pleaded with full determination in her words ” we understand your problem and it is a big thing for us too. We promise to never share our secret with anyone and I will prove that we are worth keeping. None of my friends should be hurt if I fail in the test then they would be returned to our world with full protection and if I pass they will get the privilege of visiting here. They would not face danger in anything. I will be the one facing it. ”
All of them started to protest. To not make such a decision then Reed spoke up.

Reed: ” Firstly a warning. It will be not easy like before you can lose your life too. You have to write it that you agree on any consequences. And about your friends, I have to consult with the King about that decision. Better get rest and we will talk about more of it tomorrow.”

Sam:” We have to return back to our family early. This is also an extra day we are staying. You have to do something.”

Reed:” Well time limit between the human world and our world is completely different. Humans 10 months is equal to our 1 month. So you may feel like days you are staying here but according to your world, you have to spend more hours. Here times run ten times faster.”

All of us looked shocked. It was great news as we don’t have to explain to our parents where were we.

Then Reed stood up from the chair and two women in servant clothes came inside, he ordered them to take us to our room.

The room assign for us was awesome it was like a mini house inside the palace. There was 2 huge bed room with attached bathrooms, Swimming pool, One big hall room with a sitting area dinning room fully furnished. There was even a kitchen with all supplies. I could live here forever.

Reed P.O.V
Being a Prince is not easy. Being next in line is more though. I have the constant threat of enemies. I have to take care of our world when King or queen is unavailable.

All the responsibility and pressure was toying with my mind. I prayed our God to give us a person who can share my burden with me. After so many years God answered my request. I got the perfect person to share my life with. She still doesn’t know about her future.

I knocked on the door of the king's chamber.
“Come in” came the reply.
“Greetings my queen and kings.” I greeted them.
" Oh please leave the courtesy” scolded Leah playfully.
“Well, I came in work of kingdom so I shall show respect, your highness.” I remarked.
“You and your rules God knows when someone will come in your life.” muttered the Queen.
“Well, I found the perfect girl to be the princess.” I announced.
Queen who is also my sister in law squeak happy. “Really. When can I meet her? Does she know?”
I shook my head showing no. Then explained to them the whole situation.

Ron:” well brother you got yourself in a tough situation.”
Reed: ” yeah. So what you decided about the human situation? ”
Ron: “We definitely can’t loose them now can we? So there will be a test. Lets see if Aria has the potential in winning her place among us.”
Reed: “what about her friends?”
Ron: ” what about them? They will have to see if Aria wins or not. Then they all will have to take a blood oath. You know if any one breaks blood oath they die. So simple way. As for her test she definitely have to give the test.”

Laeh: ” you guys get everything ready for the test. I will see the arrangement to welcome my new sister in law. ”

We both laughed at her excitement. I then excused my self and went to meet with the humans.

All of them were in there assign chamber. I knocked there door and Aria opened the door. She looked at me in making her guard up.

All of them came and stood up.
" May I come in?”
“Y-yeah sure.” She stammered.
I got inside ” I have discussed your plea to the king of staying here. He agreed with the condition of the test. Aria will give the test. All of you have to wait and see about her results. If she wins you all can stay or go do as you wish. There is another condition...”

Again bitch condition thought one of them. I can read minds. Well most of them. Some are really good in hiding there thought.

“Well, the condition is if she didn’t pass you will have to stay here forever as a server in the palace. Some people like humans for entertainment.”

All of them looked horrified at the thought. One of them answered ” I agree I believe Aria can do this.”
All of them agreed. Aria was hesitant to risk her friends life. They all supported her. Then she also agreed with full determination in her voice to win. I sometimes feel surprised to see such confidence such a high aura coming of her.

" So it is decided then.” I decided to leave them to there thought and left the room.

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