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Chapter 14

Mafu P.O.V
I saw Sam going out of the place when we all were busy.
Maha and Aria decided to take a shower and relax till they call for us. Muju also went inside his room.

So I went out to see where Sam went. I know he will do something stupid and we all will be in more trouble.

As I walked outside I lost sight of him. I marked some points as to which way I am going in my mind. Like the color of flowers or specific painting etc.

As I crossed one place I started to feel hot. Like I was sweating continuously. Then there was a loud roar. It screams was as such you will feel the ground is shaking beneath you.

When I looked outside one of the balconies I saw a huge dragon. Which we only see in Chinese stories. I was shocked to see it. The sound was coming out of the dragon. The color of the dragon was like fire. Then as if it sense me looking at it turned its head towards me. I felt like I would faint. The eyes of the dragon were so pretty I was just lost in them.

Then I heard a gruesome sound of bones breaking. The dragon looked as if it was in some kind of pain. Then suddenly the dragon disappears in place of the dragon there stood a man.
Man: “what is your name? Are you a human?”
Mafu: ” yeah I guess. My name is Mafia.”
Man: ” sweet name. I am Alex. I am a warrior fire dragon. ”
Mafu: ” wow. I never saw a dragon before. I thought those are only mythical creatures. You are real. I should be afraid. But I am not afraid. Why am I not afraid? Oh god I am blabbering”
Alex: “you are cute.”
Suddenly someone whistled and then Alex huffed ” I have to go duty calls. Buy see you later.” He winked at me.
Then again there was the sound of bones breaking and Alex disappeared. Again the dragon appeared which flew away.

I stood there like a statue. Then I heard a sound and saw Sam was talking to Reed. As Sam said about some girl Reed got angry and ordered him to return back to the room. So I also follow him back to the apartment.

Aria P.O.V
I took a long shower and got ready in the dress given by one of the servants for the test. They call the test as trial.

As I was getting ready I thought how much of time had passed. It felt like ages we all came out on this stupid expedition. Turns out we found out one of the greatest secrets of our world.

I know it was going to be a tough test. Was I ready for it? I don’t know. I don’t know what am I really going to do. My heart was sinking inside my chest.

Then suddenly Maha came and sat beside me “Are you worried? Let me do the test. You really don’t have to worry” she said.
" I know for me you guys are here I can’t just risk your life anymore. It is really not fair. I will do my best and you guys will be alright.” I replied to her.

Then she hugged me and prepared me for the test. By then Mafu also came inside. Her face was white as a sheet. I asked her” what’s wrong?” She then said she went outside the apartment. As she saw Sam was going out. She said she met a dragon guy said, Alex.

Really now nothing is more to shock us more. This world contains all the species maybe it be dragon or faries or ware wolf. What else is this place hiding? I thought.

Then Sam knocked on the door and came inside. He said he met a mermaid her name was Alisha. Who had hidden him and said to run away before another mermaid had seen him.

Everything is strange in this place. I asked them where is Muju they said they don’t know maybe he is somewhere inside the apartment or went out.

We all searched for him but he was nowhere seen. We were worried where he has gone. Then suddenly he came inside. His face looked he was worried. I asked him what happen but he did not reply. He went inside one of the rooms.

Then there was a knock and one girl came inside. She wore a dress similar to me. She said the trial was getting started and us to get moving.

Sam: ” I will come with Muju and see what’s wrong with him. You guys go ahead.”

Sam went to call Muju we all started following the girl. I said her to send someone to escort Sam and Muju

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