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Chapter 16

Sam P.O.V
“Man what happened?? Are you alright?” I wanted to know what’s wrong with him. After starting this journey he has been acting strange. Like distanced himself from us.

Muju:” Nothing man I am just worried about what is going to happen now. ”

Sam: ” We all are a worried man so chill. If you don’t support her she will feel weak and she will lose. We have to have each other’s back in this world you know that right?”

Muju: ” yeah man you are right. I am just being paranoid. I went outside to search for any clue what is going to happen and heard some of the workers that this is going to be an intense test. A difficult one.”

Sam: ” I am always right. We know from before it is going to be difficult. So chill let's support her and lets go. Or else they will start without us.”

We both went out of the apartment there was a huge man standing. He looked like a giant in human form. Maybe he also had some kind of powers. He said he came to take us to the arena.

We both followed him and found out we were in some high place it was like a huge stadium. The place was as if cut out of history book. We were standing in the VIP section. There were many people in the stadium. It was nearly full. Aria and others were standing there. And Reed was starting to explain the rules. We went near the girls.

Reed: ” well you have to pass a total of three tests. Now will be 2 test. You have all the required equipment provided in the arena ground. I can’t further elaborate. So best of luck.”

Muju: “at least say what will be the test before sending her in the open field. How can anyone know? ”

Reed: ” it will be explained as you reach the center of arena. ”

Sam: “but how is it fair??”

Reed just rolled his eyes and walked away.

We all stayed best of luck to Aria. She started walking in the middle of the field. Then suddenly a table like a thing appeared in the middle.

And there were three types of weapons. What will she do with weapons I thought. Then all of a sudden there was a loud roar.

Wild animals from four different sides started to go towards her. I felt like our heartbeat just stopped for sometimes.
And then...

Aria P.O.V
I saw weapons and then I saw the animals. A few seconds back I was thinking about what should I do with the weapons now see the irony of the situation. I felt like laughing out loud. Am I getting crazy?

Adrenaline was pumping through my body as the animals came closer each second. They felt like they were judging their prey that is none other than me.

I saw the weapons there were three types of weapons. Knives, round thorn-like thing and a sword. I knew in order to save my self I have to hurt these animals. It was so sucking. I didn’t want to kill them it was not there fault to be selected by this maniac people for a test so I picked the knives and started throwing at their legs. So they would stop coming towards me.

They slowed down for some time but didn’t stop coming. They continued to come. Then saw again at the weapons I had two options either to kill them with the sword or injure them badly with that round thing.

I would never kill innocent souls so I decided to injure them. As I started rotating the thing one by one the animals vanished.

I fall into the ground due to exhausts. Adrenaline was leaving my body. I looked to see my friends were running towards me.

Sam: “we thought we lost you.”
All had tears in their eyes.
Aria: “I am fine guys.”
Then someone announced I passed the first test.
Muju: “I knew you were going to win.”
Maha: “As if”
Mafu: “you were acting like a chicken ”
Those three started there bickering. I know they were trying to forget this horrible experience.

Then we joined in a group hug. The announcer announced of the start of 2nd test. My friends were reluctant to leave the field and go.
But they were taken anyhow.

After they left a few of the audience started walking towards me they said” we accept you and there is no need to test. We can see you had great potential.” I don’t know why but I felt happy suddenly and wanted to do something for them. Then all of a sudden huge giant like creatures started to come towards these people in order to kill them.

The people scream and started running. Adrenaline was again pumping through my blood. I was determined to protect these people. So I took the sword and swing it towards the giant. First, it didn’t affect him. Then again I swing it. Then the giant suddenly disappeared.

The people were safe I was content to be able to protect them.
Then Prince Reed came towards the field and said ” congratulations you passed both the test but I have a question.”
I smiled and asked what is his question. I don’t know why but I feel a sudden connection towards him.

Reed:” why didn’t you used your sword to kill the animals? Why did you use to kill the giant.”
Aria: ” well for the starters the animals were innocent. They didn’t know what they were doing they were just using their stints. So I didn’t disturb the peace and decided to leave them as it is.”
Reed: “then why did you kill the giant?”
Aria:” he had brains he was reasonless trying to hurt the innocent people. I was not disturbing him he was disturbing the peace.”
Reed: “impressive. Well, the last test will be tomorrow morning. Please come with me and select the things you need for tomorrow. ”
I nodded then walked with him.

I was taken to a place there were few horses, camels, etc. Then there was a bag. Then there was one side kept gold, silver, diamonds jewelry. Then there was some food then there were a flashlight 3 knives. Then the water bottle.
Reed: “select whatever you need for tomorrow.”
Aria: “what is the test? How will I know what will I need?”
Reed: “well use your stints. I can’t help you with anything. ”
I took the bag and placed some food, water bottle, flashlight, and knives. I took three hard chains. It was made of gold but it was thick enough to tie anything.
Aria: “I am done.”
Reed: “Ok. Give that bag to my servant he will give you tomorrow during the test.”

I was taken back to the apartment. My friends were waiting there for me. They asked me where I went and what price wanted. I said to them he asked me to pick up things for tomorrow’s test. They made o shape. Then I freshen up and we all had our food...

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