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Chapter 17

Aria P.O.V
The next day I woke up early. I knew today’s trial was going to be much hard than yesterday. If that giant didn’t want to kill those people maybe I would have never tried to kill it. The memory of those wounded animals and the dead body of that man before disappearing is still stuck on my mind.

It was not letting me go away. I question myself self will all these be worthy in the end? I sighed and then decided to get ready for the last trial.

They filled our closet with enough clothes. I didn’t have such clothes even in my own wardrobe. I walked through the closet and found a pair of black leggings and a purple shirt.

Maha came in and helped me to braid my hair. I hate to even touch my hair or comb it. Mostly mom does it for me. I really miss my family a lot.

Then we both quickly got ready and waited for others to get ready.
The lady who came yesterday to take us came back again and escorted us to open field with high mountains. There were so many trees full of greenery. I was just awed at the place.

Prince came out from one of the trees and handed me the bag yesterday I packed. Then instructed me of my next trial.
“It is simple you have to start walking through the maze of trees and climb up the mountain.
There will be a plant which grows gemstone flower. The flower will shine like anything you have seen in your life. Its beauty is mesmerizing. You have to bring the flower.”
I nodded but I knew it is not only it. There must be more to it.
Then again he started ” you can take anyone person from around to help you.
Sam: ” I will go with you”
Aria: ” if I take you guys you guys may fall into danger. I just can’t
risk that.”
Muju: ” you don’t know them. What if they don’t help you? You have to take one of us.”
Aria: ” fine Maha come along.”

Then we started our journey...

Maha was not allowed to help me directly she just gave direction from above tower. And with the magic direction would come to me. It was fare enough I didn’t want her to get hurt. As I started walking there first came a Fire river. Molten lava was coming out of it. And there was a thin fallen bridge type.
Before that one instruction was written whoever wants to cross the river have to fetch the water to turn of the fire.

So now if I want to turn off the fire I would need water more than a sea can have how am I supposed to cross this stupid bridge. I was sitting there for sometimes thinking maybe I will not at all pass this test it was the reason why this test was kept then suddenly I started feeling thirsty so took out the bottle to drink from it when I took the bottle I wished I would have enough water in the bottle to get the fire off, chuckling I dropped few drops of water suddenly the fire was stopped and bridge turned into a stronger one.

As there was a note on the bottle if you are thirsty a drop will be enough to quench the thirst. So it means the fire was thirsty and a bottle of water was the drop.

So I started moving forward the bridge.

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