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Chapter 18

After I have crossed the bridge I heard Mahas voice

Maha: Can you hear me?

Aria: Yes why?

Maha: till this much time I was calling you why didn’t you reply?

Aria: I didn’t hear your voice!

Maha: Seriously what the hell that means I cant actually help you what the boiling socks shit is that?

Aria: Maybe you cant actually help during the real test or solving a problem just talk when I don’t need the help itself. Wow, nice joke these people are playing on us.

Maha: Really ugh. Ok So we can see forest ahead so start walking towards it lets see what is ahead of us.

Aria: Well you know I feel creepy and have a fear of forest and after the first test of entering this realm I have this prominent feeling of bad feeling of this forest, I don’t think I can enter this forest.

Maha: I understand even I have a bad feeling of this place but there is no other way. I have an idea. I will say jokes and you think about that, not about the forest then You can easily walk through it.

Aria: Ok Ok, say your jokes it will help me.

Maha: Ok answer this question Why does the leopard eat lunch in a different part of the forest every day?

Aria: Seriously another question my life has become a question mark “?” Ok because it’s his nature.

Maha: No the answer is Because she doesn’t have a favourite spot.

Aria: Ok OK now I will say one Why did all the forest’s worker bees go on strike?

Maha: Ok I don’t know why?

Aria: They wanted shorter flowers and more honey.

Maha: Hahaha. OK ok next one...

Aria: Say say...

Maha: zasjw jkjok hjnkj

Aria: What are you saying? I can’t hear you.

Maha: wjdsnarnf ne3ended3k w2nw

Aria: Here you go! may be the real problem is nearby that’s why her voice is not clear let me check out this area.

I looked around the place and I saw I was surrounded by trees and a single drop of sunlight was not passing through these trees. Birds were chirping everywhere playing a nice tune. This music made my fear go away and was lulling me to sleep. I felt talking with maha I wanked deep into the forest so I sat down under a tree I didn’t know where to go listening to the sound of birds chirping. Suddenly I heard a loud roar. It was definitely sound of a tiger. I panicked and stood up what am I suppose to do now, am I going to die and be the food of the Tiger I thought of climbing up a tree but I don’t know-how. I checked in my bag to see if there is anything I can do to help climbing then found a golden chain if I tie it up in a branch I can climb upholding it. I threw one side it stuck in high up in a branch. Then I climbed up the tree and looked down and saw there was a tiger who was wounded and was roaring also its cubs were wounded. I climbed down the tree and tried freeing the cubs it was difficult to open the trap so I took out the knife from my bag and freed them. Then I tried to free their mother and use first aid to cure her but I couldn’t do it she suddenly disappears. I empty my bag and took out food to give then to the cubs. later put them in the pouch as I couldn’t just leave then there.

Then started moving forward and came in front of a huge mountain so according to Reed, I will have to cross a bridge which I already did then cross a forest now from the mountain top I will have to collect a flower. Then the mission completed. Still, I cant hear Maha’s voice so it means the problem is still not over. I tried climbing up the tree from the sloppy side of the mountain it was a tiring job at least I have experience of mountain climbing as I used to climb with my friends. As I climbed high up it was difficult to breathe properly then I saw the sun was setting it was almost getting dark I saw a cave in the mountain decided to enter the cave to take a second rest and see if I can find something to eat.

In the middle of the cave was strange there was a fence surrounding the middle and one stone was placed at one corner and there was another head sone which we see in the grave and was written in loving memory of Princess Leia beloved daughter of King Joshu and Queen Luna.

Another headstone contains poetry written in human Hindi language these people talk in different language among them only while talking with us they talk in our language so why this poem is written in Hindi? I wondered I don't understand Hindi much so I couldn't read it but suddenly I remembered I have my phone I took out my phone it and took a picture of the stone. Now only I have to do is find the gemstone flower so after resting for some times and drinking water from the bottle I started climbing up the mountain at the very top found the described flower it was beautiful and warm I pluck it up and I felt like something was pushing me down next I found my self falling from the mountain. I was falling at greater speed, my whole life was flashing through my eyes...

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