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chapter 19

Next thing I opened my eyes I was stuck in the tree and rain drops were falling on my eyes. I slowly opened my eyes then found my hands were scratched up first I tried to look at the cubs they were safe in the bag. Then I found that stupid flower with Jem is in my hand. I put that in the pocket and slowly climbed down the tree. Then landed on the flat ground. Thank got I was not killed but I fell from the mountain and stuck in the tree. Then I started walking through the forest to find the way back at the beginning I didn’t see which way I totally travelled so I just started walking random direction to get out of the forest. Then suddenly I started hearing Maha’s voice.

Maha: Are you alive?

Aria: Yeah luckily. But I am lost can you ask anyone the direction of returning back or anymore of those stupid test are left.

Maha: Alright let me ask some one.

Reem: Congratulation on passing the test I see you have gained the flower with gem.

Aria: Thank you. For it I almost fell toward my death.

Reem: You are strong and even if you have fallen you would have not been dead this place has anti gravity system. You may have little scratch. But still you were saved by the forest sprit.

Aria: Ok so if I don’t have any more test can I return back?

Reed: Surely just follow the direction of the leaves flying it will take you out and bring to us.

Aria: Thank god. But don’t you guys have anything normal like GPS??

Reed: hahaha. Those devices are unreliable mostly

Suddenly the leaves started flying and was moving in one direction. I followed it and was back to the palace ground within 15 mints and no I didn’t have to cross the bridge or anything it was like walk in the park and I remembered I didn’t take this path before. Why do they make everything dramatically difficult.

I saw my friends rushing towards me. I hugged them and felt so relief that I cant explained. Then I was so exhausted that I collapse on the ground.

Later on I when I woke up I found my self in the bedroom they have given us Maha and Mafu surrounded me and they had worried expression. When I woke up the rushed and gave a bove crushing hug.

Mafu: I was so dammed worried seeing you getting colapse

Maha: You just want to give me heart attack first falling from the mountain then collapsing come on. I am still young to die.

Aria: Oh hello you will live for more hundred years chill.

Maha and Mafu: ha ha ha.

Then we sat to eat dinner which Mafu cooked herself in the kitchen of the apartment they gave.

Aria: Thank you so much guys.

We all sat together to eat everyone talking about the day the have spent

Sam: well after you went I went to explore again in the palace because I was in too much tension and couldn’t even help you so I roamed around the palace and visited the place where I saw the mermaid yesterday.

Aria: What mermaid?

Sam: I met a mermaid in the water yesterday she was gorgeous and she helped me hide from her brother

Maha: Wow man you are planning and running behind girls here too.

Sam: No I met her co incidentally and today I realized I fall in love with her mermaid or human I have fallen hard for her.

Maha: Like all other girls you say about?

Sam: No man this is serious

Mafu: That’s the same thing you said last 15 times.

Sam: You both are being jealous of me Aria tell me am I like that.

Aria: I put my hands up I will not comment on this but be careful people here are mysterious and you said she hid from her brother so it means there is danger already we all had traumatized for whole life so I don’t think any of us can handle any more. I really want to go home.

Sam: You are right. But still I can forget her innocent face and beautiful voice.

Muju: What if she is a siren? I read in a book that these people can hypnotize people and call to them and then eat their soul.

Sam: Siren or not I don’t know I am be witched by her.

we all together said aww...

Then we all got up after finishing food and sat in the launch then suddenly there was a knock and the witch Lila came inside.

Laila: well I hope you all have well rested and had breakfast.

Aria: yes, we have

Laila: Well lets discuss the business. The flower you have can I see it?

Aria: Let me bring it from the room.

Aria bought and gave the flower to Laila. She took the flower and chanted something and it turned into 5 different sections, then into complete five different colors. Blue, Purple, Green, Red & white.

Then the flower reached three of them.

Laila: Take them.

Sam and Muju got blue and purple. Mafu and Maha got Green and Red. Last Aria got white which turned tint of gold in her hand.

Laila: Blue is one of the rarest colors in nature. The one Sam have is aquamarine. Known for watery blues and blue-greens, aquamarine never reaches the dark tones and high saturation of sapphires and tourmalines.

The one Maha got is Garnet stone flower. Garnets are powerful gemstones that can help us protect ourselves and rise into our personal power. They also prevent nightmares and can provide helpful guidance when we feel as though we are meandering in darkness. The stone can increase power and energy levels, and help nervous folks feel calmer. They can also help to stabilize challenging situations and help travelers feel safer.

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