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chapter 2

Next, I tried to open my eyes I was in the hospital. I was worried something was wrong and I was desperate to go and see my parents.

Then a nurse came and said my parents were all right they are in the next room to me. Then my mom and dad came. They had a bandage in there head. But was looking good.

I asked them what did they remember. But my dad said he doesn’t remember anything even my mom had to remember till the petrol station. But nothing more and everything was a blur.

Police informed us that our car was found next to the main road. Crashed by street light. But I only remember it was crushed by a tree near that haunted castle. But then how did we came near the main road or how did we crash with a street light.

Everything was messed up. I was so overwhelmed. The doctor said maybe I was hallucinating all those as I had not much evidence. But I was sure all those happened. As I was not crazy...

I thought I would investigate this matter anyhow...

My vacation got over and we recovered well from all. Our college got opened. No, I didn’t make any attempt to find the truth but I am planning soon to find...

I next day went to college and choose a simple outfit. I am not a fan of a great makeover. So applied simple eyeliner and lip gloss. And done...

Down mom was waiting and preparing breakfast for us. I thanked her and had breakfast. I loved to eat a lot. But I work out so there should be something to get balance right. I have done courses of self-defense from the age of 13.

I ran out and there was my best friend Sam waiting outside for me to drive to college. I don’t like driving much. So she was my transport to different places. Maha: hi
Ari: hello
Maha: how do you feel now?
I: fine sweetheart just chill.

All of my friends know about the accident they didn’t know about the whole story. I decided to tell them today.

During lunch...
Hey guys in our group we are of 4 people Maha, Mafu, Muju, and me.

Maha: did you know I saw a handsome guy yesterday at the police station.
Mafu: why were you at the police station?
Maha: I went with dad he wanted some papers, about his detective job.
Muju: and there also you found a guy to admire seriously girl.
I: uff your hormone’s are out of place😂
Maha: come on guys he was cute.
I: Maha you have all hormones running wild. That day you said that mechanic was cute. Now, this. What is this?? Maha huffed and got up.. we all said her sorry together.

″Guys I have to say something to you″. They all looked at me and sat down. Then I started to describe my incident. And they were shocked. Maha asked am I sure about it. And I said ″yes″. Being wonderful friends they are they decided to help me in my finding answers. They said let’s go there the during weekend and see if we could find anything.

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