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Chapter 3

Ok now I would like to introduce properly my friends ″Maha_ means Mahira so in short Maha.
Mafu_ means Mafia yeah I know the wired name, but her parents are obsessed with Mafia so you can imagine what they were thinking.
Muju_ means Majnu which means crazy. God knows what his parents were thinking while naming.
So I like to call them in short.

Maha and Mafu wanted to tag along in my house as they had nothing to do in the evening. And Muju had some stuff to do.

Maha drove us back home. I had my head filled with all those events that happened. I had lots of questions unanswered. I am going to find an answer for them.

We all entered home. But no one was at home. Mafu is a great chef. She wanted to pursue her career in cooking. So she decided to make a snack for us. She went to the kitchen. I went upstairs to my room to get changed into comfortable clothes. Maha went to start a movie in the movie room.

I took shower and changed into my pgs snd loose shirt. I got down from my room. Maha also cleaned up in her pgs and one of her tank tops. Mafu too went to change. As we always go to each other’s place we keep a few of our clothes in each other home’s.

We started with the animated movie Alvin and Chipmunk’s part 1. It was our’s favorite movie series. But Muju hates those movies as he says why will a chipmunk sing? He is not here but if he would he would start making comments of every part.

Between the movie, my parents returned. Mom ordered for all of our pizzas. After the movie ended we all went to sleep. Girls wanted to stay the night. And they called their parents.

At night Maha asked again if I am sure of all those things I said. I was sure so I said to her. And she said whatever it was we would find out.

Our week ended uneventfully. It was time for us to go and find the truth...

We decided to head for the journey to the truth.
I said to my parents we are going to Muju’s farmhouse. They agreed. Other girls said the same. And Muju informed his parents that he was going on a study tour. And as his parents were going to Dubai for the next week we were sure our parents would not talk. And we would return back within 2 days if we find something or return by night and actually head to farmhouse if we don’t.

And I really hoped to find the truth as these things were giving me a weird dream. Yesterday I saw I was dancing in the moonlight with a strange guy in a palace. It was so real I thought it actually happened. I could not see his face as only light was the moon and I woke up shivering.

We all decided to travel to our house. I packed all the necessary things we required. Lots of batteries 3 flashlights. If it was anything but dark like last time we really need them. Then I also took some candles if the flashlight won't work. Few dresses and flats. Necessary toiletries, etc. Girls all came early morning. They packed there bag and decided to get ready at my house.

I wore a simple outfit as it was hot outside. White dress and opened my hair.
Maha took a simple dress. Mafu also decided to go on a simple outfit too. Muju came inside he was talking to his GF on the mobile phone. Her name is Merje. They are long-distance relationship. They talk often whenever they can.
He wore an orange jacket.

We all got in the car to start our journey. Mom packed us some snacks to take. We all got in the car. And started our journey.

On the way, Muju wanted to pick Sam up. As he was the only guy in the car with three of us he was feeling bored. And he said he would just say him now that trip to the farmhouse and later explain to him all the details of the journey.
We all had no problems as we thought it was fun to have all of our friends on the journey. We went to Sam's house which was similar to my house only ten minutes' drive from my house.

We waited in the car while Muju went to fetch him. I started texting my sisters who were gone to a 3month trip to Bali to meet our uncle. And will return. I went there so many times that I was bored to visit. I missed my sisters they are smaller than me. Maya and Moni. Maya is 3 yrs young than me and Moni is 8 years old.

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