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Chapter 4

(meanwhile somewhere else)

Laila P.O.V

It was another boring day of my life. Just I have to create a barrier around this kingdom. And play with the mind of people who wants to cross it by illusion. For decades nothing especial happened. Only a few days back a stupid family came by. Whom I sent back to where they came from. I send one of my magical beasts to send them to there home. And did magic to wipe away any memory. But the girl had a strong mind and I couldn’t manipulate it much. But I hope they never come back.

Oh, I didn’t introduce myself self I am one of the 12 protector witches of this fairy kingdom. Yes, you heard right fairy and jinns they are real. Jinns are male fairy and fairy are female. And there are other shapeshifters.

Some of the stories humans heard or saw are when a fairy goes to roam around the earth. Fairy has there owned planet similar to earth. But it is more loving and kind.

And anyone who wants to come to this place has to have strong determination, love in the heart, and pure intention to pass any of my barriers.
1. Barrier of morals
2. Barrier of fear
3. Barrier of trust

And these three things are tested in anyone who is brave enough to come and pass this place. Decades before it wasn’t like so tough but due to betrayal of few humans had severed any links to the human world with us.

But my sixth sense is saying something big is going to happen. I hope it happens soon cause I am really bored to death. Girl wants some kick right witch or not.

″Mam you got a message from the palace. You have been summoned immediately by Prince Reed″. Came voice from my trusted servant. Why will he summon me now I thought. Maybe my wish had come true. I quickly teleported myself to the palace.

Prince Reed was sitting in his office. As I went there I saw my 10 other witch sisters. Our 11th sister is deceased. ″ I summoned you because I saw a dream and I want to know about that meaning. I hope you guys could answer that. And before you say anything I saw that dream 3 times now. ″ said the Prince. Then he projected the dream to us. There he was dancing with a girl on the balcony of the palace. But as it was his dream the face of the girl or anything was not clear.
The elder witch said ″we are not sure of what does this dream meant. But maybe it is not just a dream a vision of the future.″
I said ″when was the time this dream started″
Prince replied a week before it started to come. I thought it was the time when that family came by. Or maybe It was just a coincidental event. But it would be fun exploring more. I didn’t mention my thought loud and agreed to whatever elder witch said. I like to investigate first then give my words.
Prince said us to investigate and know if we could know anything about this vision more. We all then returned back to our respective houses.

Aria P.O.V
As sam came out of the house we all decided to start our journey.

It was going to be a long journey. We started playing games, singing and having fun. Outside weather was not so bad it was getting a little cloudy and pleasant. A similar way journey was normal till the Nezwa road. And then I saw two diversions of road one was going straight and the other was towards the left. So I said Sam to take the left road as he was driving now. And yeah we all had said him the investigation we were going to have. Before entering the diversion he asked why to take left as the way to Salalah is straight. I said ″I remember that dad took this road to travel now I understood where we went wrong the last time″. So anyhow as we were investigating the place and not going to Salalah so we took the left route. And after sometimes it started to get dark at this place and a cold wind was outside so we closed the car window. I remember most of the road dad had taken. So I decided to drive the rest of the journey even though I hate it. We drove for the next 2 hrs without finding the petrol station or castles. But I knew we were going to find something. As I continued to move the road was getting to a similar view of that day. And finally, we came across the station.
Maha: is that the station you were talking about?
I: yeah
Muju: impossible it doesn’t match any of the stations in the city.
Mafu: now what should we do?
Sam: I think any of us could go down and ask like Ari’s mom had to ask like last time about the way and see. Or we could continue the way how you remember??
I: I think asking is the best idea. And pls try to ask something else which may be helpful to us. we would get an idea of what will happen in front.
So Mafu and Sam got down the car to ask the man. And Mafu took some more snacks from the small shop.
As they got up we didn’t say anything as we want to go a little far and then discuss our plan.
Mafu: ’guys we are traveling in the direction given and we are far enough. But I want to say something which may seem stupid but I have strong feelings.
All turned towards her.′
Maha: ‘Say what you want to say. And we are finding a mystery so any information would’ve been helpful here.’
Mafu: ‘it is just that I got some kind of vibe when I went to that person who was selling the foods. It is like first he is making us buy them and then he has a strange aura.’
Sam:‘I too felt it but nothing bad kind. Just some kind of hypnotism type. ’
I: ’don’t know guys cause last time only mom got down and I was just sitting and that person's face was not much clearer. Today only shopkeepers face is little clear other than that all things are mysterious. I think we should not touch the things we bought from the shop. And already we bought so many foods with us.″

All of them agreed. But like last time we didn’t come in front of a house but a forest kind of way with a thick thorn. Similar to the forest before but can’t see any house nearby. So we all decided to go further and see. But the car was not working so we got down from the car and started walking. While catching each other’s hand.

After some time’s a thick fog surrounded us we all were worried. And I don’t know how our hands got separated. I shouted for my friends and found none of them. I was worried and afraid. So I walked a few seconds and suddenly darkness consumed me...

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