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Chapter 5

Aria P.O.V
Suddenly my eyes slowly opened. The fog was getting clearer. I looked around the place to see if anyone was around I was worried I couldn’t see anyone around me. There were so many doubts in my mind. Did I put all my friends in danger? Am I going to die alone here? Where am I? What am I going to do? My curiosity had caused so much. Guilt was eating me inside. But I can’t give up now I will find my friends anyhow at any cause.

Suddenly I heard a sound. I focused on the sound and heard the flapping sound of wings. Birds mean there are animals in this forsaken forest. Maybe life too. I started to follow the sound.

The bird was sitting on top of a dead branch. The birds suddenly started speaking
″Foolish comes to die,
Brave comes to the test but then dies.
Only intelligent comes and finds a way to survive.″
I was confused I thought I was hallucinating due to stress.
Again the bird repeated the same poem.
″Foolish comes to die,
Brave comes to the test but then dies.
Only intelligent comes and finds a way to survive.″
But I wanted to find my friends so I asked the bird ″Do you know what this place is and how to find my friends and get out of this place.
The birds said
″All comes to find,
Some to thirst curiosity
Some to gain wealth
Some to gain health
But not to help others.″
I was confused about what was this bird saying. So I asked again how will I help my friends please answer me. The birds did a gesture to follow it back. So I follow it back. Then there was an open place with Bridge. And a baby was crying on the other side. I felt bad for it so I decided to cross the bridge to help it. Then suddenly the bird came in front of me. And said
″Eat with your fingers,
Pick with your fingers,
Fee with your fingers.
But how
No fingers you will remain if you cross the bridge of limbs.″
I tried to ignore and cross again but again the bird repeated the same poem.
Eat with your fingers,
Pic with your fingers,
Feel with your fingers.
But how
No fingers you will remain if you cross the bridge of limbs.″
So I asked again what do you mean if I cross this bridge I will loose all of my fingers? The birds nodded. I was confused. I was really getting crazy. But the crying of the baby increased so I said no problems if I lose my fingers I will go help the child.
And the bird flew away and I crossed the bridge and saw my fingers were not there. But I picked up the baby anyhow. The baby’s face suddenly glowed and it suddenly turned into Muju. I was confused about how. So he said he was turned into one. And said me the detail.

Muju P.O.V
As the fog surrounded us I was panicking what should we do. I started to touch my friends but couldn’t. I shouted for them to stay close but it was like my voice died in my throat. I started walking forward to see if I could find anyone. The fog started getting clearer as I went front but I couldn’t see anyone. I was worried. Are we going to stuck here all of our life? Will I ever see my family, my friends? I was really in a horrific experience. Different things were coming and going in my head. Maybe I will be left alone. Without anyone. I started to pray to happen a miracle.

Then suddenly I saw a strange tree. All the tree surrounding was barren and it only had a leaf. As I went near it, suddenly I felt hungry. Hunger was eating me I had lunch and snacks an hour ago so it was not possible to feel hunger. As I went closer I saw so many fruits in the tree. I was so hungry that I went to touch a fruit, but the tree backward. Then I again tried to touch another fruit but again that tree went backward. Suddenly the tree spoke and said ″What do you want?″ I was shocked to see that, again the tree spoke one wish shall that wish mayfulfilll of a human being. Ask what you want I will give you.

I was terrified, to say the least hunger was eating me alive. I felt fatigued. I wanted to ask for fruits to eat. My body couldn’t think about anything else so I asked for it. Then suddenly hunger disappear and then I got the fruit. There was no use of fruits now so I asked the tree to return it back and say the way of my friends. But the tree said ″You had a chance to ask for something you asked fruits. So I gave you. Now you insult me by returning my gift back and asking for something else .I cursed you to be a child as your behaviour.″ I begged it to forgive me and help to find my friends, as I saw I was growing small. Tears started streaming down my eyes. Tree then again spoke up. ″If any one cross the bridge of limbs. Without being selfish and touch you will be given your body back. Or else you will be like this forever. And you know what no one will dare to help you as if anyone cross the bridge will loose there finger’s.″

I was thrown over the bridge of limbs. And started shouting for my friends anyone to help me. It felt likean eternity.

Suddenly I heard a voice fromthe other side. It was the voice of Aria. I wanted to call her only cries ofthe baby was coming down my throat. But I continued to do. Then I saw Aria decided to cross the bridge without thinking about herself. She touched me and I was free of cursed. But I felt bad as because of me her fingers were lost.

At first she looked horrified seeing it. Then I suddenly changed. Then I saidto her everything happened.
Muju:″ I am sorry Aria please forgive me. For me, you lost your fingers. If I didn’t became a foolish and asked for you guys maybe I could have found you and nothing would have happened.″
Aria: ″No Muju don’t say sucha thing. It is my fault that you guys are here. And whatever you did it was according to circumstances. And it is important that I found you″
Muju: ″no don’t blame yourself. We all decided to come with you. You didn’t force us. We all came willingly. And we know we will find the truth of this place and go out from here. And as you said it is important that we found each other.″
Aria smiled, we decided to walk further and find others.

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