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Chapter 6

Sam P.O.V
The fog was surrounding us. I tried to hold tightly to my friends as my life depended on it. On my one side was Maha another side was Mafu. And they held tightly with my hand. Maha shouted for Muju as she was holding his hand, Mafu for Aria. As fog got clearer we came in an open field. Aria and Muju were missing. Three of us shouted for them but they were nowhere insights. I felt like crying. But saw that Maha was crying hysterically, and Mafu too. So I controlled my tears.

Mafu: ″where are we?″
Maha: ″what are we going to do?″
Sam: ″ I hope nothing happened to Aria and Muju.″
Guys please stop crying and let’s go front and see what we find.

Suddenly we heard a sound
Sam: ″Did you hear that?″
Maha: ″yes you fool. Why are you saying to kiss.kiss″
Sam: ″your head has gone haywire. It's the sound of a snake. Let's run.″

Then we started running. It felt like hours. Until we came across a valley. And there stood a huge snake. It suddenly started talking ’hiss what hiss is hiss you hiss doing hiss here?″
Maha: ″we ran directly into it. Idiot do something..″
Mafu: ″OMG. It is so big what are we going to do. There is no time to do something lets run back.″
Sam: ″idiots use your eyes it had surrounded us. We can’t do anything now. Except talking to this snake and ask what it wants.″
Maha: ″what are you saying obviously it wants to eat us.″

I ignored both of them and said the snake ″Do you know where our friends are we are here to find them.″
Snake replied ″hisss you hiss can hiss find hiss. If hiss only hiss answer hiss the hiss questions hiss.″
Maha: ″ Wah what a snake. Stupid like Sam stupid. Maybe it's from your family.″
Sam: ″shut up. At least it is not trying to eat us like you. Your family is full of carnivorous animals.″
Maha: ″I will show you what is carnivorous. First, let us find others.″
Sam: ″ Mr. Snake please tell us what we have to do in order to find our friends. Please say you’re questions. ″
Snake: ″ hiss see below hiss in hiss ground hiss. One hiss by hiss one hiss three hiss riddle hiss will hiss appear hiss. If hiss anyone hisses who hiss can’t hiss give hiss the hiss answer would hiss be hiss turned to hiss into his stone hiss statue.

We all gulped and agreed as there was no other way in our hands. Suddenly a question appeared in the sand
1. What is the thing which you want to get rid of but it always follow you?
I was thinking and my head immediately goes to a girl who was behind my back always. And I wanted to get rid of but was always behind my back. I think the answer is her name Taniya. I was about to say when.
Mafu: ″don't give any stupid answer think rationally first.″
Maha: ″does he has brains to think rationally first?″
Sam: ’guys I know the answer is Taniya. Because she was always behind me.″
Maha: ″What!!″
Mafu: ″ do you want to kill us? How will this snake know of your gf? First, let's think properly then answer.″
Sam: ″this weird snake can talk, so maybe it knows her. And Taniya was not my GF. And if you guys are more intelligent then give an answer.″
Mafu: ″Maybe the answer is death. Because see it is only the thing which all the people want to get rid of but can’t.″
Maha: ″yeah maybe. Go and give the answer to the snake.″
Mafu: ″Mr snake your answer is Death.″
Suddenly a strange glow was there and the snake became a little small.
Snake said her answer was correct. We all sign in relief.

Again we look to the ground and saw a new question appeared...

Maha P.O.V
As we all looked to the ground we saw another question appeared.
2. The thing that you wanted to catch but it doesn’t come to your hand. If you catch it once it won’t stay for long. It will again disappear.
We all started to think about what will be. Maybe something important, something significant like the last answer. But nothing was coming to my head so I asked.
Maha:″ do you know what is the answer?″
Sam: ″yeah this time I can only think about a girl I wanted to date very badly. But she always slip from my hand″
Mafu: placed hand on her head and said ″ can’t you think seriously. Your thought’s are always back to girls. I think this time too it is something significant.″
Maha: ″yeah I think that too. It is maybe happiness. Cause human always want to catch happiness but once in hand it doesn’t last long.″
Sam: ″but my happiness always stays. That is so much food. I always have food in my room.″
Maha: ″please I beg you shut your mouth.″
Then I replied to the answer and waited for the snake to say something...
Snake then said my answer is right and I was relieved. And snake again decreased in size.

We all look again to the ground and saw another question appeared.

Mafu P.O.V
As we all saw to the ground another question was there
3. State an animal that walks on four legs, then on two legs and then on three legs.
We all looked at each other which animal will walk like that nothing was coming to our head. Maha also looked confused as she also doesn’t know the answer.
Mafu: ″Do you know the answer?″
Maha: ″No. I can’t find any. And they are talking about living things. Maybe this time to something significant, but can’t find an answer.″
Sam: ″I think I know the answer.″
Maha: ″you shut up again you will talk about your stupid gf.″
Mafu: ″yeah″
Sam: ″Seriously I know the answer. Maybe the answer is Human beings. Like, see when we are born we crawl, then walk and then walk with a stick when we grow older. So maybe human beings.″
Maha: ″wah wah how did your brain opened up suddenly. Ok, fine say the answer to that stupid snake and let's go and find our friends.″
As Sam said the answer. The snake shrieked to a small orb and there was a sound that this answer was right. We all sigh in relief.
And as the orb started moving in a direction we started moving too. And at far we could see our friends Aria and Muju coming. As they saw us they ran and came to us. We all hugged each other and orb disappeared.
As I saw Aria I was relieved because at the fog I thought I would never see her again. We all said What happened to us. Aria and Muju also said what happened to them.

Aria: “guys I think we should find somewhere to take rest. All of us are tired. I took my bag before getting down the car. So see here are some chocolate bars and 2 bottles of water. Let's have them, then we would rest and then find the way back towards the car in daylight.″
Sam: ″see guys we all came this much together. I think we should rest as you said. But find the way to go front not back. We did so much to cross these hurdles lest doing some more and find the reason behind this place. And find a way to get Ari’s fingers back. We can’t go without gaining your fingers back. ″
Maha, Muju &Mafu: ″yes we should find the way to return your fingers. Or else we would not go back.″
Aria: ″for me already you guys fall into such problems again you will fall into more if you do that.″
Maha: “like Muju said it was not your fault. It was our decision to come here. Now is also our decision. So let's eat and take rest and then we would move front and see what happens.”

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