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Chapter 7

[This chapter is going in author P.O.V]
Laila saw a car coming towards the forbidden forest. And saw the girl from a few days back in the car. So She decided to allow them to enter the forest and test them, with her magical barrier.

She created the barriers with her magic. First decided to create a magical fog to separate them all, but the last three to stick together.

Then made Muju goes near the tree of hunger. And as usual, he came into her trap and fell into it.

Then she made Hawk bring the Aria near the bridge. She was sure Aria would also fail the test and stuck in the front of the bridge. Then her bones would become part of the bridge forever. But Aria passed the test then also Witch decided to take her fingers for further test.
Meanwhile, Witch made the other three of them meet the deadly snake. She knew a person with a strong mind and morals would only pass the test. But three of them passed the test, a witch thought maybe her question was too easy.
They may have passed the barrier of morals. But there are other barriers still to pass. So it will be fun watching.

She took the fingers of the girl and placed it in a silver platter. And teleported herself to Royal Palace. Prince was in Arena practicing magic. As he saw here he came near her
Prince Reed: “what are you doing here?”
Laila: “Oh I came to give you a gift.”
Prince Reed:” what gift? On what occasion?”
She produced the silver platter in front of the Prince. As Prince saw the fingers he cringed and asked what is it.
Laila: “see the fingers carefully and see it the fingers of the girl you saw in a dream?”
Prince: ″yes! What have you done to her?”
Laila: “nothing, she passed the test of first barriers. With selflessness so she gave away her fingers in that. I want you to present her this fingers when she enters in Jinn land.”
Prince Reed: “you are sure she would pass all the tests?”
Laila: ” test is going to get difficult in front. But I have a hunch that you’re going to present her the fingers.”
Prince Reed smiled and covered the platter with red cloth and took it.
Laila teleported herself back to her place. To create some more problems.

Muju P.O.V
Five of us were sitting under a tree and eating. Maha helped Aria to eat. I felt guilty about seeing her fingers gone. If I had better control of mind I would have passed and Aria could have her fingers. I know they said I should not guilt myself as I didn’t know what was to come. But still, at the corner of my mind, I felt the guilt.
Suddenly I felt really tired. And I saw all of the feeling the same. So we decided to sleep for some time. And then resume our search.
My eyes got heavier and fell asleep...

After sometimes I started feeling hot. Like I was burning Strange, way of heat was passing through me, I slowly opened my eyes.

I saw I was in a strange place. It was like the middle of volcanic mountain. Where ever I looked I saw fire. Different colors of flames were burning. But strange thing I noticed that there was no smoke. The fire was smokeless and lively. If I was in another situation I would have awe at the scene. I looked everywhere to see if my Friends were around but they weren’t.

I felt a strange feeling of loneliness. Suddenly I heard a voice. I was of laughter. I checked everywhere but there was no one to be seen. Then I felt the voice was coming from my head.

Voice:″ Oh you hungry beast. You put your friends in problems because of your hunger.″
Muju: ″I had no choice. I said them.sorry.″
Voice: ″if you had chosen wisely then you all would have been out of here. But you didn’t.″
Muju: ″I I didn’t do anything.″
Voice:” you should jump in this fire. Your friends don’t want you. They blame you. You should jump. Hahaha....”
Muju:” I should jump. I should jump. No, I should not jump they don’t blame me. I didn’t do anything wrong. You’re laying.”

Suddenly the voice disappeared and there was a glow that said. You came across your fear and you passed.

And then my eyes closed and I was back in the place I was sleeping in. As I saw around me others were sleeping. So I didn’t disturb them and sat there quietly...

I saw Maha moving and suddenly she got up. And saw me and relaxed. I asked what happened she said, “I saw a strange dream.”

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