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Chapter 8

Maha P.O.V
As I was feeling sleepy I went under another tree to sleep. It just gave small shade from so much heat around. But I can’t complain as something is better than nothing. As my eyelids were getting heavier I closed my eyes and went to sleep kingdom.

Suddenly I was feeling suffocated hard to breathe. So I tried to open my eyes. But all I could see was darkness. Everywhere it was dark. I could not feel my eyelids to ensure if they were closed or opened. I tried to feel them. But I felt my hands were tied down. It was as if someone had put me inside a coffin. And I couldn’t move. I tried to scream for help but only my voice echoed.

Confined space always suffocates me. Am I dead? Did my friends leave me?

All the memories were floating through my brain. My parents, my siblings, my cousin, especially of my time in family gatherings, etc. It felt like a distant memory I felt like I was losing them all. Like I was giving away them. Slowly but with so much pain.

The pain was getting intolerable. I wanted to give up. Then I saw darkness was making a figure. It formed into a strange human. Terrifying yet beautiful. Then I heard it speak.

Darkness: “Come to me and give up. Give up everything all your memories and feelings. And come to me. Fill yourself with darkness.″
Maha: “I will not listen to you. I will not fill myself in darkness. I have to find my friends. Where are they what have you done with them.”
Darkness: “oh they left you to come to me. I will stay with you forever.”
Maha:” no I need to find my friends please leave me. I will not come to you.”

Suddenly my bind opened and I saw light. And my hands were free.
And I heard a voice that said I passed the darkness.

And I was brought back to the place I was sleeping in. And saw Muju was sitting. His face was flushed. He asked me what happened. I said I saw a strange dream. He said ″me too″.

Then I heard the sound of movement and saw Aria waking up. Her face was terrified. She ran to me and hugged me.
We didn’t say anything to each other and sat like that. Waiting for others to get up...

Aria P.O.V
As I hugged Maha I prayed that I would have never had to return to that horrible experience. Tears were streaming down my face. Everything was so vivid. It didn’t felt like a dream. It was as if my soul was taken out of my body and was placed in that horrible place.
Maha: “what happened? please say something.”
Aria: “That place was horrible.”
Maha:” it was just a dream. We all have dreams. ”
Aria: “no it wasn’t. It was like experiencing my greatest fear.”

I could not eat as it was difficult to grab anything because of my fingers. So maha and mafu helped me eating.
As I finished my chocolate bar I felt sleepy Others’s said they were also feeling tired. So all went to sleep. I wanted to stay awake so I could see around for any danger.

My eyelids were closing by its own. Suddenly I felt my self getting carried away from my body.

After sometimes I was thrown into a place. It was really a strange place. Everything was reflective. There were mirrors around.

I stop and look at the reflection on the wall and suddenly my mind started wandering if it is me. Then I looked at other mirror and saw that reflection changed.

I saw my self hurting others in one of the reflection. In other one, I was getting jealous. Then in another one, I was being selfish and behaving rudely with my mom. It was as if my past was coming in front of me in the form of reflection. I wanted it to stop me from showing this all. My breathing rate was increasing. I couldn’t see anything clearly.

Then suddenly the scene changed. I saw myself sitting in a cafe. It was the day I said my friends about my plan to find the truth. I shouldn’t have had said anything. I should have kept quiet. And left without them to quench my thirst for answer.

But I involved them. Now they are here in trouble because of me.

Then again the scene changed. I saw Maha came outthe of mirror and say
Maha :” because of you we are in trouble.”
Then sam came out and said
Sam:” yeah you made us come here. I didn’t even know we were coming in this death place. You bought us all here.”
Then Muju and Mafu came out
Muju: “you selfishly bought us here to die. We all will die because of you. ”
Mafu: “we should kill you.”
Aria:“No,no guys trust me I didn’t want this. I didn’t want to hurt you guys on purpose.”

They all started saying these things in louder voice in chores pointing me. I put my hand in my ears to stop these voice’s. Suddenly I heard a voice in my head.
Voice: “kill them all or they would kill you.”
Aria:” no I will not they are my friends.”
Voice: “see they are blaming you.”

No I will not listen to any voice I will not see anything. Its not true. My friend’s would never blame me. They are with me. This all are lie.

Yes I have made many mistakes in my life. But that’s life. It can’t always be perfect. No one is perfect in this world. I know this all happened and I regret making them. I will be better person in future. I will not listen to darkness inside me to destroy all the goodness in me. I always believe human should have trust in GOODNESS IN THEM.

Suddenly all of the things disappeared in front of me into a light. Sweet sound came from light. It said You passed test of greatest fear. Then I was bought back to my friends.

End of Flash back.

I opened my eyes and saw Maha sitting so I went to her and hugged her. I thought I would been left in that horrible experience forever.

Then I told her everything that happened. She and Muju also said what all happened to them. Then we saw Sam and Mafu getting up...

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