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Chapter 9

Mafu P.O.V
The worst fear of my life is and always has been DISAPPOINTING PEOPLE.

I can deal with people being happy with me, envious of me, angry with me, not caring about me…and everything that comes with it but people being disappointed with me of what brings me down. It has been this way ever since I was a child and it continues to dictate a lot of my actions to this day.

One moment I was sleeping in the land of forest next moment I was in place in my past. I was in front of my dad and my entire family was there. Not only my family but some of the relatives and family friends. My dad was sitting on a rocking chair was and seeing a paper. I saw everyone was trying to peep at the paper. I was standing in front bowing my head. I tried to look everywhere and see where was I. I was confused about deciding what was real and what was a dream.

The face of my dad was of sadness and anger. I was confused as to what was on the paper and what are they focusing on. Suddenly my dad spoke.
Dad:″ you disappointed me. You failed in your exams.″
Mafu:″ I failed??″
I was really confused as to what are they talking about. What exam. My exams would start later this year.
Dad: ″are you playing dumb. How dare you act as if you didn’t do this. Our whole family had great expectations for you.″
Mafu: ″I am sorry dad. Please forgive me. Please give me another chance.″
I asked forgiveness cause I can’t take more of their disappointed look. Tears were streaming down my eyes.
Suddenly one of my cousins started saying.
Cousin: ″oh Mafu you are such a looser. ″
They all started saying different things. It was breaking me from inside.
Then I heard a voice. It was coming out of a painting of night sky. Nearby wall. The dark color started coming out of the painting and darkness said
Darkness:” see they don’t love you. They all hate you. Come to me I will keep you safe. I will help you to take revenge on them. ”
Mafu: “yes, yes they don’t love me. I should go with you. I want revenge.”
I saw one last time towards my family’s faces and then suddenly I remember all the good times we spent together as a family.
Then I realized they are my family good or bad. They may hate with there mouth but they love me from the heart. I should not give up on them. My family may be like a bitter guard. It says if you know to cook bitter guard properly it tastes good even though its bitter taste. So I will not lose my family. I will work and make everything good. Take away their disappointment in me. As I realized that I said it to darkness and it disappeared. And I was brought back to my friends in the forest. Now I realized just that I overcome my greatest fear of disappointing others.
As I woke up I saw all of them sitting as if penguin was huddling together.

Sam P.O.V
Most of my life, I have had a fear of heights - not so much a fear of being in a tall building as a fear of falling from a tall building! When I was young, I was fearless- climbing trees and falling out of them regularly. Unsure when the fear of heights hit me, but it did!

I didn’t know I had to come across this today in the middle of the forest without anyone’s help. One moment I was with my friends eating next I was tired and sleeping. Then when my eyes opened I saw I was on top of Burj Khalifa.

I was first shocked. I was in Oman and why would I be here. But my heart was throbbing so badly. I was afraid I would slip and next, I would be on the ground.
I thought maybe I was chasing a girl and came here. But then I remembered I was with my friends in the forest. So why was I here? I wanted to get down but I was afraid. To get down only I have to open the door of the balcony and reach the elevator. But I was getting afraid even to move. Suddenly I saw a red light on the door. It indicates that oxygen levels will decrease so we should get back down. But I was too afraid even to move.

I didn’t want to leave the safety of the place. If I left here I will fall down I thought. I was getting paranoid. I didn’t know what to do. I felt like crying. Then suddenly I heard a voice.
Voice: “stay here or else I will throw you down. ”
My head started to pain. I knew I was getting migraines.
Sam: “I will not move. Please don’t throw me down.”
But It was getting difficult to talk as I couldn’t breathe normally.
I knew I had two choices either I have to die here suffering or I have to open the door and see what happens. So I took a deep breath and opened the door and as I opened the door voice got silenced.
I was back in the forest. I realized I just overcame my greatest fear. I went and hugged Muju and we all sat huddling together. By then Mafu also woke up and joined us. In group hug. They all told what was there dreams about.
Something great happened due to this journey we all overcome our fear.
We all decided to walk further and see if we could find something. After this dream event, we got some kind of emotional strength. To continue our journey.
Maha: I have a question.
She said looking at me.
Sam: “Ask ask. You know I am the most intelligent person here I will answer any of your questions Maha.”
Maha: “you dumb. On the brink of death also you were thinking about girls. What kind of intelligent person you are? My question is how was the surrounding near Burj Khalifa. I never left Oman for so many years to know so please say.”
Sam:” in this situation, you only got a curiosity about surrounding of Burj Khalifa and you are saying me dumb. Wow.”
Maha: ” yeah I know I am extraordinary. And we all are in this situation we don’t have any answer so why to waste my beautiful voice in asking questions which answers are not available. Better ask something which we can get answers.”
All of them chuckled hearing our banter. Then suddenly I felt like I heard another laugh along with ours.
I asked others did you hear another laughing sound with us?
All looked at me confused. Maybe I was imagining things I thought.
Sam: ” Maha do you hear your voice yourself. I think you should do the treatment of your ears. Cause your voice is awful.”
Maha:” Oh really I think you should do treatment of your whole body everything is awful in you.” Said rolling her eyes.
Sam: ” don’t roll your eyes it will fall out. Girls die to see me. I am a perfect specimen.”
Mafu:” after a long time you said something true. You are from alien species that’s why all fall seeing you.” Then high fived Maha.

We all continued to walk more farther talking about rubbish and not ignoring the elephant in the room. As non of us know what will happen next...

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