The Captive

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Who exactly is my captor? "I'm coming for you. No matter how far you think you can run, I can assure you that you can't hide and I'm closer to you than you think." Cassandra receives this letter from her mailbox. It's the millionth time she's been receiving these threats on a regular basis and her entire life is at stake and the tragedy of her life puts not only her but her husband, Mustafa on the edge as well, as Sandra is curious as to who is planning to desperately to put her in bondage again. Who could want her to be in captivity? Could it be her ex boyfriend, Dan? No. He didn't love her. He only broke her heart and cheated on her severally so there was no way on earth that he would want her. Could it be the loan shark that enslaved her when she was nine? Or could it be her mother placing yet another stupid and risky gamble over her life?

Mystery / Thriller
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Yooooooooo!!!!!!!! We're in BOOK FIVE!!!!!! Our side of the dice BOOK 5!!!!!! We came this far guys!!! We really did and it's extremely mind blowing. It's like a win win situation here! Like I came this far and you my beautiful reader came this far as well. Isn't this the perfect love story??? Even though I don't know you who's reading this, I still love you a lot despite that major flaw in our relationship. Y'all are the real MVP's like wow! Y'all are the best and that's on period. I wouldn't even trade y'all for anything honestly.

Book 4 was a hit and it slaps even harder if you are the religious kind of person who believes in God a lot. I'm sure you must have found the book very relatable. I enjoyed writing it a lot because it just hits different when you write on something you know a lot about. Demi was a character I spent most of my early teenage years building a lot on hence she was my favorite character but Cassandra stole my heart months after. Lol. Also, I hope that throughout the time when you read book 4, you didn't find Demi to be a dumb protagonist with underdeveloped reasoning because I'm here to let you know that you're wrong. She never had the chance to even think things through talk more of figure anything out. Y'all know she kept jumping from frying pan to fire. But if you think I'm wrong, then I apologize because I actually might be.

That being said, I also want to point out that My extra story, The Pain, The Cause wouldn't be updated for the time being due to the fact that Wattpad has suddenly removed my story for reasons I know not off. I'm still hoping I'd get it back and be able to continue my updates so I don't get to write everything all over again. The book is on suspension for now till I get my story back because I'm still trusting God for that.

Wow guys, you're welcome to the fifth book in the Our side of the dice series!!!! *Drum rolls*

Prepare yourself for a journey full of nail-biting suspense. A kind of suspense that is seriously going to keep you on the edge of your seat, wanting desperately to know what's next. I might not have been very good with suspense in my previous stories but you can be rest assured that I'd keep you guessing for most of the time this time around. Just permit me to show y'all what I'm made up of. Lol.

That surely would require me to update as frequently as possible so I don't keep y'all waiting for too long. I know it sucks to wait for an update particularly when the last chapter you read had a lot of suspense in it. I won't punish y'all by doing that. I'd do my best to update as regularly as I can. Once my exams are over, I would kick off to a start immediately so just sit back and relax while I keep doing my best to give y'all worthy content.

Of course if you just happened to stumble on this book without knowing of the other stories, i don't find it an inconveniencing to let y'all know that, there are other stories in the series as well that you can check on as well, add to your library and read.

Our side of the dice Book 1: The Turbulence

Our side of the dice Book 2: The Achilles heel

Our side of the dice Book 3: The Unturned Stone

Our side of the dice Book 4: The Job Like's Affliction

This is Our side of the dice Book 5: The Captive. All rights are reserved and this story is purely fictional. It's in no way aimed at defaming anyone reading this neither is it aimed at anyone who probably has a similar story. This story is a complete birth of my ideas in written form that I have spent years orchestrating. This clearly connotes that I clearly wouldn't tolerate any one stealing or copying my work. Please, let's be guided. The pictures that would be used to illustrate the characters in the book as well are in no way similar to these people's real lives.

Hopefully you enjoy this adventure and narrate the tale to your friends so it might do a good job in stirring them up to come experience the adventure for themselves ❤️

Besides, I have a very nice package for y'all in this story so I would advice that you read each and every author's notes you come across in this story otherwise, you would be missing out on a whole lot!!

Stay tuned, Stay blessed, stay safe!


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