8th Of Match Murder

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What led to Edward Ryan's murder and how did violet Paul a law student and Caroline Ryan cover up his murder?

Mystery / Drama
Ali Abu Hashim
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Chapter 1- What Happened On Midnight?

I'm violet Paul. I'm a 23 years old law student, and this is my story.

8th of March:

It was around midnight, it was pouring rain outside. I was sipping from my glass of 25 years old wine, watching my favorite show when I heard banging on my door. I turned off the TV after I spelled wine all over my self. I quickly went to the kitchen and grabbed a sharp knife and stood behind the door. I peeked through the peephole and I saw Caroline, my best friend.

Violet: For fuck's sake you scared me I

ruined a perfectly new shi-

I stopped talking when I looked at her face. She looked horrified, she was soaking wet.

Violet: what's wrong? did you- did you come here without an umbrella? Why do look like that?

Caroline didn't say a word. She just kept staring at me like a doll.

Violet: come in I'll make you a cup of hot tea and give you change.

I turned my back to go to set the fireplace expecting her to follow me, I turned my back again when I didn't hear the door close, she was standing right there, she didn't move, she looked traumatized.

I walked towards her and asked what was wrong. That was when she finally said something.

Caroline in fear: You have to help me, I did something bad.

She was staring at the floor with her eyes open the whole time she was speaking. I grabbed her hand and led her to my bedroom where I made her change her wet clothes. Then I sat her on the couch in front of the fireplace. That's when she started crying.

Violet: hey what's wrong? Talk to me, is it your husband again?

Caroline stopped crying and said: No. I did it to Edward.

She starts crying again

Violet: did what to Edward? Please talk to me! Is your son okay??

Caroline in tears: yes Christian is okay it's not him.

After maybe 15 minutes of trying calm her down and get her to talk to me she finally did.

Caroline: I did something bad. I should be in jail

Starts crying again

Violet: what did you do please talk

Caroline with her hands on her face crying: I think I killed him

I didn't say a word. It was a disturbing silence for a good 2 minutes. I was looking at her face the whole time hoping she would giggle, or to tell me that it's a joke and we both laugh, but she didn't, deep down I knew she wouldn't.

I ran up to my room, I sat on the bed staring at Lola my childhood doll, trying to process what I just got told.

Violet in a very low voice: I'm a law student, I can't know about this, I can't help her, right Lola?

I stared at it like I was expecting an answer.

I was desperate enough to call her name again: Lola?

I spent an hour and a half laying on the bed staring at the ceiling thinking about what I should do. I finally got up, and went downstairs, I found Caroline sitting on the couch looking out the window, I walked towards her and stood in front of her blocking the view: Caroline, I need you to tell me EXACTLY what happened.

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