The Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 10


I was very excited to go to college nowadays because I had befriended Raven. I had cried so much that day thinking about the pain she went through and it was heartbreaking. Her parents turned against her, no one believed but she is so strong. She inspires me.

“Hey,” I say as I walk next to her and she smiles. It has been a while since she told me everything and I am getting close to her.

“Hi,” she said back and I was so happy. We walked to our lecture and I sat next to her. We both were a little awkward at the beginning but we got used to the fact that we have nothing to be awkward about and we started talking.

Everyone in college was staring at us because well, Raven never spoke to anyone and now she seemed happy.

“Hey Raven, can I meet Hailey?” I ask as we walk out of college and she looks at me.

“I just want to play with her,” I say and she nods, taking out her phone to call her the Grey’s to ask if it was fine to get me along.

“You can meet her,” she said looking at me and I smiled so wide that you could count all of my teeth.

“Hey, Raven,” someone said and we both turn to look at that person. It was Peter Olsen, the guy who is in LOVE with Raven.

“What is it Peter?” Raven asked annoyed and looked very bored. She never liked him.

“I was just wondering if you would go out with me, my parents are away this weekend, we will have the house to ourselves,” he said and Raven took a deep breath. I knew what she was thinking about.

“No,” she said and Peter got close to her.

“Hey, its fine you can come over. I will treat you better than anyone will. I have experience, don’t worry,” he said getting close to her and she looked intimidated and powerless.

“Hey, you heard her, get away from her,” I say getting in front of her and Peter took a step back because I was taller than him.

“Oh! Look who it is, the college’s fuck boy. Are you fucking her too?” he asked and I held him by his shirt.

“I swear Peter, one more word and you know what will happen,” I say in my demanding tone and he looked scared and ran away as soon as I let him go.

“I am so sorry Raven,” I say and she shakes her head.

“Thank you,” she said and I smile. She rides her bike and I drive my car to the Grey’s house.

“Amanda and David, this is Chris, the one I told you will be coming over today to meet Hailey,” she says and they smile at me.

“Mr. and Mrs. Grey, I am so sorry for what I did the last time we met,” I say and Raven looked at me.

“What happened last time?” she asked and my eyes went wild.

“It’s alright Chris, you were just trying to help and call us Amanda and David,” they said and I smiled. They took us in and I met the little girl whom I have been seeing from far away.

“Raven, David and I decided to go out for a while, is it fine if you take care of Hailey till then?” Amanda asked and Raven nods smiling.

“You can stay out as long as you want. I do not have to go to work today and I have a holiday from college tomorrow,” she said and they nod leaving us with Hailey.

Raven went up to her and picked up Hailey in her arms. Oh god! They looked so perfect together. I take out my phone and take a picture of them. They loved each other so much.

“Do you want to hold her?” Raven said looking at me and I was scared.

“What if I drop her?” I ask and she laughs.

“You will not,” she said and I take Hailey into my arms. I was so scared at the beginning but I got used to her being in my arms and she looked like she loved me too.

“How old is she Raven?” I ask looking at Raven who was playing with Hailey’s hands while she was in my arms.

“A little over a year,” she said and I was shocked. It had been so long since these things occurred.

“Does she talk?” I ask because I knew that babies talk when they are close to 12 months.

“She says small things you know, like no, or mama or dada,” she said smiling but I could see the sadness in her eyes. She didn’t call Raven mama because now she was legally Amanda’s and David’s child.

“So will she ever know that you are her mom? How will it work?” I ask.

“They told me that they will decide when she grows up. They made me her godmother and I will be her godmother till they decide anything further,” she said.

“What does she call you now?” I asked her and she smiles.

“She calls me Rae,” she said and it sounded pretty cute.

“She looks so much like you,” I say looking at Hailey who was fast asleep in my arms.

“Really?” she said sitting down next to me and she brushed Hailey’s hair aside.

“Yes. She has those big blue-green eyes, dark brown hair, rosy cheeks and full lips and that beautiful tan skin tone,” I say and she looked up meeting my eyes. The more I have started hanging out with Raven, the more I want to keep her happy. I am falling for her every day, more and more.

Her cheeks were red, it was hard to tell if she was blushing or not because she never shows her emotions but I would like to say that she was.

“Let’s have dinner now,” she said getting the salad out of the refrigerator that Amanda left for us. We had our dinner and she woke up Hailey to feed her some mashed and boiled vegetables. Hailey ate it like an angel, without any fuss and it was so cute watching them do those things like they are meant to.

Hailey played with us for a while. We watched some cartoons, I played with her toys and I twirled her around until she became too tired to play and she fell asleep.

“Thank you so much Chris and Raven,” Amanda and David said walking in the front door just as we put Hailey to sleep.

“Oh, it was nothing. Hailey, she is amazing,” I say and they laugh. It was time for me and Raven to leave.

“Thank you so much for having me,” I say and they smile.

“Anytime Chris,” they said and we said our good byes and walked out of their house. Raven went to her apartment and I went to mine.

“Hey dad,” I say calling my dad after a long time since we spoke. The last time we spoke was when he called me home, about 6 months ago when he wanted me to meet his new “girlfriend” and she seemed pretty worse than anyone else I have met and we got into a huge argument when I told him that she wasn’t the one for him and it ended up me leaving my house and coming here.

“Chris,” he said recognizing my voice.

“Before you say anything, I am so sorry for shouting at you. You were right; she wasn’t the one for me. She was with me for my money and got pregnant with another man. I am so sorry,” he said before I could say anything and I wasn’t surprised when I heard that.

“Are you alright?” I ask and I could hear him take a deep breath.

“Yes,” he said and I decided to tell him what I really called him for.

“Dad, I need your help,” I say and he paused listening very closely since I never asked my dad anything.

“I want to help my friend who has gone through a lot of injustice and this help requires the law punishing the wrong doers,” I say.

“Anything for you my boy but you need to give me more details than that,” he said and I take a deep breath.

“I will meet you tomorrow at home,” I say ending the call because he knew what that meant, I think everyone does.

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