The Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 11


I have spent the whole days running errands, paying my bills, getting groceries and then cleaning my apartment and even doing my laundry. I did some studying and ate some food too. It was currently 11 am and I had nothing to do when Chris called me if it was alright if he came over and I agreed.

“Hi,” I say opening the door and it was the first time he had been to my apartment because I never brought anyone home and he was the first one.

“Hey,” he said coming in and looked around my apartment. He looked around and I felt self conscious about my apartment.

My walls were all white, I had coral red couch and some white pillows thrown on it, I had basic stools near my kitchen’s table. My floor was covered with some red rug and I had some plants in my apartment to make it look livelier, I had a book shelf containing all the novels I love and all the books I like to read.

“Should I get you something? Some coffee or some soda?” I ask because I had restocked my groceries.

“Some soda would be fine, thank you,” he said and I went over to my fridge to get it. As I closed it, I realised how plain the door of my refrigerator looked. Back home, it had drawings Sofia and I made for mom and dad, we left notes and some can openers, I missed it.

“Here you go,” I say handing it to him as he was checking out my books collection.

“Do you plan on staying here forever?” he asked as I took a sip of my soda.

“No, I will stay here till I get a good job maybe. But for now I pay the rent and stay here. And I also have people here who care about me, so I know that I will be coming back,” I say and he nods. By people who care about me I meant mum, Hailey, Amanda and David and Chris.....maybe?

“That’s great,” he said and I smile. This apartment wasn’t huge. It was a one bedroom apartment with a fully equipped kitchen, a balcony and a bathroom. It was spacious and very affordable so I liked it.

“Raven, can I ask you something?” he asked and I looked at him and nod. We sat down on my couch and I set my soda on the table.

“The doll I broke that day, why did it mean so much to you?” he asked looking unsure of asking it but I smile at the memory.

“It was a gift my mom and dad brought for Sofia and me when they decided that we both were old enough to have our own rooms and were old enough, even though Sofia was 4 years older than me. They told us that we should keep those dolls safe since it marks something special in our lives and I have had it ever since. It was the one thing I had brought from home, the only connection I had to home with it,” I say and he looked so devastated.

“I am so sorry Raven, I didn’t know,” he said but I smile and shake my head.

“It’s fine Chris. Everything happens for a reason. When the doll broke, it cut away all the ties of me and my family,” I say looking down. We stayed silent for a while.

“Hey, want to come over and meet my friends?” he asked and I looked at him scared. I have never spoken to college boys and I know that Chris lives with many of them.

“Raven, its fine. They are nice guys. I only have three friends staying with me,” he said and I look away. Chris and I have become close these past few weeks and I have started to get comfortable with him. So what’s wrong with trying to talk to his friends?

“Sure,” I say and he smiles widely.

“Let me go change,” I say getting up but he holds my hand. I turn around and look at his hand on mine and he realised it too and removed it quickly.

“You look amazing like this, you do not have to change,” he said and I stare at him. I was in my leggings and normal size t-shirt, how was this fine?

“L-Let me go get my bag and shoes,” I say rushing to my room and close it. When Chris held my hand, he took my breath away. It sent sparks down my whole body when he did so. My face went red and my cheeks got hot.

“You silly girl, what is happening to you?” I tell myself as I grab my belongings and my classic white sneakers. I wore a jacket on top of it since it was cold out, brushed out my hair and put it in a ponytail and I was ready to leave. I sprayed my everyday perfume and I came out of my room.

“You look- wow,” he said chocking on his own words and I gave him a funny look. I didn’t even get changed or do anything and yet he has given me such a reply. I didn’t mention anything though. I let it go and I decided to go in his car. His car was an expensive looking one and I knew exactly how rich he was.

“Your car, it looks expensive,” I said and he laughs softly.

“My dad likes to gift expensive things because he is guilty for not being around at all. It pisses me off a little bit about how he treats me when he should be with me,” he said and I felt a stab in my chest.

“At least he loves you and makes an effort,” I said and we got quiet. He turned on the radio and we listened to Maroon 5 on the way to his house.

“Guys, this is Raven and Raven this is Dean, Caleb, Eric and Amy, Eric’s girlfriend,” he said and everyone stood up from the couch to greet me. I smiled, nodding at the introductions. Amy was really pretty with her blonde hair and blue eyes.

“Welcome Raven, come on in. Chris has told us that you will be joining us today,” Amy said coming closer to me and I smiled nervously before following her into the house.

The house was huge. The walls were all white but the furniture, couch and everything else complemented it perfectly. It looked like a penthouse, something that only rich people with loads of money could afford. It was hard to believe that a college student lived in it.

“Would you like something to drink? We have cranberry juice, beer, orange juice and some coconut water,” Dean asked looking inside the refrigerator and I think.

“Cranberry juice would be good, thank you,” I say and he nods pouring it in a glass and gave it to me. We all spoke for a while and I was shocked to see how comfortable I felt around them.

“So Raven, Chris has been trying to talk to you for a few months now and he has told me every interaction he has had with you,” Amy said and I looked at her. The boys went out in the lawn while Amy and I stayed on the couch.

“Oh really?” I ask scared that he has told her what happened to me.

“But he has been acting all suspicious and dodgy for last few weeks, ever since you have become his friend. I know that he knows something about you that you don’t want anyone to know. Its fine you can tell me. You can trust me,” she said smiling warmly and I looked down.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to of course but I know that it’s not the same sharing your feelings with a guy as sharing it with a girl. You can trust me like your best friend and I will never reveal it to anyone,” she said and I took a deep breath.

“Back home, I was raped by my school mates,” I said and her eyes went wild. I told her everything I told Chris, about everything and even about Hailey. I was in tears and she hugged me while she herself sobbed.

“I am so sorry Raven but you have been so strong through all of this,” she said cupping my face and I smile. She was right. It felt good talking to someone of our own gender. We interacted for a while when the boys came back.

“I see that you two have bonded. That’s great,” Chris said and we all smiled.

“Dude, your father’s here,” Eric said and Chris got up and greeted his father. Chris’s father was an exact copy of Chris, except his father was older than him. They had the same sparkling blue eyes and brown hair.

“Dad this is Raven, the girl I told you about and Raven this is my dad Mike,” Chris said introducing me to his dad and he shook my hand.

“Dad, I would like to talk to Raven for a minute,” Chris said after I gave him a questioning look. His dad nods and goes inside where as his friends decided to leave us.

“Why is your father here Chris?” I ask and he looks down.

“He is here to help you,” he said and I was dumbfounded.

“What?” I ask raising my voice and he looked scared.

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