The Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 12


“Raven before you scream at me. No, my father doesn’t know the whole story. I just asked him to help me help you. You can tell him the story if you want to,” Chris said but I was furious.

“He can’t help me Chris,” I say frustrated but he moved closer to me.

“Yes he can Raven. He is the best lawyer the city has ever had. Trust me, he can and the wrong ones will be punished. You will be proved innocent,” he said and I slowly nod because that is what I wanted all along.

“But it’s not that easy is it?” I ask and I heard his dad come up to us.

“Miss Rex, it is not going to be easy. Whatever it might be, I promised my son to fight the hardest and I will. I will win your case,” he said and I nod and we go into the study.

“So, tell me everything from the beginning Raven,” Mike asked and I take a deep breath before telling him everything. I tried not to cry while I told him everything. Mike sat down and listened patiently to everything I said.

“How many people know about this Raven?” Mike asked and I think.

“6, including you, 7,” I say and he thinks. He looked so serious and I was happy that I was finally going to get a chance to prove myself innocent and put the wrong doers behind the bars.

“Does anyone have any kind of proof?” Mike asked and I think. I don’t think anyone has any proof against this but I remembered one thing.

“I gave birth to one of their daughter. I do not know who the father is but one of them is,” I say and Chris smiled happily but his father shook his head.

“It isn’t enough evidence. They will come up with an excuse saying that this isn’t enough proof for what happened and you could have just had a kid with them,” he said and I was disappointed.

“What about the doctor they took her to? She must have seen her scars,” Chris said and I nod. The doctor did in fact see the scars and even asked me about it but I kept quite. She asked me if I needed help and I simply refused it.

“I-There was one person who saw it,” I say and they both look at me surprised and I was too because till now I forgot about it.

“Who is it?” Chris and Mike both asked at the same time curiously.

“There was a lady who came into the room quite a few times to provide me with food or some lady products. She knew about it. She even dressed some of my wounds,” I say and Chris claps his hand.

“There, that is solid evidence right there,” he said and his father nods.

“Now all we need to do is track her down, ask her to testify and Raven, you ask everyone who knows about this to get ready to testify for you,” Mike said and Chris and I were so happy.

“Also, there was this man, Jared Harris. He was one of Jesse’s friends who helped him hold me hostage but we- um, kind of had a relationship because I fell for him. He never abused me or anything but he was so nice to me and once I gave him my consent and never again he laid his hands over me,” I say and Mike nods.

“So he didn’t rape you?” he asked and I shake my head.

“Nor did he physically abuse me. He just was there and even tried standing up for me,” I say.

“So we will not be suing Jared Harris, is that right?” Mike asked and I nod. He turns back and calls his secretary and talks to her about some paper work.

“Chris, I might get my freedom and innocence back,” I say and he smiles. We walk out of his house, say goodbye to his friends and I hug Amy and Chris offered to drive me home.

“So, what made you connect with your father?” I ask him because I knew that his father and he would not get along at all since his father chose all the wrong people in his life after his mother cheated on his father.

“I met you and you told me how it is better to at least try to maintain a relationship rather than not having any at all so thank you Raven,” he said and I smiled.

“Thank you for everything you are doing for me Chris,” I say and he turns around to look at me. We had reached my house.

“I am sure that you would do the same for me,” he said and I blushed.

“Depends if you were an asshole like before, I wouldn’t have,” I say and we burst out laughing. I was having a good time with him and it was the first time in so long that someone actually made me happy.

“All jokes aside, I really appreciate what you are doing for me Chris,” I say and he stares into my eyes and I stare back into his. He moves closer and I do too and I unconsciously licked my lips. I could feel the temperature of the car rising and the tension between us was increasing.

“I better get going,” I say moving away realising what was happening and he realised it too. We both were deep red and were blushing. I got out of the car and came near his window which was rolled down.

“Good night Chris,” I say touching his hand a little bit and walk away without turning back. I hope he knew how much even that little touch meant since I never maintained any kind of physical contact with any guy.

My heart was racing at a thousand miles per hour and I couldn’t stop smiling as I got back home. I couldn’t think about anything but him and this is when I knew that I have feelings for a guy I never thought I would even talk to.


I dialled Sofia’s number and contemplated calling her for the thousandth time. I really wanted to call her and talk to her but what if she didn’t want to talk to me? What if she hated me? I just took a deep breath and called her. As the phone kept ringing, my heart was beating so fast.

“Hello, this is Sofia Rex, may I know who’s speaking?” she asked picking up the call and I cried as soon as I heard her voice. It has been 2 years since I have even spoke to her.

“Hello?” she said once again and I was sobbing.

“Soph,” I whisper and I could hear her gasp.

“Raven? Ray? Is it you?” she asked and I tell that I was.

“Ray, I miss you so much. You dumb ass, you want to call me after 2 years?” she said and I laugh in between my tears. I tell her everything going on in my life and how my case was getting re-opened.

“Come home, I live in San Diego. We’ll talk,” she said and sent me her address. She said and we end the call. I booked a flight for tomorrow, early in the morning to go see my sister and I was excited.

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