The Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 2


“Eric, come on,” I say waiting for my friend, Eric Walker. We were supposed to go to college together and he still was upstairs, getting ready because he had gotten up late.

“Bye Amy,” he said kissing his girlfriend who was in his shirt, when she came downstairs to lock the doors. Eric, my other friends, Dean Collins and Caleb Smith and I lived in my 6 bedroom condo.

“Bye Chris, Bye Eric. Have a nice day,” she said as we walked out. His girlfriend Amy Kulling also went to a college nearby.

“You take a lot of time to get ready Eric,” I say starting my brand new car, Porsche. My dad was a successful lawyer and the head of his firm and loved treating me because he feels guilty of not being with me enough.

“I do not have a lecture till 8 man. All I have to do is go to the library and get my project done,” he said adjusting his hair in the mirror and I scoffed and looked away. I started the radio and some pop songs started playing.

We get out of my car and make way to our class. I had a 7 am lecture so I head to my lecture hall.

“Hey Chris,” a girl said and I looked at her. I didn’t even know her name but she kept doing this for the past few years I have been in this college. I smile and walk away as she comes up to me.

As I did so, I saw Raven walk in front of me. She had an oversized yellow hoodie paired with black leggings. She had a baby pink backpack and some sneakers thrown on with her dark brown hair in a messy bun. I had never spoken to her but I heard everyone calling her the “mysterious girl” because she kept things to herself. I had seen her a few days ago in the Gillis and I was determined to talk to her.

“Hey! Raven!” I call out and she turned around and looked at me. She looked so beautiful right now. Just as I was about to wave at her, she turned around and walked away. I was hurt. Again, why did I expect her to wait for me?

I ran up to her and started walking next to her. She moved away from me and started walking.

“Hey Raven, why didn’t you wave back?” I ask and she scoffed with her eyes fixed in front of her. I liked her attitude.

“Hey talk to me,” I ask and she started walking away faster.

“Hey, why did you not take the tip money?” I ask holding her hand and she stared at me. She pushed me away and I stumbled back. She had so much power in her little body, I was surprised.

“Hey,” I call after her as she walked away hastily.

“Why did you do that?” I ask blocking her way and she glared at me with her big blue-green eyes.

“You know what Chris, I do not have to answer to everything you ask,” she said walking away angrily and I was left staring at her. I was determined to get her to talk to me.

“You left me waiting there Raven,” I say sitting next to her and she sighed. She pulled out her laptop to take notes as soon as the lecture started and as much as I love Psychology, I was more focused on Raven.

“Hey why do you look so glum all the time?” I ask and she grabbed her things walking away. I liked pursuing her, so I followed her.

“Well, where are we going?” I ask rolling down my car’s window as I drive next to her as she drove back to somewhere close by. She didn’t even look at me once. She stopped at a grocery store and I get out of my car.

“You want oat milk or cashew milk?” I ask looking at the same aisle as her. She grabbed vanilla almond milk and put it in her cart. She went around picking groceries she needed I guess.

“The total is $70,” the cashier said and I give her my card and the cashier took it.

“Excuse me?” Raven said. I looked hopefully at her thinking it was to me but she was staring at the cashier.

“Yes?” the cashier whose name tag read ‘Max’ replied looking at Raven.

“You take the card of any man for something I have to pay for?” she asked and I stared at her.

“But ma’am, I saw him walking everywhere with you. I thought the both of you were-,” Max started but Raven cut her off by raising her hand up.

“Did I ask you to take his card? He is just a random man following me around,” she said and I was hurt. She paid the cash and walked out of the store with her bag of groceries.

“Raven,” I say running behind her. I felt bad for treating her like that.

“Hey Raven I am so sorry,” I say going in front of her and she stared at me.

“Stay away from me Chris. You do not know me,” she said driving away and that made me want to know her. She asked me to leave her alone but this just made me want to uncover the truth about the mysterious girl.

I decided to see where Raven would go next. It was like I was following her but it is meant for a good reason. I want to help her.

I saw her walk into an apartment building. I noted down the apartment’s name so that I can get information on it later. She then came out, dressed in a pair of pants and a top paired with boots and a coat.

She got on her bike drove somewhere and I followed her closely. She got off near an independent house and got down her back. She grabbed her bag and rang the doorbell. A man who looked like he was in his 20s or 30s came out and smiled at her. They spoke for a while before heading inside. She came out soon after and rode to the restaurant she works for.

My friends and I were meeting up in the restaurant so I waited for them. When they came, we walked in and I saw Raven struggling to hold 5 plates in her hand but she eventually made it to the table and came towards ours.

“What would you like to have tonight?” she asked smiling. Raven was so beautiful. She didn’t need any makeup to look pretty with her amazing dark brown hair and sparkling blue-green eyes. She looked amazing and graceful.

“The usual,” Dean says and she nods walking away. She knew what the usual meant because we always came here, practically every day but she never served our table.

“Thank you,” I say as she placed my food. She rushed back in to pour water for a man nearby.

“How dare you?” a man screamed standing up and the whole restaurant looked at him. He was wiping off water from his clothes and Raven stood there watching with wide eyes.

“You silly stupid waitress, you are good for nothing. You are paid for serving us but this is what you do. You brainless little piece of shit,” she swore at her and she had tears in her eyes as she constantly apologised.

“You-,” he started but I didn’t let him continue it.

“Excuse me sir,” I say and he looked at me.

“This lady here is doing an amazing job at serving and works hard too. Just because she accidently spilt water on you doesn’t mean that she is good for nothing. She did apologise to you so stop being a dick and forgive her,” I said and he stares at me.

“Do you know who I am?” he asked and I nod.

“I know that you go to my dad’s office everyday because you want him to buy your proposal,” I say and his face falls.

“Now at least you can walk into my dad’s building, one word and you will never EVER will be even able to walk anywhere close to his office,” I say and he turns around, apologises to Raven and walks out leaving a huge bill.

We all settle down too.

“Thank you,” she said as she poured some soda for me and smiled at me before walking away. She smiled at me. We are making progress here.

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