The Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 23


“Hi, I am Eric, the best man. As you all know, Raven and Chris love each other very much,” Eric started off and I smile. I don’t even know what Eric was going to say but I smiled at Raven.

“But it wasn’t all like that before. Chris was the typical, ‘I don’t believe in love’ kind of guy. He never had a serious relationship and he never wanted to but he respected women. He never believed in true love but look where we are now,” he says and I nod. He was right.

“I still remember how nervous Chris used to get when Raven came around. He used to freeze in his spot, which was not normal and he suddenly got awkward. The first time he spoke to her, I could never here the end of it. He praised her beauty, courage and her brains all day and night and I got tired of it. He never stopped talking about her and that was when I knew that he was whipped even before he knew,” Eric says exposing me and Raven looks at me surprised.

“Really?” she asks and I go red so she laughs just like everyone else.

“I see the way Raven has changed him, in a good way. She has brought the best out of him and he is so much more happier with her. I have never seen a woman love a man like she loves him and I am proud of their love. They have the kind of love that everyone wishes they had. They are the power couple as everyone says and I am happy for them just like the rest of you are,” he says and Raven held my hand and smiled at Eric.

“To Mr. and Mrs. Davis,” he says stepping down.

“I’d like to welcome you all here today to celebrate the marriage of my Raven and Chris. For those of you who don’t me, I’m the mum of the bride,” Rosie says and Raven beamed. Raven wanted Rosie to give a speech because she was like her mother.

“There’s a reason I’m doing this speech today and that is because Raven tells me that I am just like her mother and that I took her in when she was vulnerable. But truly, I feel like she is my little girl nonetheless,” she says and I smile.

“This is the proudest day of my life. I’m sure you’ll all agree to how stunning Raven looks today. She’s grown from a beautiful little girl into a beautiful young woman and I know she is going to have many happy years together with Chris.

“I still remember the time Chris showed up to my house and told me that he wanted to help Raven and I could see how genuine his thoughts were. He truly wanted to help her and he did. Now I see how much he loves Raven and I am so happy for them. He is a true gentleman for being able to keep up with that strong woman and the little warrior,” Rosie says and Hailey giggles next to Raven.

“Today will be the happiest day of your lives, but you’ve got many more lying ahead of you. You’re heading on an amazing journey together and I wish you every happiness. I know you are going to have so many happy years together. I’d like you to be upstanding and toast the happy couple,” she says and Raven hugs her.

“I know it’s unusual for a bride to give a speech, but those who know me well, understand that the chances of me being able to keep my mouth shut while everyone else gives a speech are pretty slim! Mum, mom, and Dad, what can I say? You’ve seen me grow up; you’ve helped develop and mature me into the person that I am today and I hope that after all your hard work it has been worthwhile. I love you all deeply.

“I’d like to especially thank my gorgeous bridesmaids. You all look so stunning, that’s why I’ve sat you as far away from me as possible! Can’t be upstaged on my own wedding day. A huge thank you to Eric for dragging my new husband kicking and screaming here today. I hope I’m only joking!” she says and Eric laughs.

Most of all, I’d like to thank my husband for asking me to be his – and for going through with it. You came into my life and completely changed it – for the better. I adore you and I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding. Thanks also for putting up with my tears, tantrums and all those bridezilla moments! You are my rock and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life being yours.

Last but not least, thank you to each and every one of you for sharing our special day with us. A wedding can happen anywhere and at any time, but it can only be a true celebration when all the people you love are there to share it with you. You have made our day all that more special. Please raise your glasses and drink a toast … to dear friends and family,” Raven says and she sits down as everyone claps for her.

“I would like to say something as well,” Hailey says and I give her the microphone.

“Hello, I am Hailey, and I am their daughter,” she says in such a sweet tone that everyone fell in love with her.

“Today, I must say that my mommy looks beautiful. So beautiful like an angle and my daddy too looks handsome. They look beautiful together,” she says and Raven smiles at Hailey and holds her hand.

“My mommy has sacrificed so much for me that I know of but no one knows how much more she has done for me. She worked while she took care of me and even went to college. I know how hard it must be for her because I remember her coming home looking so tired and yet she was there for me,” Hailey says with tears in her eyes. For a 6 year old, she was pretty good at this.

“She deserved to be loved and respected and when daddy loved my mom the way she should be loved, I became so happy. I see them and I know that they were always meant to be. When they came together, I finally thought my mom would be happy forever and it is true. I see her smiling everyday because of him,” she says looking at me and I wipe my tears.

“They took care of me, while they were still both in college and very young and I am thankful for them. I know that my daddy is not my biological dad but I love him more than him because my daddy is the one who was there for me and mommy and loves us endlessly. I hope everyone finds the kind of love my mommy and daddy have. Thank you,” she says and Raven kisses Hailey’s cheek and I hug her as everyone applauds.

Everyone started to dance after dinner and they enjoyed their night. Hailey was also enjoying with everyone and I looked at Raven who was changed into another evening dress, looking incredibly sexy.

“This is perfect,” she says and I hold her hand and pull her closer to me. We swayed to the music and I twirled her.

“It sure is,” I say and she kisses me. I loved Raven with all my heart and I was never going to let her go forever.

“I love you Ray,” I say and she looks into my eyes. I for a second forget about everything and noticed how blue-green her beautiful eyes were, how smooth her skin looked, how perfect and smooth her hair was, how kissable her lips looked and how good of a heart she had.

“I love you too Chris,” she says smiling and I kiss her nose because I knew she liked it and she hugged me. I inhaled her sweet vanilla scent that I loved and never wanted to let go of my wife. She was perfect.

I promised to never let Raven or Hailey get hurt ever again because they were my family.

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