The Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 4


I felt so bad after breaking that porcelain doll which Raven seemed to love so much. I was just holding it a few days ago in my hand, it was so beautiful and fragile in my hand and then it suddenly fell and shattered. Now it was completely destroyed in my hand.

“You cannot fix something that is broken just like this figure. You cannot help me or fix me too,” I remember Raven saying. She was shattered and was crying when the doll broke, I guess it was something that was very close to her heart. I have tried gluing it back together ever since but it was unsuccessful.

I hung my head down low in pain and regret. I shouldn’t even have gone there that day. I had made progress with Raven when she thanked me the other night but now it was all gone for a waste.

“Hey Chris,” Amy said entering our kitchen and next to me. She looked at the broken doll in my hand.

“What’s this?” she asked and I look at her.

“Amy, this is a doll I broke few days ago. This belongs to a girl I care about and want to help her. She was devastated when this broke. I didn’t mean for this to happen. It just fell and shattered. She cried Amy. She said, “You cannot fix something that is broken just like this figure. You cannot help me or fix me too,” I feel terrible,” I say putting my head down in my hands and Amy rubbed my back.

“Chris I see that you are working very hard to help this girl. You really do care about her but maybe she doesn’t trust anyone because people broke her trust. Maybe you should just observe her from far and get to know her rather than you just prying on her,” she said and I nod.

“Do you like her?” Amy asked and I looked at her. Did I like Raven?

“I don’t know Amy but all I know is I want to help her,” I say and she nods hugging me and walked away leaving me alone. I decided to go for a run so I grabbed my running shoes and went to the park.

I was jogging when I saw Raven. She was riding somewhere and she didn’t even live here. I stopped and watched her go inside some house. A man who looked like he was in mid 20s came out and greeted her. I could make out that he looked young and handsome.

She smiled, they spoke for a while and went in. I jogged around for a while.

I jogged for 2 hours and then she came out. She looked so tired, flushed and happy. Her hair was messy, her clothes was crumpled up. She waved at the man and got on her bike and left for her apartment.

I was suspicious. Was she hooking up with that man?

Just a few minutes after Raven left, a woman who looked like she was in her 20s walked in and kissed the man who opened the door for Raven. She took a small baby girl who looked about a bit older than 1 year old in her arms.

So Raven wasn’t just hooking up with a random man. She was having an affair with a committed man who had a small daughter.

Maybe that’s why she was sad all the time and didn’t want to socialise with anyone because she was afraid they would get to know about her affair. Holy crap! I solved the mysterious secret about the mysterious girl.

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