The Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 5


My mind was racing with all the information I found out about Raven and her affair. I wasn’t able to sleep for a couple of days because I saw her go to the house many times in the past couple of days and I didn’t like it.

“Hey Chris,” I see a girl come up to me and wave at me. I didn’t even know who she was. Judging by the way she was dressed, I guess she was a freshman.

“Uhh... Hi but I don’t know you,” I say keeping my eyes on Raven as she was walking down the hallway. I had to go talk to her. I just had to.

“Why don’t we get to know each other in your room?” she said getting closer to me and I pushed her away.

“Are you out of your mind?” I ask and she shrugs. She comes even closer to me and kisses my ear softly.

“Hey! Stop it and get away from me,” I say walking away from her and ran towards Raven. As I guessed she was filling up her water bottle.

“Hey Raven,” I say and she looked at me for a split second and shifted back her focus to filling up her water bottle.

“You could at least say hi,” I say as she walked away. I ran behind her and she rolled her eyes.

“Alright, hi now go away,” she said and I stared at her. Why was she so rude all the time?

“Raven, all I am doing is trying to help you and to talk to you. Why do you have to be so mean? You could be a little nice,” I say and she stared at me in the eye for the first time.

“See Chris, I can talk to you and be nice to you but I don’t want to because well... I am not interested. You are just like all the others. You are rich, popular and think you can get over anything and I am tired of things like that. I do not care about you and as of that tip money you gave me the other day; I do not want to get a $100 dollars as a “Tip” from a rich guy whose father gives him shit load of money to waste just because you feel sorry for me. I am telling this to you very clearly Chris. I have no interest in talking to you or getting to know you so leave me alone,” she said fuming and turned around to walk away. What did she mean by saying that I was just a rich and popular guy? She said that with so much anger that I felt like she went through a lot before coming here.

“Well I am not the one having an affair with a committed man who has a daughter,” I screamed it out loud and she turned around and came towards me. I think I was very loud because everyone was staring at us and were whispering.

“What did you just say to me?” she asked threateningly.

“I know about your affair with that man, David Grey, you meet with every day. I know that he has a one and a half year old daughter,” I said and she came closer to me. I was aware of all the eyes on us but I couldn’t stop.

“You have been following me,” she said and I gulped. I was kind of intimidated because I was guilty of following her.

“Yes I have. I have been trying to be nice to you, to talk to you but all you do is shut me and everyone down. I think the reason you do that is because you do not want anyone to find out about your affair,” I say backing away a little and I turned to everyone.

“I uncovered the dirty little secret of the mysterious girl. She is just another girl messing up a man’s family. She’s a home wrecker,” I say and almost as soon as I said that Raven came closer to me and slapped me right across the face. Everyone gasped. I didn’t know why I said those mean things. Maybe it’s because my mom did that to me too.

“You do not know my story or anything about me. Next time you talk shit about me without knowing, it will be costing you more than just a slap,” she said walking away and I was left with a burning cheek. That slap did hurt me.

“Are you fine Chris?” few girls came up to me and touched my chest and my body but I shrugged them away. I walked out of college and drove to a place on the hilltop I went whenever I was disturbed with thoughts.

I think I went too far by screaming at Raven because I knew what it felt like when your parent cheats on with someone else. My mother cheated on my dad multiple times even after she promised me she wouldn’t and I had to tell my dad one day.

It broke him and me. She tore our family apart. My father was devastated on finding out but he divorced her immediately. He got depressed and never left his room for a week. I had to send him to a therapist and that helped him but the fact that my mother betrayed us was too much to take in. Since then, my dad’s and mine relationship never went back being the same thing. He hooked up with many girls who were half his age, nothing lasted for more than a few months. It messed all of us up.

I just couldn’t bear the thought of that little girl finding out that her father was screwing a college woman behind her mom’s back when she was working.

Just then I thought about Raven. How hurt she looked when I confronted her and how angrily she threatened me. I have never seen that side of her. She was just a girl walking around the school with all kinds of rumours going on about her but she turned out to be something deeper.

No one ever even touched me in college because they knew who my father was. They were scared of me but Raven, she didn’t care. She slapped me in front of everyone without having any second thoughts because I was humiliating her in front of everyone. I liked that in her, except the fact that she is the reason she will rip apart a family.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t notice the sunset. I slowly drove back home. I was regretting what I did in college. I knew what Raven did was wrong but I shouldn’t have said it out in public. I drove back home in guilt.

Just as I drove in the direction of my house, I saw Raven sitting in the park, smiling while she watching the man she is with, and play with his daughter. It was a beautiful sight. The baby looked so happy and joyful. She looked a lot like Raven than her father.

I saw Raven so lost in her own thoughts that she didn’t notice the man come and sit next to her. They faced each other and had a conversation which looked deep but I noticed not even once did he make any physical contact with her. Well that is weird considering the fact that they sleep together.

The man was rather very attractive. He had a strong tanned face, neatly cut brown hair, brown eyes and a good physique. I could see why Raven fell for him but it was just wrong.

They got up and went to the man’s house. She waved at them and drove back to her apartment. She suddenly broke down, got down her bike and sat in one of the benches. I felt bad for her. She buried her head in her hands and stayed like that for a few minutes. She got up and drove to the other place she worked at but she entered the house and an old lady opened the door for her.

They hugged and she let Raven in. I could see them through the living room windows. They were talking. Raven was checking the lady for her sugar level. She gave the lady a few tablets, made her some dinner and walked out of the apartment.

“Take care Mum,” she said hugging the lady and rode back to her apartment. Who was that old lady? I didn’t who that lady was but it looked like Raven cared a lot about that lady.

I went back home and didn’t talk to anyone. I went into my room and I heard someone knock on my door.

“Chris?” I heard Amy walk in and I sit up straight on my bed. She came and sat down next to me. I could talk about anything to Amy because she listened to me and gave me great advises.

“I heard what happened. Want to talk about it?” she said and I nod. I told her everything without leaving out any detail.

“She is messing up a family Amy,” I said and she smiled.

“Chris, I know that this is very personal to you but the way you told me she reacted, maybe there is more to the story than you think there is. You shouldn’t have gone so hard on her,” she said and I nod because I knew that.

“But she-,” I started but Amy stopped me.

“Chris, Raven is not your mom. Do not accuse her of something you are not sure about yourself,” she said in a tone which meant that she didn’t want me to argue about Raven anymore.

“Well, leave it for now. Get some sleep because it is late,” she said and I couldn’t sleep. I ate my salad and watched the lecture I missed today on my laptop.

Raven was eating me up.

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