The Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 6


I have got more unwanted attention from everyone at the college that I didn’t require. Chris accused me of having an affair with a man who has a daughter but no one knows what is it really that I have with him.

David has something that I care about the most in the world. He takes care of that and gives it so much love. I was so mad at Chris that I slapped at him. I had never been this angry at someone in my whole entire life because Chris didn’t know what he was talking about.

I went to Mrs. Smith and told her everything. She comforted me and told that things would go back to normal but I knew that deep down she didn’t believe it either but she gave me the hope I required and I was grateful for that.

I had a day off from waitressing so I had the rest of the day free, so I decided to go to watch a movie because it has been so long since I watched one peace. It is so hard to get some alone time when you have to work 2 jobs a day with attending lectures to live your life.

The show was starting soon so I drove there. The ticket wasn’t so expensive so I brought myself some popcorn and something to drink and I sat in my seat. My seat was far away from everyone because I didn’t want to sit next to anyone.

The movie was pretty good. I went to the back to get my bike when a man pulled me against the wall and held me there.

“Raven, my dear Raven,” I heard Peter say in my ear and I struggled under his body weight. He was holding me very tight.

“Let me go,” I say but he laughed and stared into my eyes.

“You are so beautiful and brave. You were so daring when you slapped Chris right across his face. Well if you are having an affair with a married man, they why don’t you sleep with me once?” he asked and I push him away.

“Help!” I scream as he pulled me back and trapped me again. This brought me back bad memories. This reminded me of the worst moment in my life. My body went stiff. I knew I couldn’t do anything now. I started panicking. My panic attack started.

Just then Peter was swung to the ground and was knocked out unconscious. I was given some water and I calmed down, trying my body to get it back to normal, just like my therapist had asked me to do.

“Thank you,” I say looking at the person helping me and I saw Chris. He was looking worried at me and punched Peter again and held out his hand for me. I rejected it and stood up to go to my bike.

“Raven!” he screamed coming in front of me and I looked at him.

“Thank you for that but I need to go,” I say and he stops me. He brings out the porcelain doll of mine he broke the other day. It was fixed with glue but you could see that it was still broken.

“I fixed it for you, so maybe you can be helped too,” he said and I scoffed. How could he think that I can be helped?

“It looks like it is fixed but it will never be the same,” I say handing him back the doll and drive away from the theatre. I shouldn’t have gone to the movies at all. I regretted even going out when I should have stayed at home and should have done my laundry or cleaned my apartment.

I needed my anxiety and panic attack pills right now, so as soon as I went to my apartment, I took my pills. I felt better after a few minutes and I lay down on my bed for a few minutes. I could do my laundry, vacuum my apartment and rearrange the dishes after I was feeling better.

I placed all of the neatly washed laundry back in my closet, cleaned and re-arranged my kitchen items and then cleaned my whole apartment. I didn’t have to meet David today so I decided to catch up on any work I had left from my lecture and since I had nothing left, I decided to go meet Mrs. Smith.

“Mum!” I say entering the house and I didn’t hear Mrs. Smith call me back. That was weird because she always was so excited to see me.

“Mum?” I say walking around the whole house searching for her. I didn’t find her in her living room or kitchen or her bedroom so I was scared. I ran up to her ex husband’s study room. She always went there to see the remaining of her husband.

I saw her fallen face front on the carpeted floor. She looked like she had passed out.

“Mum!” I scream running to her and put her head on my lap. I tried waking her up but she doesn’t. I ran to get some water and I sprinkled it on her face thinking she had fainted but she didn’t wake up so I called 911.

I was so scared. I stayed by her side and tried waking her up till the paramedics came and took her in the ambulance. I went with them too. They took her in to check on her as soon as we went to the hospital and I went to fill the forms.

I filled out her age, name and put my name as her guardian and signed it. I was pacing down the hallway as the doctors checked what was wrong with her. I was scared to death. I didn’t know what to do if something happened to her because I cared a lot about her.

“Miss Rex?” the doctor called out for me and I immediately ran towards him. I was so nervous to know what was happening.

“That’s me,” I say and he looked up at me. He checked a few reports and smiled at me.

“The patient is out of danger. She just had an insulin shock. If you hadn’t brought her in time, she would have gone into a coma, so good job. She will be discharged tomorrow. Also her life insurance pays for all of this,” he said walking away and I breathed in relief.

I walked in and saw Mrs. Smith lying on her bed. I silently took a chair nearby and sat next to her. She must have been asleep, so I held her hand and I rested my forehead on it.

“Raven?” she said softly and I looked up at her. I had tears in my eyes but seeing her smile, I wiped it off.

“Mum, I was so worried. Do not ever do that,” I say and she laughs nodding.

“Raven dear; I heard what the doctor said. If you hadn’t brought me here on time, I would have gone into a coma. Thank you,” she said and I kissed her hand.

“Mum, I would do anything for you,” I say and she pats my hand. I noticed a Man come in and greeted Mrs. Smith.

“Andrew, this is Raven Rex. She is the one I have been talking to you about,” she said and I smiled at the man. He was dressed formally. He brought out some papers and handed it to me. I take it as Mrs. Smith motioned me to.

“What is this?” I say after I read first few lines. It was her will. It stated that I would get all of her property and wealth she holds after she dies.

“Mum, no, you can’t do this,” I say looking at her and she sat up.

“Raven, you are equal to my daughter. You have been by my side through my ups and downs. You are the only one by my side right now. You are literally the only one I can call my family and I want you to have all of this,” she said and I couldn’t believe it. She wasn’t even related to me by blood and she was doing this.

“Mum-,” she stopped be by holding my hand.

“Raven, I want you to have everything that I own after my death. This is my wish and my command,” she said firmly in a tone suggesting that she didn’t want to argue. I take the pen and sign on the pages the Man asked me to and he walked away.

“Now you see honey, I have an heir,” she said and I hugged her.

“I love you Mum,” I say and she hugged me back.

“So, honey how is Hailey?” she asked and I sat down to tell her everything about how my little Hailey is doing. Every time I said something cute or funny about her, Mum made a sound or added a comment saying that Hailey was amazing. She really was.

I let her rest for a while and I stayed on the couch in the room. I looked at how peaceful she looked and dosed on the couch myself.

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