The Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 7


I am so happy that our second semester for our year is over. I wanted to get my degree and go either for PhD or just go to work after my masters.

I haven’t seen Raven in a few days. She hasn’t been working too. The manager of the restaurant she works at said that she was on leave to take care of her family member. I didn’t know where she was.

Just like I did every day, I went for a run and I saw Raven come out of a cab and she ran to the other side to help someone get out. She was the one Raven called, ‘Mum’, and as far as I know Raven and Mrs. Smith are not related by blood and yet they shared the love someone with the relationship of a mother and daughter would have.

Raven took her in and then came out and drove to the man’s house. He came out and was glad to see her. Raven picked up the daughter and kissed her. The daughter looked happy in her arms too. Little did she know that this girl would ruin her parent’s marriage one day.

The man took them to the lawn and Raven played with her as the man went in and brought Raven a little gift. It looked like a platinum jewellery set. So he was not only cheating on his partner, he was treating his mistress.

She refused but he insisted on giving it to her and she reluctantly took it.

“Raven, this is the least I can do for what you have done,” I heard him say. Yeah, if it means breaking up you and your wife, I wanted to say to him.

I drove back home angry and told Amy everything. She patiently listened till I was done.

“Chris, if you promise me that you will not scream at me, let me tell you one thing,” she said and I nod giving her the permission.

“It looks like you are bothered with Raven’s and the man’s whatever you call. They might be doing it but you seem to care more. It looks like you have feelings for her,” she said and my eyes went wide. I thought to myself. Did I have feelings for Raven?

“NO! That’s not possible,” I said in a tone that startled Amy.

“I’m sorry but she is messing with someone’s life. She can’t do this Amy. She’s messing up the child’s life,” I say and Amy leaves the room because I kept going back to the same point I have been saying for a few months now.

I know that it was none of my business to care about them but I could relate to it so much. My parent’s marriage was ruined because of my mom and her affair with a man and I was the one most affected by it. I should not let that happen to the little girl.

I drove to that man’s house; saw their name on the house. It said ‘The Grey’s’. Just as I was about to push the gate open to go in, I saw the lady, Mrs. Grey come out of her and came towards me. She had striking black hair, hazel eyes and a fair complexion.

“Hi? How can I help you?” she said in a strong Australian accent and it took me a while to understand what she was saying and once I did I decided to introduce myself.

“Hi Mrs. Grey, I am Chris Davis, a student and I would to talk to you about something,” I say and she nods. She looked like a friendly woman.

“I would like to talk about your husband and his secret he has been hiding from you for so long. I am so sorry I didn’t mean to pry you but it looked like you should know about this,” I say and she looked shocked.

“What is it about?” she asked and I hated to tell her this but I had to.

“Your husband has been cheating on you,” I say and the colour drains from her face.

“What?” she said furiously. I could do nothing but look down.

“Would you mind coming inside and talk in front of my husband?” she said and I nod, following her inside. She opened the door and the man came out of one of the rooms to greet his wife.

He looked just like the way he was with Raven. He had worn a shirt with some shorts.

“Hey honey, I have put Hailey to sleep. Who is it that you have here?” he asked sitting down and Mrs. Grey sat down too.

“This young man, Chris Davis has told me that you are cheating on me,” she said and the man’s eyes go wild and he stood up.

“What? Me cheating on you? Never,” he said and I almost laughed because I had seen him and Raven.

“Would you like to explain yourself David?” she asked and the man shook his head.

“I have done nothing,” he said looking at me and it was my time to speak now.

“I am so sorry but I have seen you and her. I have seen her come to your house everyday and you even let her play with your daughter. You gifted her a platinum set of jewellery too,” I say and they both squint their eyes at me.

“Who is the girl you are speaking about?” The lady asked and I take a deep breath.

“Raven Rex,” I say and their faces both relax and laugh slightly. What was happening? Why are they laughing?

“I am so sorry to doubt you David,” the lady said hugging her husband and kissed him.

“What is happening?” I ask and they both look at me.

“My husband has not been cheating on me with Raven. I know about Raven and I was the one who insisted that she should get the gift,” the lady said and I was shocked.

“I’m sorry but I do not understand,” I say and she comes close to me.

“Chris, it is not our place to tell you. Ask Raven yourself,” she said and I walked out of their house, confused.

Why were they so happy about Raven coming to their house? Why?

I decided to go to the old lady’s house and find out about it because I knew that Raven wouldn’t answer to anything I ask her.

“Mrs. Smith can I talk to you?” I ask as soon as she opened the door and she nods letting me in. She poured some tea for me and gave me some cookies to eat.

“Mrs. Smith I would like to talk to you about Raven,” I say as she sits down and she looks at me.

“I am sorry but who are you?” she asked and I forgot that I haven’t introduced myself yet.

“I am Chris Davis and I go to the same college as Raven,” I say and as soon as I said my name, she stood up angrily.

“You are the one who falsely accused my Raven of being a home wrecker in front of everyone aren’t you?” she asked, her voice rising.

“Mrs. Smith that was before I knew what was happening. I am so sorry, but I need to speak to you,” I say and she stops for a while to let me talk.

“I have observed Raven for the past few months and I have seen her very sad and always alone. I want to help her please,” I say and she sat back down.

“You want to help my Raven?” she asked softly and I nod.

“I want to help her Mrs. Smith, so please help me,” I say and she nods readily.

“I want to know what has happened to her to make her like this,” I ask and she gave me a sad look.

“Chris, I can’t tell you that because it is not my place to do so. But I will tell you one thing. I met Raven few years back, at the beginning of her first year of college when she first moved here. She came to me asking for a job and I gave her one. She works to pay off her college tuition and her apartment rent. She is not dependant on anyone,” she says and I was shocked.

“Mrs. Smith what about her parents? Don’t they pay for it?” I ask and she shakes her head slowly and sadly.

“No dear. Her parents have kicked her out of the house and abandoned her only giving her $25, 000,” she said and I was horrified. What had Raven done to get kicked out?

“Are they her adoptive parents or step parents?” I ask and she shakes her head again.

“They are her biological parents. They told her that what had happened to her was a disgrace to the family so they abandoned her,” she said with tears in her eyes and I decided to leave.

“Thank you Mrs. Smith,” I say and she nods.

“Please help her Chris,” she says and I promise her that I would and I walk out of her house.

Now I was more determined to help Raven. What had happened to her so bad that her parents decided to leave their daughter who was so kind and caring? I wanted to know and I know I will.

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