Unwanted Daddy

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"That was until an equivalent face sparked his obsession once again" Eighteen years later, Mae Wilson's life is very predictable, has swell friends, graduated high school, her looks are alluring and has a sweet caring boyfriend named Jake Crano, Predictable enough right? Unfortunately, her happiness is soon called into question when a certain past obsession tumbles into her life unexpectedly. Mae is confused and shocked when she tends to unravel secrets of the past behind the obsession... Will history repeat itself? Or will Mae find light at the end of the tunnel?

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Unwanted Daddy - I

That was until an equivalent face sparked his obsession once again'

Eighteen Years Later / Mae Wilson.

I ran and ran until sweat beads drip down my forehead, The pounding beat I felt against my chest due to my heart while I kept running down the sidewalk. The sun glazing down added to my body heat and sweat.

I loved it

Returning home from my usual jog, I take my earbuds out shaking off the muscle tension in my legs knowing my exercising is complete for today. I felt good working out and bright then I head inside desperate need of water. Entering the empty kitchen, I opened the fridge grabbing a bottle of water.

I drank it until it was empty and tossed it into the recycling bin underneath the countertop. My mom loves the world's environment, so she forbade's us to never harm it whatsoever.

Unfortunately, my father doesn't like to listen to my mother at all what keeps me frowning at their relationship is when he looks at her with total distaste or without a care in the world, I wouldn't be surprised if my dad is having affairs, they haven't shown love for one another in months.

It hurts me seeing my parents like this...

Speaking of which, my mother, Regina enters the kitchen holding an empty teacup as she holds a book in the other. Of course, me being the only child, I inherited her honey-colored hair, petite frame covered with creamy tan skin, and my father... his dark grey eyes.

I smiled "Hey"

She looked at me with a cordial grin "Hey honey, you like a sweaty mess" teasing

I giggled "Wanna hug?" She playfully grimaced,

"I would rather eat a rotten chip" I laughed faking a pout

"I'll go shower" About to exit the kitchen "Where's dad?" I asked curiously.

She sighs refilling her teacup "He's working late" her voice had bored laced in it, I frowned keeping silent. I continued to travel to my bedroom needing a shower, A cold one.

I always wonder if I was an accident that they were forced to stay together because of me, and they just kept their mouths shut and dealt with my presence but that's speculation.

I'm afraid to ask or afraid to know the answer.

However, my relationship with my mother is pretty sane and close, so I'm probably just overreacting here.

An hour later, I finished with my shower as I sit on my bed only wearing boy shorts, a loose crop tank top, and the towel sitting on my head, Since I graduated my college plans are set in the future, I just wanna enjoy life, get a job and explore.

Possibly live on my own.

Hearing a text pop in, I pick up my cell seeing Jake's name as I feel my heart race, He still gives that effect on me and I love it. We've been seeing each other for the past year and a half,

But sadly my father doesn't accept of our relationship, in fact, dad hates Jake with a passion and I have no clue why, Jake's sweet, a gentlemen, and caring however there's no changing his mind, Even mom is confused, and she loves Jake,

It's weird.

'When can I see you, baby?' He texts.

I sigh dreamily "Soon, I miss you... hopefully tomorrow"

'Just as long your dad isn't there and I miss you more'

I frowned at his message, It sucks that dad doesn't accept him, It makes things harder between us. I slipped on a large shirt and left my bedroom for some food and when I entered the kitchen again, There he was...

My father late as usual as he pours himself some wine at the counter and when he spots me, his eyes scan my appearance with a look that always made me shiver with coldness,

I hated it for years... I think when I turned sixteen he started to look at me in certain ways. His odd stares made me feel so uncomfortable that I wanted to scurry away... Unfortunately, I live with him and I'm so baffled why he keeps sending those unnatural stares, Body language--he's not supposed to do that, especially not with me.

A daughter shouldn't feel that way towards her own father. He even had his own dominant aura that I felt causing my tail to cower between my legs.

I tend to ignore it but somehow it still effects me in every way.

My father and I's relationship wasn't like with mom, We fight, throw heated angry glares at each other from time to time due to our differences, He's never fair

My dad, Kyle...

Always gets what he wants.

Welcome to the second book of Daddy's Obsession and if any of you are confused fill free to ask questions and I'll do my best to answer them but not too much, I don't wanna spoil the story.

And confusion about the Wilson Family will be answered throughout the story so stay tuned.

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