Life like a roller coaster

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A strange Incident

“Rise and shine my little angels” Mom said opening the window and letting the fresh air come in the room and making it bright. We all woke up and then suddenly I remembered what had happened last night.

“Aren’t we going to go to the market today?” I asked all of a sudden

“Good morning! Yes, we are. You were never too excited before to go to the market.”


“No problem. Now get ready fast and come down. Breakfast is ready. We have to leave early or else there will be a rush in the market. We will be returning before 11…”

“What? 11!” we all screamed.

“Oo. Sorry at 12. I just forgot.” Mom laughed.

We made our beds, got ready and ate our breakfast. The car was already there. We got in and mom drove it to the market. We stopped in front of a traffic signal when I saw the sign Jill Gates. It was a very old place which was maybe built when my great grandfather was there. From the window of the car I could see old people and beggars sitting over there but the buses which arrived over there were quite modern and beautiful. I pinched Ellie.


“Sorry! Look over there” I whispered pointing to the sign.

“Jill Gates!” she exclaimed.

“What’s the matter Ellie? Jill Gates is the name of a bus stop.” My mom spoke from the driver seat.

“Aunt actually….”

“Mom actually in the school we learnt about Jill Gates. There was an old woman whose purse was stolen and a kind man helped getting caught of the thief. So we wanted to go there and see the bus stop. Amazing colors of bus also comes there.” I made up a fake story.

“Yes aunt. Can we go there and have a glimpse of it until you do the groceries.” Said Daniel

“Yeah sure but…”

“But what mom?”

“No its fine. I wanted one of you to help me with groceries.”

“Ellie can help. Right Ellie?”

Ellie gave an angry shot. “Sure aunt. I will help you.”

Mom parked the car aside and we stepped out. It was hot and I could hear honking of cars and people yelling. The shopkeepers were calling out to customers.

Somewhere I heard show your painting skills. I love painting and wanted to join a contest. I looked at my watch and saw that it was half past ten. There was plenty of time left for Jayden to come. I told Daniel and he agreed to come with me.

I saw a big banner on the end of the road ‘SHOW YOUR ART TO THE WORLD’. I went there and saw the rules. The winner get $500. That was a great amount for me. I was saving up to buy some accessories.

Like a real artist I moved my brush with fine strokes of paint. I saw the others standing near me. They made really beautiful ones and my painting was of a one year old kids painting. I gave my full concentration and imagined what I wanted to draw.

Those lavenders, the doves sitting on the branches and singing, the humming birds flying and the bees collecting nectar made the nature vibrant and vivid. I did my best and in no time my painting was ready. It looked beautiful. At least it was not of a one year old Child's painting. I gave it to the person who was directing the contest.

Daniel was roaming around eating an ice cream which he bought from a nearby stall. He was not interested in painting.

I looked up at my watch. There were ten minutes left and the judges were still discussing. Finally they came up.

“Hi everyone! Thank you to all these young artists who came here and participated in this contest but, out of all these masterpieces we can only choose two of them. Any guesses?” the judge spoke holding a piece of paper in his hand.

There was silence.

“The second winner is Lithium berry who painted the love between a mother and a child. Would you like to say something about your painting?” The judge asked him.

He went in and spoke some words. I didn’t pay any attention to what he said as I wanted to know who the first winner was.

“And for now, the first winner is…”

I clutched in Daniels hand closing my eyes. He must have got a bad pain.

“Annie Malay!” the judge finally announced.

I just didn’t believe it. They gave the $500 with a golden certificate. I was so happy and everyone was cheering for me. I looked at my watch and saw it was 11!

“Would you like to-

“Sorry sir but I have to rush” I interrupted the judge. I felt really embarrassing to do that and I walked out from there with Daniel like Cinderella left when it was 12. Friendship is more important than anything.

Daniel and I were in Jill Gates bus stop when someone came and said “Excuse me?”

I turned back to see a boy. I didn’t recognize him at first. It was Jayden. He had grown quite tall and his clothes were quite shabby like a beggar who walks around the streets. His hair was a mess. We didn’t meet each other after he had moved out last year.

“Oh! Hi Jayden. Is it you?” I asked.

“Hi Annie. So nice to meet you.” He said and stretched out his hand. They were quite dirty but I didn’t mind. “Hi Daniel. You seem to be grown up. Where is Ellie?”

“She went to help mom with the groceries.” I said, “Never mind. What have you done to yourself and what was so important you had to tell us?”

“Yes. I have something to tell you and I would need your help.”

“What is it Jayden?”

“Let’s go under the shade of that tree.”

Daniel and I followed him. We sat there and Jayden told what had happened with him in the past few days.

“Last Thursday I went to the market with dad to help him with his work. When we were returning it was already dark. The stars were shining brightly and the moon was there too so it made it easy for me and dad to go back home easily. When we were just a few mile far from home a man with a black car came in front of us and said that he had some work with dad. My dad said me to stay there and he will return after a talk with that man. My dad went and he never returned. Two hours passed but there was no sign of my dad. My uncle came in searching for us and took me back home.”

Daniel was shocked with the incident that happened with Jayden.

“I am so sorry for your loss. Can we do anything to help you?” I said being sympathetic.

“Help me find my dad. The cops have given up thinking that dad is dead but I believe he is alive.”

“Annie! Daniel!” came a voice from the back.

We stood up immediately and saw it was mom with Aunt Aleeza.

“Who is this boy? And what are you doing here?”

“Mom, please calm down.” I said, “He is our friend Jayden”

Daniel and I described what had happened with poor Jayden and that he needed our help.

“Oh no! I am really sorry for you Jayden. You should take help from the cops, right?” Mom said

“But they have given up” Daniel said.

“Please help me with these things” Ellie said who was holding a bunch of bags. I took some bags from her hand. I saw how longingly Jayden was staring at the bag of bacon and tomatoes. He looked quite hungry and have not eaten for days.

“Mom, can we take Jayden to our house and talk about a solution.” I asked my with my best puppy eyes hoping she would understand.

Mom looked at Jayden and nodded.

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