Life like a roller coaster

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Number of the car

“Eat with your stomach full or else you won’t have energy to find your dad” Aunt Aleeza said giving Jayden some bread with bacon.

“Thank you Aunt Aleeza and Aunt Malay” Jayden said “I could eat an elephant now”

We all laughed.

We were sitting and discussing for a solution to find Jayden’s dad.

“How can we find your dad in this big country?” Ellie asked.

“There surely must be a way.” I said.

We all kept on thinking hard when Daniel jumped up.

“Did you find a solution?” Jayden asked with a smile on his face.

“Um…no, Actually I wanted to stretch out.” Daniel said stretching his arms.

The smile faded away from Jayden’s face.

“I have got a way. Do you remember the number of the car?” I asked hoping he would remember.

“Yes, I do. It was full moon so the number was clear and I like noting down numbers,” he said “D-1436”

“That’s it. Mom we can go to the road authority and ask whom does the car belongs to. Right?”

“Yes we can but I am not free today. Maybe you all can go riding your bikes” Mom said “Aleeza is it fine if Daniel and Ellie go too?”

“Yeah it’s fine. But be in your best behavior.” Aunt said giving them permission and a piece of advice.

We went to the shed and took out our bikes. They were dirty as we had not taken them out for a while.

“My tire is punctured” Daniel said looking at his tire.

“Take this” I said giving him the pumping machine.

We attached a seat behind Daniel’s cycle so that Jayden could sit and have a ride. Our driver helped in it. They were supposed to take turns on the way so that they don’t become too tired.

Soon we were all ready. I had the map with me and Aunt explained me in which we should go. We went down the hill and started cycling. In less than 20 minutes we were in the road authority department.

We parked our bikes in the shed which was for bikes and went in.

“Hello kids!” Said a tall looking man. He was bald from the center of his head and he had badge on his coat. It was written Jackson Mathew.

“Hello sir” I greeted being polite and respectful towards him.

“How can I help you? You want a car or a license. I don’t see someone elder with you? Did you come alone? Are you lost?” He asked so many questions all together.

“No we have not come to have a car. There is no one elder with us. We came here to know whose car this belongs to. D-1436.” Jayden asked.

“I see. There is a board over there” he said pointing to big black board near a pillar with the letter D on the top of it “You will find the details of the car over there.”

“Thank you!” we all chorused.

We went towards the board. It was in a corner of the wall and luckily we found the number which Jayden told us.

“This car belongs to Mr. James and he lives in the cottage which is near the river Luka.” I read out from the board.

“No time to waste. Let’s go” Jayden said as he was worried for his dad.

I fished on the map for the river Luka which was five km far from the road authority. We all took our cycles and started riding towards our destiny. It took us twenty minutes to reach there.

“There are four cottages here. Which one is Mr. James cottage?” Daniel asked.

“It’s probably the yellow cottage. It’s the second cottage which was written in the address” I stated.

“Yes, you are right” Ellie agreed.

We went to the cottage. It was surrounded by a bed of white and red roses on the left side and the right side was surrounded with fruits and veggies. We kept our bikes on the other side of the fence.

Jayden knocked on the door.

No answer

Knock! Knock!

Out came an old woman who looked quite angry.

“Who is it Malda?” came an old person’s voice from inside the house.

“Just some spoiled bunch of kids who don’t have any manners” she answered back.

“We are sorry Ma’am but we have come here for an important talk with Mr. James. Is this Mr. James house?” Jayden asked.

“Yes. It is” she replied angrily “There are some kids who want to meet you sir.”

“Send them in” said the man.

The woman stepped aside letting us in the house. The house was not as small as it looked from exterior. The room was covered with a warm blue carpet and it was equipped with beautiful furniture. There was a comfy arm chair where a man sitting there with a newspaper on his hand. There were stairs which led to the top floor of the house.

He wore his spectacles and looked at us with a smile on his face.

“Hello kids. What brings you here?” he asked us kindly.

“Hi” said Jayden “Are you…. Mr. James?”

“Yes! I am Mr. James. How can I help you?”

“Actually we came here from the address which you gave in the road authority for your car D-1436”

“You know my name and the number of my car too but you see my car was stolen last Thursday around six in the evening when I was about to return home from work. That car was really good.” He said.

“Oh! We are really sorry for your loss but actually my father has been missing from that day. Someone have stolen your car and then kidnapped my dad.

“Your dad is Kidnapped!” exclaimed Mr. James “I don’t understand one thing. What does it have to do with my car?”

“You see that Jayden, I mean my friend, he was returning with his dad from work late at night when a car came in front of them. A man came out and said that he had a talk with his dad and he didn’t return till today.” I explained Mr. James as Jayden felt downhearted.

“Maybe I can help you all. Do you know what my profession is?” Mr. James asked

We all just moved our head right to left.

“I am a detective. I have been looking for my car since that day. I have a device name called AFG which locates where my car is going. I have been busy with some other work so I didn’t track my AFG. I can buy a new car so I didn’t care much”

“Sir, can you please track your AFG as it might help me find my dad” Jayden said with a hope to find where his dad is.

“OK sure but…..”

“But?” I asked curiously

“But it’s time for lunch. You kids seem not have eaten anything. Why don’t we eat lunch first then we can check the AFG.”

We were all so busy that we forgot about lunch but when Mr. James mentioned about it, butterflies started flying in my stomach. We all looked at each other and nodded.

“OK then. Come to the dining room”

We all followed Mr. James to the dining room and sat down. The table was very huge like the ones we have on Christmas Eve. The table and chairs were made of fine wood.

Daniel picked the chair and moved it back instead of dragging it. He didn’t want a detective to show how a bad mannered he is.

“Malda, give these kids lunch also” he said to the old woman.

“Where do you all live?” he asked us.

“We live in the dove hill” Ellie answered.

“It is very beautiful. You should visit it.” Daniel suggested.

“Yes, I will as you said that it is beautiful" he said smiling at us “Malda! Bring lunch for these kids too. They are going to have lunch with me.”

Malda brought in lunch and settled them on the table. She kept the plates so ferociously that it made a bang noise every time she kept them. She was maybe not happy with the fact of us having lunch here but I didn’t mind because I felt really hungry.

We started eating. There was a whole grilled chicken with a healthy salad. There was a tomato soup too.

Later we sat on the living room waiting for Mr. James aka the Detective to bring his AFG to track the car from the study room.

“I didn’t use this for a long time so it took time to look for it” he said coming with a small device in his hand and a tab.

“It’s ok. I just want to find my dad” Jayden said.

Mr. James sat down on his armchair and did some sort of connections.

“Yes! I found it!” He exclaimed keeping the device on the top of the small table.

We all surrounded it. Mr. James showed the way where his car was with a pen. He printed the map on a paper and gave it to Jayden. I looked at it and saw that it was quite far.

“Jayden, I think that it is not safe for us to go alone there. There should be someone elder with us. It’s been a long time we are far from home. Your mom might be worrying about you. Mom and Aunt will also be worried. Why don’t we take them along with us? The cops can also follow us” I said to Jayden.

“Yes. Annie is right” Daniel said as there was a point on what I said.

“I can also come with you all. You might need my help” Mr. James said.

We all took our bikes and Mr. James followed us with his motor bike.

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