Life like a roller coaster

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Texas Valley

It was half past 3 when we reached Dove hill. Daniel and Ellie stayed with Mr. James in the bottom of the hill while I and Jayden went to call mom and aunt Aleeza.

Jayden and I explained everything to mom and aunt Aleeza. They were also happy that finally we had found out the location of the car. Mom was going to call the cops when there was a knock on the door. I went to open it and saw that it was Mr. James.

“Hi Annie” he said out of breath, “Did you call the cops?”

“No. Mom is going to call them” I replied.

“No, don’t call them. The kidnappers might get aware of the cops and leave the place which might harm Jayden’s dad”

Jayden bulged his eyes out. “No way. I don’t want my dad to be harmed”

“OK then. I am not calling the cops”

Mom didn’t call the cops. She went backyard and took out the car.

“It’s a long way to Texas valley” she said taking out the key of the car from her pocket.

“Mrs. Malay, you are right” Mr. James said.

Aunt Aleeza said that it will be better if she stayed in the house. There won’t be enough room for everyone in the car. Mom nodded.

We all sat in the car. We picked Daniel and Ellie on the way.

“Jayden, can I have the map?” mom asked.

“Yes Aunt” he replied giving her the map which got some creases when he kept it in his pocket.

It took us one hour to reach Texas Valley. We were there by half past four. Mr. James suggested that we should hide the car behind some bushes so that the kidnappers don’t find out. Mom did the same thing.

After that we looked for Mr. James car. Soon Ellie found it behind a bush covered with dried leaves. She had slipped down from a rock which led her to remove the cover of leaves from the car.

“It’s the same car I saw that night” Jayden said remembering.

“We have found the car, but where did they hide your dad?” Mr. James asked.

Soon we heard footsteps. We covered the car as it was and hid behind the bush. They might have heard Ellie’s scream who got hurt on her knee. We all were silent and tried not to move as there will be crumbling noise of the dried leaves.

I tried to peek and see from where the man was coming. I found a perfect spot where I could see a man. He was short and fat. He wore a black coat with a hat on his head. He even had a knife in his hand. After looking here and there, not finding anyone, I saw him going through a tunnel and then he vanished. Surely there was something in that tunnel.

I went back to the others and told them what I had seen.

“What if that man had seen you?” Mom scolded.

“They didn’t, right. Mom, don’t worry. Now let’s go and check there but before that we have to prepare something” I said

“What?” everyone asked.

“We have to become a camouflage. We have to cover ourselves with leaves so that in case if any one come out they won’t understand”

“Such an intelligent girl you have Mrs. Malay” Mr. James praised.

“I have a tape” Ellie said taking a tape out of her pocket.

“There are some green hats in the car, I guess” Daniel said “We had used them on earth day”

“I will go and bring them” Mom said going to the car.

“Let me help Annie.” Jayden said offering to help me.

“Who is going to go first?” Mr. James asked.

Ellie came forward and we helped her covering with leaves. Then came Daniel and then Mr. James. We didn’t had to do much with mom because she was already wearing a green top and leggings. Then we helped cover Jayden and then me. We all wore the green hats which matched with our new outfit. We were looking like real bushes and that’s what we wanted.

“Armies! Are you ready?” Mr. James asked.

“Yes sir!”

“Mission Dad kidnapped on process!”

We all walked towards the tunnel. It was very good that we had finished making the outfits before it became dark. The sun was setting down and birds were flying back to their home. The sun rays went deep inside the tunnel making it easier for us to see.

We were looking if there was any hidden door in the tunnel when I felt myself going down a hole. I kept quiet but I wanted to scream and call my mom to help out. There was a ladder so I didn’t fell directly in the ground. I climbed down instead of climbing up.

Mr. James had given us all a device in which we were connected together. I put that device on my ear.

“Hello. This is Annie. Can anyone hear?” I whispered fearing that someone inside the hole might hear.

“Hey Annie! It’s me Jayden. We are all looking for you.” Jayden answered through the device.

I tried to remember the place in the dark tunnel.

“Listen everyone.” I whispered back “In the right side of the tunnel there is a cross mark with black ink. The kidnappers might have marked it over there so they don’t forget. Right in the bottom of that there is a hole. Just be careful and come down through the help of the ladder. I am waiting there”

“OK” everyone whispered back.

By that time I looked around it. It was a cave I suppose. There were stones all around and the roof was high. The walls were made of rocks. I saw two more dark tunnels leading to a way.

Which tunnel will lead to find Jayden’s dad? I thought to myself.

That’s when I heard footsteps behind me. I got scared and crouched down hoping that the person won’t notice me.

“Annie!” someone whispered.

“I am here. Are you Ellie?” I asked standing up.

“No. I am Daniel” he said.

One by one all the others came down. I said them about the two tunnels. No one was sure which way to go so we divided us into two groups.

“Jayden, Annie and Mrs. Malay can go to the right tunnel” Mr. James said.

“Ellie and Daniel can come with me. Whoever gets the right tunnel will say us through that small device”

We went in our directions. Jayden had a torch with himself. He leaded the way towards the tunnel.

“Wait” Mom stopped us, “Look, there is a liver. In olden days there were mysterious rooms in the caves which are opened by a liver”

“Then why wait Mrs. Malay. Let’s pull it” Jayden said going forward.

“No, there will be a huge noise when the wall will go back. It can be dangerous” Mom said.

“Yes Jayden. We have to wait for one of the people to come out. Surely they will run out of food or water and they have to come out” I explained him.

Mom and I could tell from Jayden’s face that he could not control his patience to meet his dad. I put my ears to the wall. Luckily the walls were thin and I could hear what was going on the other side.

“Tell where the map is?” one man asked.

“I won’t” replied another man whose sound seemed very sad “Even if you kill me, I won’t tell you”

“Sir, look how much he loves his country” another man said.

They all laughed. I didn’t understand what map they were talking about. Surely the person who knows about it won’t tell. Was it Jayden’s dad?

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