Life like a roller coaster

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“If your dad was here than he would have given some nice kicks to these kidnappers” Mom said, “but he have gone on a business trip and it will take him a long a time”

I nodded. That’s when I heard a man speak “There is no water. Go bring some water”

I said this to mom and Jayden. The tunnel was wide and we had our camouflage outfit so, we split. There was a huge creaking noise as the wall opened as we had expected. The man came out with a small plastic bottle in his hand.

“Keep the door open. No one will come” the man said looking back to the others, “This is a very scary place and its already dark outside. No chance of anyone coming here”

“Ok, don’t think yourself too smart. Go and bring water now” another man said. It was dark so I could not see the face except for the person who was tied in a chair.

That made our work easier to keep the wall open. There was not much light there. The man went and I took that device out.

“Hello Mr. James. We are here. The kidnappers are in this tunnel” I said.

“Maybe you are wrong. The kidnappers are here and they are asking for a map” he said.

I was shocked.

“Did you see someone going out to bring water?” I asked him.

“Yes, I heard someone but they didn’t come out from here.”

“That means there are two ways to enter in that room. Why don’t we call the cops?”

“Hey girl! What are you doing here?” a man came out and caught my hand firmly and dragged me inside. Luckily, he didn't see mom and Jayden.

My hat had fallen in the ground when I fell in that hole. I forgot to pick that up and the man saw me. I wish I had been more careful. The leaves started to fall from my dress when the man dragged me.

Mom was going to come out to save me but Jayden stopped her.

“We all will be caught. Wait for Mr. James to come here” I heard him say to my mom through that device.

“Leave me alone.” I screamed at them “Leave me alone”

“Should we leave you?” the man said and laughed “Who else is here with you?”

“No one” I answered confidently “Now, leave me”

“Who is here with you?”

“Are you deaf? No one is here with me”

“Surely there is and you are lying. You said to one of your partners to call the cops?”

“Oh really. Why are you scared of the cops?” I asked him to find out the truth and I knew the others were listening to me through the device.

“Annie, why are you talking so much?” mom scolded.

“Annie don’t be scared and have patience” Mr. James said.

“None of your business. We want to get that treasure box and this man knows the map” he said looking at me ferociously.

I looked at the man and recognized him at once. It was Jayden’s dad but I could not see the man who was speaking with me because he was wearing a mask and it was dark.

People hide their faces when they want to hide their real identity from the world. Only the boss was wearing the mask, they others were not as I could see in that dim light. I eat carrots so I have powerful eyes.

“Why are you wearing a mask?” I asked him.

“You talk too much. Seal her mouth” he said in anger.

“How would your daughter feel if you would do to her like this?”

That’s when the man didn’t say anything, like I was his daughter. I didn’t mean to say that but I could not control my anger.

The man who had gone to bring water came running in the room.

“The cops are here” he said out of breath.

“What?” the man with the mask said “Pack up all these things. Get the car ready and put this girl and the man in the car too. This girl is a big trouble”

One of the men caught my hand so firmly that it pained. I wish I could scream but my mouth was sealed with a tape.

“Sir, this boy was there too” a man came holding Jayden in his hands.

“Dad, I am so happy that I found you” he said tears falling off from his eyes. Nothing mattered to Jayden. I think that he didn’t know that he was with the kidnappers.

“I see that a son has come here to get his father. You can meet him only if you and your dad are alive” the man said and laughed.

“The son and the father will surely meet and you will meet the beats of the prison” a man said standing in front of the wall.

It was one of cops. They came in the perfect time. Mr. James, Ellie, Daniel and mom were all there. The kidnappers left and started running towards another direction of the wall. There was another secret door and most of the men had fled. The cops took their car out and started following them.

Mom hugged me. We went out of the cave and removed our camouflage outfit. We looked for mom’s car as it was dark out now. Then we all helped in removing the leaves from the car. We got in and took our way on the road. We found the cops and the kidnappers. The cops had gotten caught of the kidnappers. They were not only kidnappers, they were thieves too.

The cops took them on the cliff to ask questions.

They removed the mask of the man. What mom and I saw just broke our hearts. I went closer to the man to make sure that it was not what I saw.

“Dad…” I said in a small voice.

“Annie….” The man answered back, “I am sorry”

I moved back from my dad and hugged my mom. We both cried.

“Why did you kidnap this man?” the leader of the cop asked.

“I became greedy of money and I got to know that there is a big treasure in this city. I wanted it and this man knew where the map was as he was the agent of that man who owned the treasure. My business was in loss and I had to do it for money”

“You taught me never to steal money or harm anyone. You not only harmed Jayden’s dad you even harmed your own daughter” I said him. I felt shameful to call him as my dad.

“I even killed Mark because he threatened to kill me”

“You are so bad” Daniel said.

“So was your dad”

There were many questions asked.

I felt really bad that my dad was the one whom I was looking for. He said that he was going for a business trip and instead he went doing all these things which criminals do.

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