Life like a roller coaster

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Changes in Life

Years passed and dad had gone to prison. Aunt Aleeza, Ellie and Daniel thought that mom and I were also like dad.

I didn’t meet Jayden after that incident. People started to label us. They would clutch their purses like we would snatch them like a thief and run away.

My mom could not go to the market to buy groceries even. The shopkeepers who knew mom very well also didn’t give us even if we offered them money.

They used to call us funny names and many things. No one even played with me. The friends I had in my neighborhood also didn’t play with me. I was grown up but still I didn’t had anyone to talk with me.

Dad was hanged to death last night for all the things he had done. I missed my dad though he had done all these things.

I didn’t have breakfast as there was nothing in the house. We ran out of food and everything. It was usual. We went to bed hungry. I didn’t had any friends, relatives or someone to play with me.

We were living just because of Mr. James but even he passed away last night due to sever fever. There was nothing mom and I could do alone in this world. Mr. James would do the groceries and he taught me money things. I had only his company and no one else. Why was not everyone like him? I thought.

One day, I asked him this question.

“Why is not everyone like you?”

He just looked at me, “Life is not same for everyone, there are always ups and downs like a roller coaster. Sometime it goes fast and sometimes slow and sometime up and down”

“That means I am riding in a roller coaster. The ups and downs are gone and again coming” I said with a sigh.

Mom used to locked herself in the room and cried all day. I felt really bad for her. She missed dad and I did too. She even missed her sister.

“This is enough. Why should we care for a person who didn’t care for us” I said her standing in front of her bed room door.

She came out and looked at me. She wiped of her tears and put her hand on my shoulders.

“Yes Annie, you are right. I wish we could go to another city and start a new life” she said like she had gathered up all he courage.

“Yes, let’s go to another city. At least we won’t hear all these names being called to us.” I said to her.

“I wish we could but we don’t have money to take a bus”

“We have money. The money which I have been saving up for my whole life.”

I went to my bedroom and took the money out. Mr. James would give us some money for the expenditure and I would save some for myself. The money I got from the painting competition was also there. We would not need to take a bus if mom had not sold her car.

I gave the money to my mom and she cried. She should be proud of a daughter like her. I want to show the world that even women can do things without men.

Mom and I packed our things. We didn’t take many things with us because we could not take them. I looked around at my house and remembered all the things that I would do with my cousins. I am nineteen but I still remember all those things.

Leaving Dove hill, in which I was born was very sad. I went to the edge of the hill and stared at the sky. That breeze was there again and I would remember that forever. I didn’t want to leave it but I should to start a new life. I life which I would live by myself in freedom.

Mom and I went to the same Jill gates and took a bus from there. We took a local one as there was not enough money we could afford. We had to stand all the way to the new city.

It took as an hour to reach. We rented out a small apartment and started living there. The apartment was not so good. There was just one bedroom and I had to sleep on the sofa. The electricity would come and go. The water was not even fresh enough. To earn a living mom did a part-time job of a doctor.

We forgot about our relatives and everyone. I made new friends and started going to college. In the evening I would teach the young ones how to paint. I would get a salary too which was enough for me and my mom to live. My life went really smooth after I came in the Ville city.

Many artists liked my paintings and soon I became one of the famous artists. Rich people paid me a handful of money for the paintings I made.

I had a lot of money so I bought a new apartment with adequate facilities so my mom could live a better life.

“Life changes so easily right?” I asked my mom one day during supper.

“Yes, my dear. Our life is like a roller coaster. There had been so many ups and downs. I am sorry I could not give you a better life”

“Don’t say that mom. I am having a better life. Ms. Lucy wants to take me to London to organize a painting contest but I don’t want to. I want to organize it here and make all these young kids know how to paint.”

My mom just smiled at me.

I always remembered those words of my mom and Mr. James. We have to face many difficulties and soon happiness will come.Life is like a roller coaster.

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