The Melancholy

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He is a city boy... And she is from the forest... A love that is so impossible... A secret that is too much too handle... An emotion that will pierce through his heart.....

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter I

"The target is this man." as the old man with wierd looking beard show a picture of a woman to her father and her mother.

"Do you want it looks like a natural death or with a gun?" his father ask.

The old man grin then walk towards the window. "Kill her with this." he pull a knife in his pocket. It is gold with Ruby gem on its handle.

"You must be kidding us?" said by her mom with full of surprise on its face.

"No, dear.. I am serious. You need to kill her using this.." said by the old man then he walks toward her mother and point the knife in her throat.

"what are you doing?" protest by his father.

The little girl under the table started to cry out of fear.

"mommy!!!" she came out under the desk and hug her mommy.

"what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be sleeping?" her mommy hug her.

"what do we have here? What is your name little girl?" ask by the old man as he pull the little girl towards him.

"Don't touch her." command by his father. He pulled a .38 gun under the table behind him, and point to the old man.

"Do not do anything stupid Miguel, you know what I can do."

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