The victims, witnesses, user, and the uncontrolled girl

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THUMP THUMP THUMP She could hear a heartbeat. Someone was here. Someone had saw what she had done, and she would be locked up in prison. Or worse. It wasn't her fault. It was, maybe, but it wasn't. The heartbeat was pounding and she heard the quiet whimpers of her witness. The witness ran, their footsteps pounding, their thoughts loud, and uncertain. She had to approach them in a certain way, that they wouldn't scream they wouldn't shout or start crying. She had to approach the thoughts in a way they would understand, trust her and agree to sign the contract, keeping her and the witness safe. Her goal was to get everyone to sign the contract, so she wouldn't be able to hurt anyone in her five minute rage storms she had every night. But she had to do it sneakily, in a certain way, because she knew someone was hunting her, someone would use her for their own good. She had tried killing herself, in order to save the others, but she found that nothing could kill her, and by the next morning what ever injuries she had would be gone. She would be in perfect condition. She tried going to jail, she woke up at home. Now, her goal was to make the witness sign the contract, before midnight,, preferably alone. But, there was one problem, someone in the camp is the one hunting her and trying to use her, and she didn't know who. She is the uncontrolled girl, but the enemy is the user.

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Chapter 1

This story is to be viewed as not knowing who is who, until I tell you, obviously.

Charlotte looked around at the faces of everyone in the camp, she had no clue what was going on, until her friend tapped her at the shoulder and pointed to a crowd. Charlotte moved her way in the crowd, trying to say excuse me, and hoping they understood she looked at the ground where everyone was pointing at, there, scatter limbs and guts lay, and the head of a body lay. A head of a student at camp, the 5 year old Zachary.
Charlotte screamed, well she was pretty sure she did, judging from the vibrations in her throat. In case you haven't figured it out, Charlotte is deaf. She tried to slap herself awake, but the very real pain went in to her cheeks. A series of murders had went throughout the camp, but whenever the police did an investigation, another person was murdered, so now, nobody over the age of four could leave the camp. Unfortunately, Zachary had turned five a day before the law passed. Tears filled her eyes. Zach was Charlotte's little cousin. She looked around, and she saw Merriweather, who was next to her staring at the body, with sad, dead eyes. Next to Merriweather was John, a camp counselor with a look of rage spread across his face speaking (more likely yelling) words Charlotte could not here.
The fifteenth murder, there were only five hundred people in total in this place.
That day in camp, all she could think about, is how her or any one of her friends might be next.
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