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Three years, six months, and 12 days i thought as I watched her walk down the stairs.That was how long it took me to see her again. She looked as beautiful as ever.Her eyes shining as she unsheathed her knife. Her skin tinged with a golden glow as she slaughtered everyone that was keeping her from me.

Mystery / Adventure
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Chapter 1-SIENNA

My heart thumped in my chest as i ran across the narrow forest path into the foreboding darkness ahead.The footsteps behind me grew louder,my heart beat harder.I felt tears sting my eyes as I fell over and banged my head on a large rock.My vision swam as I looked at the three figures surrounding me.Closer.....closer...closer.A loud rasping noise filled the air and with a jolt I realized it was laughter.I woke up screaming.
00.23.I had been asleep for only three hours.I rubbed my eyes and looked around my dark bedroom.A single sliver of moonlight cut through the window as sharp as the silver knife under my pillow.I sat in my bed shivering,not from the cold but from fear.As i gazed out if the curtained window,my mind swirling with thoughts,the room suddenly darkened as a figure passed across my window.I stiffened.The atmosphere was suddenly alive with footsteps and voices.I slowly slid my hand under my pillow and grabbed the last gift my brother had given me.I stood up and opened the window.
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