Crushingly Firm

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Chapter Eight


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I missed my old life. The life which was simple. The life where I had friends and family. The life where I felt every emotion. The life where I felt loved and cherish.

But with the death of my dad everything vanished. I was now the queen of US mafia. Friends and family were a myth to me. The only emotions I allowed myself to feel were anger and grief. Being hated was my everyday thing.

My eyes were closed and all I could see was a black figure. Ocean blue eyes. He was laughing maniacally. He was teasing me. He was shouting at me. Even though he was not here in person, I could hear his words loud and clear.

Coward. Helpless. Failure.

Killer kept repeating those words. He kept on laughing at my helpless state. He was smirking at me. He was teasing me over and over again by saying:

Find me if you can. Kill me if you can.

I was at the verge of freaking out when suddenly my phone buzzed and I was back at home. Lying on the floor beside Raven who was now observing me with concern. I nodded in assurance and he took a relief.

I unlocked my phone and saw one unread message from Taylor. I instantly pressed it open.

T : I look forward for our movie date :)

I smiled at the thought of spending time with him and quickly typed my reply.

H : Me too ;)

I locked my phone and sighed. Yesterday I lost my calmness infront of him. He might be wondering what a raging bitch I am, who is a bipolar or something.

There was something in him that made him different from others. I just tended to be attracted to him a lot.

I was really unsure of how he might react about me inviting me. But when he agreed to it, my confidence increased towards him.

I felt a strange connection with Taylor. I wanted to spend more time with him. He was supposed to be here by the evening, which was a couple of hours from now.

I quickly sobered up and turned to Raven who was now busy playing Angry Bird while muttering a lot of curses.

"Raven", I called. But he didn't bother to look up. "Raven", I called again, but he kept on launching red chicks.

It made me pissed and I snatched his phone immediately. He scowled and glared at me. I rolled my eyes and ordered," I want the villa clean and empty for tonight. Only outer security is needed. Rest can get tonight off. Make the outer security tight." He raised his eyebrow but didn't question me.

I got off the floor and brushed my clothes. Turning on my heels went straight to my room. The room was back to normal now.

Thank God!

I peeled my clothes and grabbed my toiletries kit walking straight to the bathroom. I quickly took a warm shower and stepped out in my closet.

I chose a solid black t-shirt and black yoga shorts. After tying my hair I went to the kitchen. When I entered the kitchen I saw my professional chef assembling vegetables in order.

"Out. Your day is off" I ordered. He quickly arranged the rest of the veggies and practically ran out of the house. I went through the fridge and decided to make caramel popcorn and stuffed nachos.

Once I was done making popcorn I decided to wait for Taylor to come. So that the nachos don't get soggy. I started cleaning the table when the door bell rang.

I quickly washed my hands and went straight to the entrance. I took a deep breath.

I can do this. Just be normal. Don't mention your work. Do not make dark jokes. And smile wide and bright.

With that I opened the door politely and I think I died a little when I saw him. He was standing patiently. Black T-shirt and blue jeans showing off his well built body. He was holding a red rose in one hand while massaging his hair with the other.

Fuck me! He is hot.

"Hi!" I greeted. "Hi" He spoke in low husky voice. "I got this for you." He said sheepishly holding the rose out for me. "Thank you. Come in." I suggested. I took the flower while he nodded and came in.

"You can hang off your stuff up there" I motioned to the coat hooks mounted on the wall. "I'll grab my phone and order some take out. What do you fancy?" I called over my shoulder.

"Anything works for me as long as it's edible." He joked. "Cool! How about some Indian?" I offered, opening up the Just Eat app. "Sounds good to me." He agreed.

We settled on a fancy Indian take out while he looked around. He amusingly observed my villa. As we entered my theatre room, I motioned him to sit on the sofa. I picked up the remote, turning it on and opening Netflix. "You sit down and I will bring some snack for us to munch." I handed him the remote. "Choose whatever you like. I'm cool with everything."

"Ah, Let's see what is trending here."

He smiled and I left him flicking through movies while I headed to the kitchen and collected snacks with a chilled beer and a diet coke.

When I turned back, I saw that he had already chosen some movie called Game Night. I sat down next to him and offered him snacks and the drink.

"No Alcohol for you?" He raised his eyebrow. "No. I don't drink." I answered sternly not making eye contact. " Shall we start already?" I asked playfully to lighten the mood. He nodded and played the movie.

As soon as the movie started he got lost in it. I never watched movies. So instead I got lost in him. The way his messy hair fell on his eyes. The way his blue eyes stood out. His jaw was well defined. When he smiled his slightly crooked white canine popped out.

He was simply attractive.

As though he felt me at staring him, he turned his attention towards me. We both kept our gazes at each other. Every second his eyes became more and more darker.

Suddenly his eyes lowered on my lips giving me goosebumps and making the hair at the back of my neck stand. I took it as a cue and decided to initiate. I took a deep breath and leaned forward. He immediately started reciprocating and stopped until we could feel each others breath.

I could smell his cologne. I could hear his heart beat too. I closed my eyes and memorized this moment. I took my decision and pressed my lips against his.

His lips were so soft against mine, barely moving. He was very cautious and controlled. His hands moulded over my waist, holding me with trust. I clung around his neck and closed my eyes to feel the moment.

It felt amazing. I felt cherished. This feeling was amazing. I wanted the time itself to stop. Kissing him was making that girl who was broken, scared and blocked in my heart unleash. I felt myself opening up.

That was when it hit me. I was being vulnerable. If he knew his movements affected my feelings, he could hurt me. Real bad. And if I loose my strength to him, I could never win this world. This certain someone could defeat me. And I refused to let that happened.

My instincts immediately reacted and I pulled away quickly diverting my eyes back to the flat screen. From the corner of my eyes I could see a mixture of disappointment and surprise in his beautiful blue eyes.

He was observing me closely. But I quickly shut off my expression and put a poker face. He flinched a little at my sudden reaction but quickly covered it up. He cleared his throat and fixed his gaze back to the movie.

Either of us didn't speak a word. And after a while the air between us became thick which was making it hard for me to breathe. I simply got exasperated and opened my mouth to ask him.

I wanted to ask him if he was playing a game. If he wanted to be break me. If this was just to show me my weakness. But words couldn't come out.


I was still in between my mental conflict when the door bell rang. I had never been this thankfull to anyone before than I was today.

"I'll take that." It wasn't a question. It was an answer and I quickly exited the room to collect my takeout. I stood against the main door and peeked through the key hole. It was supposed to be a delivery man.

But the fuck a delivery man would have a gun in one hand and a swiss knife in the other. And I groaned internally at the upcoming events.

Fuck my life.

I quickly took out my gun from my pants and unlocked it's safety lock. I opened my door smiling widely. "I'm hungry. Where's my food fucker?" I asked jokingly but he didn't laugh.

Work on your damn joking skills bitch.

"Though I ordered food but looks like you are more hungry." I winked while his eyebrows furrowed in confusion, and then widened when I shot him with my pistol. He immediately fell on the entrance and blood started pouring out of his lifeless skull.

Shaking my head I called Raven. "Clean the mess on my entrance. It was a little birdie from RDx." I scowled. "Yes Boss." He said and I hung up on him.

Now I was more hungry. I groaned loudly at the thought of making my own dinner.

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