Crushingly Firm

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Chapter Nine


Everything was going cool. We were having fun. I was escastic. Everyone saw a monster in her but I saw a young winsome girl, who just wanted to feel normal.

When she kissed me I felt astounding. She was skilled, the way her soft lips moved against mine, she brought a joy to me. I was so lost in the moment that I didn't realize she was struggling to feel being revered. Suddenly she pulled away and acted like it didn't happen.

I wanted to tell her it was okay to feel cherished. It was okay to feel vulnerable. But I couldn't, that naïve girl was gone. Hestia sobered up like those emotions never existed in her.

I was about to reassure her when the doorbell rang breaking our silence. She excused herself and went to attend the door. I heard a few muffled voices and then..


What the fuck! Fireworks? Are we celebrating??

I was very confused until, I heard a man's yelp and agony. I immediately jerked away and ran straight to the door. What I saw next was the most weird-ish and horrible scenario in every fucking way.

A man shot right in between his head was lying dead on the door. Hestia was standing loosely at the table shaking her head while massaging her temple with one hand while a pistol in her other hand.

A gasp escaped my mouth seeing the most hideous scenario.

'HOLY SHIT!!' I shrieked. "Who is this dead man? What on earth did you shot him for?" my eyes widened.

"What? He didn't bring my kebab. It pissed me off so I shot him." She smirked.

"You can't be serious!" I screeched in disbelief. " Yea I was just messing around." She chuckled softly. I shaked my head in incredulity.

"I don't know what on the drunken day he decided he could kill me. He was on my door with a gun in one hand and knife in another. He himself planned his death with a cherry on top. What am I supposed to do." She explained.

Run Taylor! Run for your life! This bitch's lunatic.

Shut it Brain we know he loves it;)

Talking to brain and heart again aren't we?

Shut up y'all!

"Shit! Are you okay? Did he hurt you?" I immediately walked to her and started checking her for injury. She shaked her head not speaking but staring at me amusingly.

"What?" I asked confused. "Nothing." She immediately broke eye contact. "What is it?" I asked again. I wanted her to open up to me. I wanted to cherish every part of her.

"It's really foreign to see someone care." She stated with a blank expression. I felt bad for her. I just gave her a small smile.

Then suddenly I recalled that there's a body beside us. "Alright! Want are we gonna do with this no so genlte gentlemen?"

She raised her eyebrow, smirk appearing on her face, while she motioned on a door where out of nowhere a handful of black suit men appeared. Two of them carried away the dead gentlemen and the other two started cleaning the blood off the floor.

"Come on!" she put a hand over my shoulder pulling it slightly. "I'm hungry. Let's eat something." she said normally as if nothing ever happened here.

"I am not hungry." I stated. She raised her eyebrow at me. And then as always my stomach growled loud enough to be heard by two of us. She smirked and started walking to the kitchen.

"I'm seriously fucked up." I frowned to myself while following her. As we entered the kitchen, she told me to sit on counter while she made some chicken pasta.

She sat down with me and we ate our dinner in silence. After washing the dishes we sat in the television room again for while. We talked about some really random stuff to lighten the mood.

Currently she was laughing her ass off at the incident where I stole a dog from a pet care center and named it Meow.

"Why would you do that?" She asked between her laughs. "Because my apartment owner doesn't allow cat and I wanted one real bad so I named it Meow." I explained chuckling.

She looked so cute when she laughed. No one saw what I saw in that girl, an innocent girl. Her cheeks always turned pink when she laughed. Her curly hair would always bother her eyes, she complained. She had so dense brown hair that it covered her ears.

She was an absolute beauty. I always wanted to tell her that I really liked her even though she wasn't a normal being. I still wanted her to be with me, so I could make her laugh.

I wanted to take all her sorrow and tell her it was okay to cry a little bit. Tell her it was okay that she was broken. Tell her she has me with her. But words never found their way out. And she could not hear my feelings.

When she sobered up she looked in my eyes and asked me with sad curiosity," Why are you so nice to me? Why didn't you walk away from me when you found out that I kill people?"

I didn't expected her to ask this. I didn't what to answer. "I.. I don't know honestly." I stuttered. " You have been nothing but caring and nice to me. I love spending time with you. You are an amazing person. I don't care what you do." I placed my hand on her and gave her an assuring smile.

This is the moment. Tell her what you feel.

"Hestia. I really like you. I feel different about you. I wanna spend some time with you. I wanna be with you as much as I can." I told her everything I felt. I poured my heart out to her.

She just stared dead at me and spoke nothing for an entire minute. Then a tear slipped from her left eye. Even though her face was emotionless her eyes said it all.

I stood up, went towards her sitting on my knees. I tangled my hands in hers and smiled at her assuringly. She smiled back and sat down on the floor so that we were faced infront of each other.

She leaned in and so did I. We stopped just an inch before our lips could touch. I closed my eyes and started feeling her soft breath. I could hear her fast heart beat. Her face was calm and her surrounding was hot.

When I couldn't take it anymore I pressed my lips against her and starting kissing her softly and passionately. She immediately wrapped her hands around my neck and started kissing me back with equal emotions.

She pushed her tongue at my bottom lip asking for entrance which made me smile against her lips. I opened my mouth allowing her as our tongue started exploring each other's mouth.

At that very moment all the materialistic things seemed foreign to us. At that time just two of us mattered.

Just her and me.

Our emotions and our growing relations. In that moment I lost myself to Hestia Donadieu.


If this chapter is boring, I take full responsibility. I was really not in the mood of writing this particular chapter and I just wanted it to finish so that I could finally reveal my third main character.

I just kinda rushed this chapter and didn't really gave a soul to it. But remember we can't make every chapter mysterious.

Or else y'all will be beyond confused. So please forgive me for this.

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