Crushingly Firm

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Chapter Ten

Unknown POV (Even though it's not hard guessing the person)


I scratched my chin as I looked at the various pictures of Hestia. In one, she was pointing a gun at Miles. Her eyes were murderous. Her face was cold and hard with clenched jaw. The second one was of her looking through the pictures of the club. She looked confused and frustrated. Third one was of her laughing a joke.

I was staring at the picture amusingly when one of my pricks knocked on my cabin. "Come in." I ordered.

The guy knew the rule. He had exactly 10 seconds to tell me the information or he would end up being a dead men.

"You were right Sir. She is side tracked these days. She hasn't nosed in since a week." I nodded.

"Let her play the little emotion emotion game for a while now. Soon she will be at my feet." I chuckled proudly.

I was the master of these games. I successfully manipulated her for four years. I wanted to break her. Mold her into mine. I wanted to make her my very own toy.

It amused me to see her rule. Four years back she was just a bud. An untouched naïve bud. But now, in vengeance she blossomed. She was a beautiful forbidden flower. But again with thorns around her.

I craved her. Everything that belonged to her, Be it her goddess body, her presence, her hate or her love. I wanted to trap her soul and cage it. I wanted her to suffer. But no one except I could do that.

Ocean Blue Eyes.

That's what she called me.

I picked up all the photographs and walked up to my favorite wall. Her face was plastered all over the wall with every emotion she has ever felt. I had caged every moment of her I could. I took the pins and placed the pictures from my hand to the wall of Hestia.

I looked some more at her beautiful face until I had enough. When I was satisfied I turned around and sat back on my chair.

I switched on my laptop and opened the folder. I quickly read all the details, memorizing them as well. When I was done I hit the table bell. And the very next second a very nervous servant came running into my cabin.

"Sir." He spoke, fear oozing out of his voice. "How did she know that we sent that prick?" I asked slightly pissed. His eyes widened and his gaze fell to floor. I immediately smelled something fishy. "I'm not gonna repeat myself." I stated. He kept stuttering.

"Who?" I asked slowly controlling my boiling anger. But then a sweet idea bursted in my mind. Immediately a smile crept on my face. "You know what, just bring that bastard here." I clapped my hands in excitement.

“Author's Note: The following events show sadistic and masochistic nature of a character. Read at your own risk. Author neither supports nor endorses this type of behavior. The Romanticism being portrayed is strictly not to be practiced in real life. If you are affected or offended by any choice of word, kindly message the author personally instead of trolling her.”

I stared at the ceiling for a long time, rocking my chair back an fourth, until I was disturbed by some annoying shrills. I was bored. I could be doing something interesting like.....watching my little wild cat, Hestia.

But no. Here I was toying around with this little piece of lifeless shit. Because hello! Someone couldn't keep his mouth sealed and be loyal.

I pinched my nose and furrowed my eyebrows. I clicked my tongue while shaking my head looking at the passed out asshole. I was honestly amused at this guy who was lying all fours on my floor covered in blood, with an open mouth like a dead bug.

I heard a soft noise alerting me that the bug was conscious.


"I hate when people double cross me buggy. You know, as the king of the crimes as they call me, it's worst that could happen although it happens to me a lot. " I clicked my tongue again shaking my head in pity. I stood up and walked close to the bug. Sitting on the floor next to him.

You guys must be thinking,"Oh my fucking God! How Cliché this guy is!"

You know what? whatever.

The kid had ripped his pants in resisting my torture. His hair were all wet from sweat and dirt. Face covered in bruises and burn marks was turning pale.

And Oh yes! I did that. His eyes were filled with fear and guilt of betraying me. I instantly flashed him my biggest smile while chewing on my lip. He flinched. Of course, they all do.

He had an uncanny resemblance of my jaan. The same look was what I saw in her years ago when her father's dead body was lying infront of her.

My sweet little young Hestia. She was mine and only mine to be kept. I was waiting for her patiently for four years now. All I wanted was to have her and keep her caged.

I sighed as I realized the kid was now sobbing. "Where was I? Oh yeah, do not, ever tell on me." I patted his back in assurance which only made him sob more. He exactly knew the simple law.

You make voice, you die mute.

I took my swiss knife and twirled it around his left toe. I offered him my sadistic smile and sliced the finger off. He started squealing like a bitch in agony.

Beautiful red elixir started pouring out of his toe. How satisfying I noted mentally. Then I decided to make a matching pair of it by doing the same with the another toe finger. And like always he screamed like a five year old being in torment.

"Sheesh! Stop it. Will you? It's annoying and making my ears bleed. How pathetic you are? Have some tolerance you jerk. What are you huh? A wax doll?." I chuckled at my own joke.

"P...Please! Let Go! Let me live. I don't wanna d...die." He begged me for mercy. While I was busy blowing raspberry on my hair to move them away from my eyes, completely disregarded of his pleas.

"Do you think I should cut my hair?" I asked my one of my servant, massaging my soft and long jet black hair. "Let them grow sir. We can always shorten them if they keep bugging you, just like this kid." He commented pointing at the sobbing kid.

I laughed hysterically while nodding in agreement. "Well done Joshy!" I motivated him. When my laughter died a little I focused my attention back to the sniffing kid.

I pouted at his helplessness," Aww! Poor child, You thought you are a smart ass eh! Well, SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE!" I exclaimed. "I'm the god of smartness darling." I assured him.

All of a sudden a small idea crossed my mind making me excited, finally.

"I have a feeling I'm being a little biased here, ain't I Joshy?" I raised my eyebrow winking at him to play along. The corners of his mouth immediately twitched a little. A glint of mischief shinning in his eyes.

"Yes Sir! I think we should let him have his fair share of a chance to be able to escape." I scratched chin making a hmm sound, while pretending to be considering his suggestion.

The kid's face lit up swiftly with a hope making me chuckle a little mentally.

"Hmm.. Okay you have one chance to save your ugly ass." I said in a low voice earning vigorous nodes from him.

"I have loved hide and seek since childhood. As you can figure it out it's been ages since I played that game. Let's play this game, but..... with a twist. You have exact 10 minutes to hide in this humongous mansion. After you hide I'll also have 10 minutes to find you. And if I don't, you are to be set free." I was cut off by his face turning into a bright Christmas light while nodding vigorously.

"But.." I interjected. "If I find you. You die. And not just a regular one, but a slow and painful one." I narrowed my eyes at him.

His eyes twitched while he sighed. He remained immobile for a while and then finally spoke in a cracked up voice, almost in audible,"I agree Sir."

I instantly rubbed my knuckles excitedly. "Alright then. Your time starts..." I trailed while looking at the clock. From the corner of my eye I saw his adrenaline rush.

"NOW!"I exclaimed.

He immediately stood up running with unease out of the cabin. While he hid I decided to sing a song.

"Do you know where the end is

Do you think you can see it

Until you get there

Go on

Go ahead and scream it

Just say?"

I sang for a while until the hiding time was over.

I sighed and stood up from the floor starting my search. And as usual I caught him just in a minute. He was hiding behind my piano in my music room. Instead of catching, I decided of not letting him know. Making this game more enjoyable by raising his false hope.

He was shivering while taking harsh breaths, covering his mouth with one hand while holding on to the piano tightly with the other.

I quietly tippy toed towards him from behind as he was breathing hard completely unaware of my presence. As soon as his timer went off, he took a long sigh of relief thinking he was safe.

But, Gotcha!

I took it as cue and slowly moved my head towards his ear. I took a quick breath and whispered in a low husky voice " BOO!" taking him by surprise.

He immediately jumped in surprise screaming his ass off, gasping loudly. Seeing his response I laughed sadistically and caught him by his neck.

As always I was done with him in just two hours, and I have to say, he became an awesome piece of art. I stood up grinning at my grisly Picasso, then turned on heels and left my cabin to be cleaned. I was tired and in the need of sleep.

So I went straight to my room and dozed off, darkness taking over my eyes.

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